Before The Flood

Before The Flood

Are you like me wide awake and slumbering awake at the same time? What is your wakeup call? Here I will talk about some of mine this year. And Leonardo DiCaprio is part of 4 of them all tied together. The Revenant – His UN Speech – Before The Flood and A World Unseen.

Join me in things like #ULAB and Evolutionary Leadership. So that we are prepared to enter the bridge of Spaceship Earth!


Who Is The Revenant?

After just finishing watching The Revenant I now connect beck to my thoughts I got from watching the documentary with the same and amazing Leonardo DiCaprio – Before The Flood – I followed up by watching the documentary made about the making of The Revenant and about the journey it took to make it – both physically, cognitively, mentally and foremost spiritually. Its called A World Unseen and can be watch free online.


And I am now lastly watching Leo’s second speech at the UN from this year 2016, as the UN Messenger of Peace with a special focus on climate change. This speech also powerfully ends the Before The Flood movie and I was moved to tears listening to him speaking about our organised irresponsibly of transforming our only home world and only way of staying alive having a prosperous, flourish and just society and civilization.


This is a wakeup call for us all. We are now having the hottest winter ever at the North pole and 2016 was the hottest year on Planet Earth, that we know of, since the dawn of man. Some of us has been awake and seeing this with clear eyes for at least the 40 last years. Still during 2016 there is a whole new movement and awakening all over the world.

Tools For Crew-Members

We all have new tool and point of intersection to use, that is also unprecedented in human history. Suddenly we can talk, make plans, meet, rally and take action all over the globe. What was only the privilege of kings, generals and priests of the olden world is now available to us all to use and transform the world with. We now have a global apparatus to take the reins and the helm of this Spaceship traveling around the Sun.

Can we connect to what it is to truly be alive on a planet as part of an amazing ecosystem? Can we take parts of the ecosystem with us to another planet and become multi planetary?


As so many of us have woken up this year I have seen many pledges to make 2017 the year that so many more of us connect, stand up and actually change the course of history. With all our problems and challenges all over the globe reaching critical awareness we can now make sense of what we are doing collectively.

I have spent the entirety of 2016 learning many of the tools we need to make this change real, through courses like #ULAB with Otto Scharmer and the Evolutionary Leadership community. Are you like me at the forefront of leading the “The Future That Emerges” please join me and other in planning and doing how to best make 2017 a where get a new direction into the future.

They do also talk about some of the solutions at the Before The Flood site.

We run our Spaceship Earth the way we want it to run before the flood – we do it Before The Flood.

Join me on “The Bridge”

I am Captain Future

Navigator of the Future



7 Questions About The Last 20 Years

Visions of the Future [Part 1 of 3]

Why is visions so important? In this series of 3 I will talk to you about why I think so. The first 2 will go into personal visions answering these 2 questions: Who are you 20 years from now? & Where are you a year from now? In part 3 I will go into depth about creating shared visions for the future of our tribes, companies and societies. This is Part 1 of 3 about Visions of The Future.

Visit Earth 20 Years from now [What Stories should Intergalactic Tourists tell?]

Think of a future where we have some intergalactic tourists visiting Earth. They are living in your collective tribe using Milky Way BnB [#MilkyWayBnB]. Here are 7 questions you can ask yourself about what you are going to tell them:

  1. What would you like them to see and visit?
  2. What stories will you tell them about Earth?
  3. How did you pull it together and help build up the flourishing society that you live in today?
  4. On what projects did you pull weight during the last 20 years?
  5. What was the first big tipping-point that lead to the radical transformation of how we live together today?
  6. What mattered most?
  7. Who did you do it with?
Alien Tourist

What will you tell this Alien Tourist 20 years from now?

These are hypothetical stories that we can play around with. This is what Sci-Fi is really about. Not some crap action movie where society looks and feels exactly the same as today with a few tweaks. We need to use our imagination to provoke some new radical thinking. It’s only then that things will start to happen and new emerging systems will appear.

I want to create a space. Where you can  have these kind of discussions. And I want to combine it with a #MakerSpace. What I call a Future-Space or a Future-Dojo. We can both experiment with sustainability and discuss how we can live sustainable together. A Place to hang around with lots of different kinds of people who do not think alike. Not just the new hot MakerSpaces. Whoever awesome as they seem. I get the feeling that they are very polarized as well. Prove me wrong.

And in 20 years time I’ll be running a whole network of Future-Dojos as a Future Captain and a Creativity Ambassador.

There is nothing better for Self-Growth than somebody challenging your own viewpoint — Richard Gerver

Paint Lots of Pictures [Prime You Brain]

What will the future look like? The only way to find out, is to paint lots of pictures. Pictures of a future imagined. Take the ones we like the most, and make them into visions, to have before us as we travel, on our path ahead. Together we can Prime our brains in this way, to go into an emerging future. WE make our future happen. Not someone else. This is our time. Not Kings and Emperors of The Olden World. The new networked society is finally here.

It’s time to Level Up!

No fate! But what we make 🙂

What stories can you tell 20 years from now? — Lord Sillion

Lord Commander Sillion - Cyber Ninja

Lord Commander Sillion – Architect of the Future @LordSillion [Michael Sillion]

Holistic Thinking Ninja

North of the Sun #Blogg100

#008 [VIII]
What Survival Skills Do You Got? [Can We Adapt to a Ruined World?]

Tonight I have been at the season finale of Doc Lounge here in Varberg. This is concept where you mingle together in a lounge with bar and then watch a documentary together. This time they where showing the Norwegian documentary North of the Sun. Here you can see a 6 seconds Vine of the event.


When does change become the new Normal? [What is Normal?]

Here is is part of one of my favorite quotes from the book Hogfather by Terry Pratchett


The Movie North of the Sun is about making a decision about living under extreme circumstances to the point where it almost becomes Normal. It’s like Terry says. We have this amazing talent to adapt. To think of and see things as normal. I read somewhere that it takes about 3 months to make something a new Normal.

With this in mind could you step away from your house and your possessions and never look back? What would it take?

These Surfers in the Movie did it. And we maybe will have to do some day too.

The Blue Ocean Planet [Lets go Blue]

In Star Wars, our planet would be designated not as a desert nor as a forest planet, but as a water planet. In media we are constantly label things that is good for the environment as Green when we instead should label things as Blue. Lets go Blue!

In North of The Sun they spend their winter picking 3 ton of plastics of the beach. We have filled our oceans with it and that is just a small part of it. We are spewing out chemicals like never before. And the rate is going up not down. You would think that in the year 2013 we where on our way to make Earth a better place to live at. Not so. Our Homeworld is getting more toxic for each day. Yet stuff like this doesn’t make the daily news like it should. If the oceans go…. so does the test of us. No kidding.

There is new Documentary just hitting DVD now and that is the movie Planet Ocean and there is new  documentary showing on cinemas in Canada now called Revolution Movie. Both is about our destruction of our oceans. Se the Trailers below. They may contain spoilers… But there is really nothing to spoil.

Think of our Blue Planet as one big Generational Spaceship where we must make sure that is all working well for generations to come.

It’s not to late. We can build a new world with a new “Normal” way to live.

Blue Planet

It will take Change [And big change come about in 3 ways]

1. Catastrophe
2. Crusade
3. Many fast iterating steps

Our Road has come to an end and we must now take 1 or some of this 3 roads weather we like it or not. What route do you want to take?

Route 3 must begin today.
Route 2 we can take tomorrow after a good nights sleep.
And finally Route 1 is waiting just around the corner with a big knife in it’s hand.

Here you can read all about how we must think to change routes:
Invest in Your Future

@LordSillion [Michael Sillion]

NASA’s SpaceApps Challenge #Blogg100

#013 [XIII]
Making a Boardgame about Moon Mining [Teaching with games in schools]

Today we started the NASA’s Space Apps Challenge. We are 8500 hackers around the Earth on the worlds largest Hackaton. First we had a Astronaut on ISS give us a welcome presentation. Then we sent out to face the challenges.

The Swedish Astronaut Christer Fuglesang will join us on Sunday as one of the judges.

Team #LunarBots

Team #LunarBots

Send me to the Moon [We’re Whalers of the Moon]

Me myself had no team so I teamed up with Jens Nockert to take on one of the 50 Challenges that NASA have issued. We took on Bootstrapping of the Space Industry (#MoonVille). Check out the Google Hangout below for more information about the challenge. We are both gamers so we decided to make this game as a Boardgame called LunarBots. It’s about launching a self sustaining mining operation to the moon.

We think of it as a learning and inspiration game for school kids to be used in school. To get the interested in space exploration and the space industry. To start them think about building a sustainable future here on earth where they can be an active part. The game is also a logistics puzzle with some co-operation.

We had tour of Lindholmen Science Park where the challenge is being held here in Gothenburg, Sweden. We stopped by the Interaction Institute where they have a 3D-printer that we will be using to print our LunarBots in the game. Follow it on Twitter: #LunarBots.

Sharing is Caring [Let us all improve the future together]

The project is of course a open source project so that anyone can download the game and craft a own copy. They can also help improve, develop and play-test the game. As a game of this type requires allot of balancing and play-testing before it is done.

LunarBots the Boardgame in prototyping

LunarBots the Boardgame in prototyping

Think new, Think different

We also had a very interesting presentation on the work of the Interaction Institute by Peter Ljungstrand. He talked about all crazy real life experiments they are doing with technology and science. I also found out that my Boardgaming friend Staffan works there.

@LordSillion [Michael Sillion]

A Sustainable Future #Blogg100

#020 [XX]
The End of Economic Growth is here [Let’s think outside “The Globe” and Evolve]

Today I have been participating in an local event here in Varberg. It has the intent to bring into light the work that has to be done to move to a more sustainable society. I have filmed 2 sessions I went to here on Bambuser in Swedish:

Björn Forsberg Tillväxtens slut 1(2) and Björn Forsberg Tillväxtens slut 2(2)

#Varberg2025 Omställningens utmaningar part 1 and part 2

Crisis = Opportunity

Every crisis in here on earth presents an amazing opportunity here on Earth for life. It is usually during the biggest catastrophes the new life come into being. It opens up new niches for those who can adapt.

It’s only through change that we can evolve.

Because now humanity faces it’s biggest “opportunity” yet.

Everyone wants growth [The End of Economic Growth]

If you speak to the leaders of any local town here in Sweden they all want it’s population to grown in the near future. Because this is a easy way to ensure local Economic Growth as well. But we all know we can’t increase Earth’s population any much more. The political leaders here in Sweden still thinks the recession will end and that we can consume our way into a new economic boom. When in fact we have reach the end of Growth.

Peak Everything [The Resource Wall]

We have in fact reached Peak Everything regarding most natural resources. The so called “Resource Wall”. All the Scientist all agree on this. Check out the Sustainability part of my The Best of RSA. So when both the population will continue to grow and many more of the current population of Earth will have much grater demand on Earths resource. We are probably going to crash. And then it can get really ugly if we are not prepared.

One thing we can do that Geoff Mulgan snuggest is to start Taxing resources that we dig out of the ground instead of manned labor. This will lead to that we recycle all our resources to much larger degree. And that all companies take responsibility on how the use the resource they already have.

New Currencies [Local gardening]

Things that has grown out of necessity all over the world is local urban gardening and the introduction of new local currencies to support these local markets. These Local Currencies has been developed all over the world.

Let’s make this Transition of society happen before we forced to take mush more desperate actions. 

@LordSillion [Michael Sillion]

The Locust and the Bee #Blogg100

#037 [XXXVII]
We Must Tax Resources [Not work]

Yesterday I was listening live to the RSA event The Locust and the Bee. It was with Geoff Mulgan about his new book The Locust and the Bee: Predators and Creators in Capitalism’s Future.

Now only available as a PodCast.


Geoff Mulgan

Predatory or Creativity

Or capitalistic society with now has taken over the world was just supposed to be a temporary one before we invented a new better one. Many Thinkers argued about what was to be the next step.

A capitalistic system is both Predatory and Creative one. Just like Good and Evil. No country or company or human being is just one but a combination of both. In order to succeed we need to keep one side back and make the other flourish.

Witch our 2 bears will we feed? The Cruel Ferocious Hunter or the Caring Compassionate Loving Bear?

What we can do that will work wonders in the short term is use economic incentives. For the solutions we have to put our trust in local cites as Nation States don’t have the resolve to do anything in time. But what the Nation State can do is use taxes as incentives. Her we have to lower the taxes on work and raise taxes on using unrenewable resources from nature.

My Twitter question to Geoff Mulgan to which I got an answer:

“What role will Social Media play? Will it unite or divide us in terms of collaborating globally and locally?”


Circular Economy

Another topic of the week on Twitter has been the Circular Economy  and #CEsthlm.  I will get back to this tomorrow.

In the mean time check out Anders Wijkman when he talks on Swedish Radio.

[SWE] “Vi lever i förnekelse” – Anders Wijkman om ekonomin och klimatet

He has previously written a book in English with Johan Rockström called Bankrupting Nature: Denying Our Planetary Boundaries.


Invest in Your Future #Blogg100

#047 [XLVII]
What can you do every day? [Theseus Day]

Find many of the Tips here under Journaling.


Today started with my own session on WebCoast. I have collected all my insights from this and my other 2 blogs. From them I have selected some that will make you a better person. More Cretive, Thinking about your future, Mindful about the Present. Getting up and Exercise more.

You can see my whole session i Swedish in this 3 parts on Bambuser:

Del 1
Del 2
Del 3

Increase your Creativity and and become a better Version of yourself

Here are my blogs that Cover some of the Topics

Increase your Intelligence and Challenge Yourself
Befriend everyone
Active – Constructive Relations
MoonWatch and Stargaze together
Teach our children and adults with Storytelling

Be mindful about what is important for you
Become a better version of you
Life is a Game
Fail, Adapt and Iterate
Use Moral Reminders to lie less
Have Fiero Moments

End of the Road

The Best session today was from Dr PO and Johan Lange. It’s about Earth Society version 3.0. See it blow in Swedish. We have come to the end of the old society. There are 3 inevitable ways we can change to a new one. Preferable The Networked Society. One thing is sure: We have come to the end of the road. We are are either learning how to fly or we are going to crash hard. The Change Scenarios are:

1. Catastrophe
2. Crusade
3. Small iterating steps

Theseus Day

Theseus Day is the day in Contimuum that started it all. With out spoiling it I can say that it triggers all kind thoughts around Fate, Destiny, Free Will and a deterministic Universe. If You haven’t seen the show I can really recommend it if you can find it. It’s a little bit cheesy and as usual in most Science Fiction there is very little talk about Social Media and The Network Society.

Anyhow. Referring to  the 3 scenarios above. There will come a day that you will instantly know that this is the day that a big change will begin to happen. What are your thoughts about it?

This summer the 3 of us will go to Almedalen and set up shop. There we will bring more light on the subject. Changing Sweden and the education of it’s new citizens.


Sacrifice for the Future #Blogg100

#064 [LXIV]
You must make sacrifices [Is our life to comfortable?]

Tonight I saw 2 things about Sacrifice

First was the latest episode of Revenge: Sacrifice

“Sacrifice by its strictest definition
takes something precious for the appeasement of a higher power
An abiding devotion to a cause that cannot be satisfied with a simple promise.
Because an oath, no matter how solemn, asks nothing in return
While true sacrifice demands unspeakable loss” — Emily Thorne

“Sacrifice demands the surrender of things we cherish above all else.
Only out of the agony of those losses can a new resolution be born.
An undying devotion to a cause greater than one’s self.
And a moral duty to see a journey through
To its absolute completion.” — Emily Thorne

Only out of agony of these losses can a new resolution be born

Only out of agony of these losses can a new resolution be born

Build community

Jonathan Haidt speaks of why communities that asked you to Sacrifice something last on average much longer than those who don’t. And communities we must build

“To build a community that lasts you also have commit to it and sacrifice something on the way. The more you do this the stronger the community will be and is much more likely to last longer. This is the type of Community that Religion has provided for humanity in the past and still does in large parts of the world.” — LordSillion

The Ultimate Sacrifice

Must you sacrifice everything for a new future? No! It’s never going to be like in this commercial from the Superbowl about The Rainforest Alliance. The future is about building a new community together. We are going to need to make sacrifices. But we do them together. And from them a new resolution will be born!

Let’s do this!

“Without pain, without sacrifice, we would have nothing” — Tyler Durden


How should we Row together #Blogg100

#073 [LXXIII]
Row, row, row your boat [Det är inte dom som ror, ror så att svetten lackar]

This week is Social Media Week so there will be allot of that in the blog.

Roz Savage Ocean rower

Today I was inspired by Roz Savage, who has rowed over 24 000 km over the worlds 3 big oceans. We can all help building a better world together one oar stroke at the time as she explain in her video below.

If we all row together our distance will start adding up very quickly.

Reshaping the narrative of the sustainability movement

I have also been following some of Social Media Week from Copenhagen with the common theme: Why we love companies with a purpose

I can recommend Laura Storm talking about #Sustainia. Her talk starts 27 minutes in here: Reshaping the narrative of the sustainability movement.

How shall we tell the Story about our own future?

And Yar! I am a Pirate! And a Ninja too 😉


Som bonus kan ni ochså se Milo Dahlmann som seglade ensam till pingvinerna i Antarktis

Martin Andersson Skoglöv bloggade om Midway filmen. Den handlar om albatrosserna på Midway och vad Vi som männskor ställt till det för dom.

Läs om Albatrossen Wisdom som är minst 62 år gammal med.

Laura Storm

Reshaping the narrative of the sustainability movement

Do you have a Contingency plan? #Blogg100

#079 [LXXIX]
Why Hearts and Minds?

“Hearts and minds… Far more effective than bombs and guns…” — Continuum

I have been watching 6 episodes of Continuum so far. In the future Mega-Corporations has taken over the role of nations and rule all without insight. A small group of rebels travel back in time make sure that future does not become like this. I like Science Fiction that makes me think. And now they started to whip up a message in this one too.

We need to hold everyone who plunder the world for their own personal or corporate gain accountable.

It’s time for a new society. How can we get this message across to those who don’t want to listen? By hiding it in stories like this 🙂

“If you want to burrow a message into a human mind. Work it into a story” — Jonathan Gottschall

I blog more about this in my 2 other blogs:

#21 Engage in Storytelling and This is your story

Shaping the Future

Continuum is also about shaping your own future. There is a META discussion about this in the show. How the time travel perspective can make you think about shaping your own future. It is all very interesting and philosophical. It presses all my buttons as a Futurist (I am two parts Future-Philosopher, one part Strategist, one part Network Ninja and one part Change-Agent).

Do we have any Contingency plans for our future? Do you?

The Quest for our Fututre. Do we have a Contingency plan?

The Quest for our Future. Do we have a Contingency plan?


Pecha Kucha in Varberg #Blogg100

#085 [LXXXV]
Pecha Kucha FTW

Tonight I done my first Pecha Kucha speech. It was about “Why are we so Groupish“, And how can we use this To build a better Society.

You can see it in Swedish on Bambuser recorded by MikuMaria or as my YouTube clip in HD but with the first 10 seconds missing.

LordSillion at Pecha Kucha

LordSillion at Pecha Kucha


Här är alla tal som var ikväll:

Stefan Wallner – Ecodesign, mer än bara ull och morötter
Jill Andersson – Custom Made Paperboards
Louise Morberg – Varje filmvinkel är ett moraliskt ställningstagande
Jennifer Cannon – Att ta från de rika och ge till de fattiga

Margareta von Rosen – Urban Gardening
Samuel Linde – Analogt spelande i en digital värld.
Michael Sillion – Why we are so groupisch
Anneli Andersson – Baka stenugnsbröd utan stenugn

Stefan Wallner – Visade oss alla dom fantastiska ECo- och hållbarhetshus som det experimenterats med under dom senaste 40 åren. Kolla in hans blogg Agent Stefan där han skriver om förändring och livsfilosofi precis som mig 🙂

Louise Morberg – Pratade om sin passion för film. Och trots att hennes mamma sa att hon skulle skaffa ett riktigt jobb har hon utbildat sig till filmvetare och lanserar nu Doc Lounge i Varberg nästa vecka. Gå in på deras Facebook sida!

Samuel Linde pratar om sin passion. Den nya brädspelshobbyn som blommat upp i världen de senaste 5 åren. Det är en helt ny typ av brädspel som även jag är helt såld på. Se hans tal på YouTube nedan.

Michael Sillion berättade för oss “Why are we so Groupish” och hur ska vi använda detta för att bygga ett bättre samhälle ihop. Här är text och bilderna till Mitt Manus. Nu på YouTube med!

Magnus Ohlsson Paglert stod för musiken som Dj Manoltio. Han är också min favorit Spinning instruktör i Varberg på Atletica.


1. Förstrå att alla håller något heligt. Även du. Angriper man det heliga försvarar alla det på ett orationellt sätt.

2. Vi måste sluta att hata och demonisera varandra. Inte gå på myten om ren ondska.

3. Groupishness must be managed! Vi måste hålla koll på varandras beteende och säga Aja Baja när någon gör fel. Längtan att vara tillsammans och göra saker ihop är starkare än de flesta andra krafter och det går lätt att utnyttja till fel syften. Alla vill passa in och känna sig behövda.

4. Gå med flera olika sociala grupper med olika intressen och inriktningar.

Dansa till extas tillsammans.
Spela spel tillsammans.
Åk på äventyr tillsammans!