Be mindful about your own future #Blogg100

#087 [LXXXVII]
Are you on the right path towards your future? [Är du på rätt spår mot din egen framtid?]

If you like History and Movies go see Lincon.

Today I saw Lincon the movie in the cinema. This is the third movie about Lincon that I have seen in a short while. The other 2 are The Conspirator and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. None of these 3 movies are true. You can never retell the Truth. Just a mere truthy tale. Guess which one is most fictionalized? 😉

Never the less. They all had interesting things to tell me about history and what it means to be a “human” (Not a vampire) both then and now. They all made me think!

Other historical movies I have seen lately and recommend is A Royal Affair and The Raven.
[Andra historiska filmer som jag sett på sistone och kan rekommenderar är A Royal Affair och The Raven.]

I love this kind of storytelling that brings me back in time. It makes me think about the Future.

Past and Future

Today was also the RSA event The World Until Yesterday: What we can learn from traditional societies. For now you find info on Twitter until the event podcast is published. What I personally take away from it today is:

When building tomorrows society we must preserve our cultural past in a way that…  Fuses the best lessons from the Past with the values of Today. And then combines it with the best ideas from tomorrows Science Fiction thinking.

We must then tell the story about this tomorrows society. Using the best Storytellers today. So that all may believe it to be a possible. A goal for all humankind on Planet Earth.

The Sea today

The Sea today

Pecha Kucha night

Tonight also was Pecha Kucha Night in Gothenburg. I went there to be inspired for my own speech on thursday and meet one of my best new friends @MikuMaria.

Innan dess var jag på en re-release av boken “Hur blir man rik på riktigt“. Hur får man ihop ett hållbart livspussel. Efter en frågestund hade vi en liten workshop där vi fick sitta tysrta i 5 minuter och fundera på 2 frågor:
1. Vad innebär det för mig att vara rik på riktigt?
2. Vad längtar jag efter för närvarande? [What do I long for at the moment?]

Be mindful about what is important for you

Take a moment  for yourself and sit quiet for 5 minutes and think about these 2 questions below. When you are done select all the text on this page to see my answers and compare them to yours. On a mobile device click this link.

[What does it mean for me to be rich for real?]
1. I want to feel close to my family and friends. I want to spend time with them and feel joy with them doing the things I love like dancing, exercise and playing games.

[What do I long for at the moment?]
2. I want to feel loved for who I am and for the tings I do for others. I want to spread my message about fellowship and community that I talk about in my blogs.

My other 2 blogs:
28 ways to get a better Life!
A Sustainable Future with Co-Op. My Handbook for new skills that we need


Inspiration Lists #Blogg100

#094 [XCIV]
Do you have an inspiration list? [Har du en inspirationslista?]

As I travel the web and are trying to make sense of the world I every now and then run into something that Inspires me, Touches me, Teaches me something new or just gives me a whole new perspective on our reality. When I do I save it to one of my lists. I have started putting them on Evernote for easy accesses on my devices where ever I am.
Much of my inspiration for my 2 other blogs can be found on these 2 lists. 28 ways to get a better Life and A Sustainable Future with Co-Op. My handbook for the new skills that we need.

Understanding the world

My First list I call Links for understanding the world.

Here I have the greatest stuff. Most of it is things everyone need to understand about humanity and our life here on Earth. As you can guess if you have read any of my other blogs or posts here, the 2 biggest inspirations for me is Jane McGonigal and Jonathan Haidt.

Jane McGonigal and Jonathan Haidt

Jane McGonigal and Jonathan Haidt


The second one I call The Best of RSA.

Many of the people who have inspired me and my knowledge I have found so far I have found through The RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) from London. They regularly Stream live Audio and Video from there events that they later put up as a Podcast and in some cases make into the now famous RSA Animate. There is an interesting event where they describe the process of making the RSA Animate.

The list I have put together is the events that I myself find the most interesting.

Tweet to the Live event

During the live streaming of the RSA events you can even get your questions answered live by tweeting them to the right account. You will find who to Tweet to using the event’s specific Hashtag found under the events description.

I have done so myself several times 🙂

Now I want to know what have Inspired you? And do you have a list of your own that you can share below? Please do! Thank you!


No Shit Sherlock #Blogg100

#099 [IC]
No Shit Sherlock

Idag lyssnade jag på en jätteintressant Livesändning från The RSA i London. The Scientific Method Of The Mind: What Sherlock Holmes can teach us about decision making. Maria Konnikova går igenom hur viktigt det är att använda hjärnan rätt och vad vi kan lära oss från Sherlocks sätt att lösa problem.

  • Ta tid och reflektera över ett problem. Använd Mindfullness.
  • Att Meditera 5 minuter varje dag har en uppmätt positiv effekt för den kognitiva förmågan.
  • Använd minnet rätt med Chunking och Storytelling
  • Fokusera rätt. Hjärnan kan inte Multitaska så bra.

Jag cyklar vid havet och lyssnar på RSA samtidigt

Jag fick även med min egen fråga i Livesändningen via Twitter:

How accurate is Sherlocks behavior to modern brain science?

Maria Konnikova’s awnser is that: Holmes’ behaviour is accurate in relation to modern neuroscience, particularly mindfulness

För er som vill lyssna på det i efterhand kommer den som Podcast om några dagar.

Increase your Willpower

Som del av min min resa har jag precis gått första veckan i Kelly McGonigals onlinekurs för Viljestyrka. Boost Your Willpower: 28 Days to Create the Change You Want! Jag har ju tidigare bloggat lite om hennes forskning inom ämnet: #15 Will the power och håller på och läser hennes audiobook.

Även där är ingår meditation och mindfullness. Återkommer om detta i senare bloggar.

Det är bara att hoppa med i kursen som började förra veckan!

Allt rockar!

Ikväll har mina töser klätt upp sig som rockstjärnor och rockat loss till min uppdaterade Rock’nRoll lista på Spotify. Keep on Rockin!

Och så har jag sett fantastiska Allt Faller på TV4 med Henrik Schyffert, Johan Rheborg, Jonas Gardell. Fantastisk svart humor om att vara människa idag 🙂

Jag på scenen med Mindless Self Indulgence i höstas 🙂