Can we HACK the Galaxy together? #Blogg100

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We are all connected [Let’s spin up this networked intelligence and see what pops out on the other side]

As the list on fills up with sessions from SXSWi, I fill up mine with sessions I have and will listen to. Check out all my posts from SXSW.

Hacker’s guide to the Galaxy

One of the best today was from Ariel Waldman, @arielwaldman, who works at NASA and Talks about how NASA in 60ties where just hackars hacking their way into space. To put a man on the moon. Listen to her talk The Hacker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

As I was listening to this speech I was sitting in my bedroom with my daughter. We where watching the sundown and the New moon. We where also looking for the Comet Panstarrs. But we didn’t see it. But still. Watching the Moon together is something we all should do more often.


Hacking my life

Tomorrow is WebCoast in Gothenburg. There I will meet 250 awesome people who all share the love to the web and the new networked society. There I will hold a session of my own that will hack my life to the better.

Tonight I also listened a little to Common Humanity: Making ‘us vs. them’ history from The RSA . The key here is that what ever historians and leaders tell us. We where never as separated in the past as they make us out to have been.

Collaboration, compassion, loving ones neighbors & common humanity always been aspects of the human condition.

And that is what this new Networked society is all about. If we have always done it there is much hope that we can pull it together now in this dire hour here on planet Earth.

Let us all hack and experiment together to build a better future here on our own space ship called Earth


How can you be a modern Ninja #Blogg100

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Do you work like Leonardo DaVinci? [3D printing yourself]

Today I have listened to many more sessions from #SXSWi. Some of them great and I just want to share the here. As before I have them all collected in my list.

Cred from my hometown Varberg has also been in Austin and South bu SouthWest. Read their blog in Swedish that explains well what SXSW is all about: Keep Austin Weird

MakerBot 3D printing

Bre Pettis talks about the 3D printer MakerBot in Games: Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime. with the opening introduction to SXSWi also. It’s amazing story about the process about making 3D printing. And they apparently have a retail store in New York. So guess what I’m going to do when I visit New York next week? Read more about it on TechCrunch.


Bre Pettis demos a 3D Laser scanner for doing 3D printing with MakerBot

Here be Dragons [Do Sketching and Journaling]

Design Like DaVinci: Leonardo’s Sketching Lessons by Brian Sullivan. As you listen to it you can see the slideshare at the same time. Write down ideas and sketch when you are thinking. Write a Journal. Here are 7 tips from the lecture. Many of the go hand in hand with Einstein’s 5 tips for Increasing your Intelligence.

Find all tips under Journaling.

7 Steps to Everyday Genius

1. Be curious.You should be constantly learning.
2. Test knowledge. Learn from your mistakes.
3. Improve your own experience. Make it multi-sensory.
4 .Embrace ambiguity, paradox and uncertainty
5. Whole-brain thinking (science / art, logic / emotion)
6. Know the physical world (grace, dexterity, fitness)
7. Use system-thinking. See interconnections

DaVinci made 13 000 sketches in his life

DaVinci made 13 000 sketches in his life

Build trust and use Storytelling

Use storytelling to build trust with customers. The Unexpected Truth Behind Earning Trust by Rohit Bhargava where he talks about how to earn trust.

Ninja Teams

Ninja Innovation: Ten Killer Strategies by Gary Shapiro. How to be an Ninja in a modern society. The most important thing to remember is that a Ninja never works alone. And it’s great if the Ninjas have different skills and different ways of thinking.

Small teams of Ninjas can easily take on a much larger force!

More to games to come

Susan O’Connor talks about getting emotions into modern games in Angry Nerds: Being Human in the Digital Age. She is currently behind the new type of emotional Storytelling in the new Tomb Raider.


How can you be more interesting? #Blogg100

#052 [LII]
Go exploring. Be curious [Listen to SXSWi]

I just found lots of Audio recordings from SXSWi that is happening in Austin Texas right now. I have listening to 2 of them so far. I have marked some that I will be interested in. So mark your own so that you can easily find them in your mobile app. Happy Hunting 🙂

Be interesting

The firs one is Jessica Hagy Talking about 10 tips form here new book: How to be interesting.

Jessica Hagy - (CC) Randy Stewart

Jessica Hagy – (CC) Randy Stewart

Be active! Inactive people starve to death form lack of food.

Here are her 10 tips to be more interesting. Listen to her explain them

1 Go exploring. Be curious
2 Be enthusiastic
3 Do something, play and run around. Be active. Or else you will starve and die
4 Embrace your weirdness. Put a spotlight on it.
5 Follow your passion and find a purpose
6 Listen more than you talk. Practice being humble
7 Take a chance. Go introduce your self. Quit your job
8 Don’t arrive fashionable late. Host a party of your own
9 The BIGGER the better
10 Don’t stay in line.

Al Gore about The Future

I also started listening to Al Gore on The Future. His key point is. We must use wisdom of the crowd. We need to move over to the network society as fast as we can so we can get rid of the old powers that are drive us well outside edge of the cliff.

So get on the internet and use it as mush as you can. Start spreading ideas and network!


Staying North by NorthEast #Blogg100

Staying North by NorthEast #Blogg100

#055 [LV]
I will commandeer a new vessel [Where we are going we don’t need winds]

Right now many people I follow on Twitter is in Austin Texas on South by SouthWest or short #SXSW
This is a harbor where I wold lay my anchor too right now if the winds would have been kind to me. But as it is my ship where forced to take another course and ended up NxNE instead.

Next year I will captain a new vessel that will take me there. I have also plotted course for Alemdalen this summer here In Sweden.

But first next week and the week before that I will visit some exiting places. First out is WebCoast in Gothenburg. There I will meet many fellow Ninjas and Pirates. We will be discussing many important topics regarding this new network society of ours. This is where my heart and mind lies. For helping building this new networked intelligence is what I intend my craft to be.

The week after that me and my 2 year younger brother will be visit North America. First time for med and second time for my brother. We will go there in airship to the international space port New York. We are going to stay there for a while and the move on the land way to Boston and Geek Mecka, namley PAX East.

Make it so!

Lord Commander Sillion