Make A Door

Make A Door

You can set goals. You can have visions. And you have dreams. That dosen’t mean they are gonna happen. In fact things will never transpire exactly as you want them to. What you can do is walk through a lot of doors. Sometimes you even gotta make a door

Sometimes you gotta make a door” – Vi – League of Legends

Oh, and check out Vi’s Theme Song.


Sometimes you gotta make a door – Vi – League of Legends

And for every door that you walk through reality will change to distort the original intended goal. And that is ok. It is about the journey. That’s the whole point of being human. To adapt the best you can to a changing environment and stop being so comfortable.

Change is coming and and it’s coming fast like a storm on the horizon 

Just start walking through every door marked with your dream (X). Start Embracing Uncertainty 🙂

Tai Lopez - The Door Principle - Embrace Uncertainty

Tai Lopez – The Door Principle – Embrace Uncertainty

This is also what Tai Lopez talks about so much. The Door Principle. If you haven’t seen him. check him out on London Real: Invest in yourself.

  1. Get a Mentor!
  2. Surrond yourself with the right people
  3. Do things today

/Lord Sillion
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