Make A Door

Make A Door

You can set goals. You can have visions. And you have dreams. That dosen’t mean they are gonna happen. In fact things will never transpire exactly as you want them to. What you can do is walk through a lot of doors. Sometimes you even gotta make a door

Sometimes you gotta make a door” – Vi – League of Legends

Oh, and check out Vi’s Theme Song.


Sometimes you gotta make a door – Vi – League of Legends

And for every door that you walk through reality will change to distort the original intended goal. And that is ok. It is about the journey. That’s the whole point of being human. To adapt the best you can to a changing environment and stop being so comfortable.

Change is coming and and it’s coming fast like a storm on the horizon 

Just start walking through every door marked with your dream (X). Start Embracing Uncertainty 🙂

Tai Lopez - The Door Principle - Embrace Uncertainty

Tai Lopez – The Door Principle – Embrace Uncertainty

This is also what Tai Lopez talks about so much. The Door Principle. If you haven’t seen him. check him out on London Real: Invest in yourself.

  1. Get a Mentor!
  2. Surrond yourself with the right people
  3. Do things today

/Lord Sillion
I’m Captain Future!

Derek Sivers – Purge the Vampires

Derek Sivers – Purge the Vampires

Are you a Vampire? Or are you an Opportunist? If you are vampire you should be purged according to Derek Sivers. If you are an Opportunist you should look for other opportunist, to attract. Here are some great tips on how to do it. Together we will thrive in an unknowable future! 

Purge The Vampires & Thrive In An Unknowable Future!

I went to The Conference only to have the best part be some short and very thoughtful little talks from Derek Sivers, of a balcony just before every Keynote. I will give you the best part of them and my thoughts that followed. They may appear to be funny little anecdotes. The more you think about them, the more you realise they are not. Watch the videos by clicking on the images of Derek. And then see if you agree with my reflections at the bottom of this post.

How to thrive in an unknowable future? - Derek Sivers

How to thrive in an unknowable future? – Derek Sivers

Derek Sivers –
How to thrive in an unknowable future?

How to thrive in an unknowable future?

Choose opportunity not loyalty
Have no loyalty to location, to company or even your past public statements
Be an absolute opportunist
Doing what ever is best for the future in your current situation. Unbound by your past.
Have loyalty only for your most important personal friendships.

How to thrive in an unknowable future?

Choose the plan with the most options
The best plan is the one that lets you change you plans.
For example renting a house is bying the option to move at any time without losing money in a down market.

How to thrive in an unknowable future?

Avoid planning
For maximum options don’t plan at all.
Since you have no idea how the situation or your mood may change in the future, just wait ’til the last moment to make each decision.

How to be useful to others?

This talk we only have the headlines left to ponder on, as the recording got purged by vampires. So instead I offer my Ninja-thoughts on how to add value to others. They all corresponds greatly to Daniel Priestley’s concept of being a Key Person of Influence.

How to be useful to others?

Get Famous
Being famous is a way of being the goto person of any given field or niche. The one that comes up first in conversations. The one that people listen to and hire. Famous people can set the agenda. Famous people can thus make sure that other people get useful value of their time and money.

Use Your Power Of Famedom To Inspire Others!

How to be useful to others?

Get Rich
Being rich gives you opportunities. Opportunities to choose where you invest your time, effort and money. Make sure to invest in others and their great ideas. And invest in yourself, like Tai Lopez says. Use your richness to enhance and invest in others, so that they too can become rich.

Get Wealthy And Invest Your Wealth In Yourself And Others!

How to be useful to others?

Have Strong Opinions
By having strong opinions and believing in them yourself, you can make sure that others take notice as well. Strong opinions are useful if they are informed options. Based on science and facts. Make sure that you spread your informed opinions, so that others that are spreading uniformed opinions are drowning out. Shout your opinions loud and clear in a gentle way. Enhance your opinions by discussing them with others. Not debating. We want to have a future where the best informed options are the strongest. Publish your options and let the world know of them.

Have Strong Informed Opinions!

How to be useful to others?

Be Expensive
To our human brains value are often measured in how expensive it is. By being Oversubscribed we can make many people to take notice and want what we have to offer. We want people lining up and pay extra for the superb value we offer. Offer superb value! Treat other as a VIP every time they pay extra for your value. We also want to give some of our value for free to the world. Send the signal that your value is expensive and it is expensive to get your value. By making others invest their time, money and energy into you, they build a stronger community together while lining up to get it. Don’t sell your value cheep.

Set A High Price On Your Value. It Is Worth It!


How to like people - Derek Sivers

How to like people – Derek Sivers

How to like people?

How to like people?

Assume it’s their last day on Earth.
Everybody talks about living like it’s your last day on Earth. Instead to appreciate someone, live like it’s their last day on Earth. Really listen to them. Learn from them. This might be your last chance.

How to like people?

Be who you’d you be when alone.
You could live in crowd pleasing only others. But that’s unsustainable.
You could live in isolation pleasing only yourself. But that’s also unsustainable.
Instead when in a crowd be the same person you’d be when alone.

How to like people?

Assume women and men are the same.
Men thinks women are so different from them and women think men are so different from them. But the differences among men and the difference among women are far greater the difference between men and women.

Assume men and women are the same

How to like people?

Always make new friends.
You are always changing, hopefully for the better. But old friends want you to stay as they knew you, as you where before.
When making new friends be your new ideal self, if only for a few hours.
New friends will encourage your new self.
Let go of people that don’t welcome and encourage your change.
So you could say that coming here to “The Conference“, is not just a way to make new friends but to replace your old ones.

How to like people?

Purge the vampires!
Get rid of people that drain you. That don’t make you feel good about yourself. They will make you hate all people….


Are You An Opportunist And A Friend? [My Reflections]

Are You An Opportunist? If you are then your most likely to thrive in an unknowable future. A future that is coming quicker and changing more rapidly for every year, month and week that goes by. We are now living in the great acceleration. I write a long celebration the opportunist that I call The Buccaneer Spirit.

We all need to be able to pivot on our ideas, lives and businesses. That siad we shouldn’t be without loyalty. Just we have loyalty to our tribe that are with us in this changing world. The people who can adapt like us. Old structures and outdated models and thinking we should let go of, like it’s yesterdays news.

Make Better Decisions
Make sure there that you keep an open mind. Don’t mistake opinion for facts. Try make designs based on science and not witchcraft. It’s hard and you emotions & cognitive biases will get in the way. That why you need friends to help you make better decisions.

Make Friends
Good friends are hard to come by. Old friends are not necessarily good friends. That’s why you should make new better friends if your old uncle don’t upgrade. And It’s easier than it ever was in the past. GO to events where you think you will find like-minded people. Treat them well.

Purge The Vampires
Vampires are people who drag you down. People who complain and spread their negative energy. You don’t want them around. You may think that they don’t affect you. They do. Modern science are showing that the quote from Jim Rohn is true:

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with – Jim Rohn

Instead you must seek out mentors and peers that lift you up and inspire you. By spending time with people who are doing great impossible deeds it will soon seem normal to your brain what they do. The less time you spend with vampires the less power they will have over you.

Instead find other Creative Ninjas like me and spend time with us.

/Lord Sillion
Opportunist Ninja Pirate

Purge The Vampires
Pivot The Pirates
Purify The Werewolves
Pursue The Ninjas


Smarter Than Yesterday

Have you been curios and learning something new today? If you haven’t there is no need to give up hope. Turns out that curiosity is trainable. And even learning new skills doesn’t take years if you apply the right methods according to Tim Ferriss, who has been a human guinea pig in learning new skills in the shortest amount of time. You too can chose to get better every day. The best way to do this, is to spend time with others who also Level Up! each day 🙂

I call this being a Curiosity Ninja!

Ignore Everybody [Do Learn Form Them]

Today I got inline to get some Norway Lobsters at a local fish wagon. Same place I went to yesterday when I didn’t get any because I was there to late. So I did learn and became smarter than yesterday. Some people do. Others has worked for 20 years and only have 1 year of experience to account for, i.e. they has the same 1 year of experience 20 times. This I “Read” today as I listened through the audiobook Ignore Everybody with Hugh MacLeod. I really peculiar book that isn’t for everybody. It was for me. I really like the double messages that confirms that nothing is ever black or white. Check it out: Ignore everybody and 39 Keys To Creativity.

Many people have already made the mistakes that your are about to make. You don’t have to learn form your own mistakes. You can actually learn from others 🙂

Ignore Everybody - The Blog

Ignore Everybody – The Blog

Level Up! [Make Smarter Choices]

What I’m getting at is that becoming smarter each day by learning by your own and preferably others mistakes is a choice. I choose to do things differently today to see if they turned out any better. Different is of course not always better. But without experimentation we can’t innovate and improve ourselves.

Neo , The Chosen One – Are he making decisions or are he just to understand the choices already made?
– What Choices Do You Make?

I will go back to the word “Choice”. Am I really choosing to do things different? This is a very interesting question. So interesting that I had to re-watch my absolute favourite movie on the matter tonight: The Matrix Reloaded. Did I have choice in watching it tonight or am I just to understand why I watched it again? The question of free will and if the universe is deterministic is very interesting on a human level. Mostly because this is the only level, part from some really smart mathematicians, that most humans can think on. And it’s ok. We need to think like humans and we need to become better at it all the time.

Most of us humans don’t really think about becoming better humans on a daily basis.

But what if we did?

I now feel that this is one of the things I really care about. How can we become better versions of ourself than we where yesterday? How can you? Like in a roleplaying game like World Of Warcraft where one of the main focuses is getting more experience each day so the you can increase your skills and learn new talents every week, month and year. To Level Up! This is the book I’m writing. How to Level Up! your life. By training your brain, your body and your empathy and social skills every day.

Check Tai Lopez too and his take on investing and improving yourself every day: Invest in Yourself.

Double down on your own brain and invest in yourself — Tai Lopez

I have also been reading and doing exercises in Daniel Priestley’s books, Key Person of Influence and Entrepreneur Revolution. They are all about defining yourself and all of your experiences into a clear version of yourself. One that you want to take further into life. One that others will look up to in your particular tribe and niche.

Do give Daniel a listen on his long talk on London Real.

Within the context of an environment, certain outcomes become very normal - Daniel Priestley

Become part of an environment that normalizes what ever you want to succeed with – Daniel Priestley

Do want to get a brain that sees the world in a new perspective?

Both Robert Kegan and Peter Sage both talk about another effect of pursuing knowledge and insights each day. Our brain can reach new orders of mentality and consciousness where we perceive the ourself and the world in whole new ways. Read more here and here. So by training yourself you can actually become better at training yourself. This is very good news for you. Also people will wanna hang out with you if you are a wiser person.

Find Your Fellows [Start a Level Up! Club] 

The central theme in all this is to spend time with other people who also want to Level Up! their lives. Not with people who drag you down but with people who lift you up. This is sometimes hard. There are global meetups like Live Your Legend Local and online communities like London Real Academy that tries to gather people into peer groups that boost each other on a regular basis. Or start your own Level Up! Club. Start befriending people you want to have in you Level Up! club.

As for the book I mention at the top: Ignore Everybody. With it I mean Ignore Everybody except for your Level Up! Club.

And Mentors [Who Are Your Mentors?]

Try to find mentors to include in the group of people who you spent the most time with. People who are already ding things toy want to do. Listen to Geoff Woods on the subject: The Mentee. And listen to Tai Lopez TED Talk. I know this isn’t easy. I have never had a mentor in my life. And the all the mentors I have today come in the form of Books and Podcast with interesting people. Still I would like to find some real mentors and become one as well.

Do find it in yourself to Level Up! each day even if it’s only 5 minutes before bed — Lord Sillion

And how did it go with my Norway lobsters? They tasted delicious when me and my family ate them in our annual Lobster Party 🙂

/Lord Sillion
Level 42 and climbing


Our Lobster/Crayfish party at House Sillion

Our Lobster/Crayfish party at House Sillion