Are We The Passengers? Or The Crew?

Are We The Passengers? Or The Crew?

Watching Passengers I can see the parable to our story.
Are we the Passengers?
Or are we the Crew?

Just like my last text on The Revenant this is also about being slumbering awake or wide awake. My movie reviews is usually about what I take with me after watching a good story – The open and the hidden messages and parables.


Narration and Narrative

Much can be said for the movie’s story – the Narrative – and the Narration. I will go into deep thoughts of what spurred me and what I take with me as I narrate this to myself 🙂


We humans have lived on earth for a long time. We do so in an ecosystem with gazillions of symbiotic creatures living both inside us and around us in “Nature”. It is only now in the last 100 years that we have new narrative to consider. That just like the passengers of Avalon we are traveling on a spaceship through space. Most of us are asleep in the sense that this is not included in our daily narration nor in our journeys, missions and quests in life.

The fact that a critical failure, in they way a planetary ecological system works, will be the end many species continued existence as we now it today. Life will go on. We on the other hand may or may not survive a big extinction event. An especially the way live and the system we have curated and given birth to over the last couple of thousand years. Namely our societies, cultures and our entire civilization.


We Live On A Ship

Some have been half awake to the fact that we human are now the biggest force in shaping the future for life on the spherical rock going around the sun. And smaller group have even be “awoken” to and are trying to internalize the narration that this is indeed a ship we live on – going through space. A Spaceship. And just like both the real life versions like ISS or the Apollo missions to the Moon and the numerous versions in fictional stories of Space Fantasy and Science Fiction, we need to treat it like a ship. A ship with functions like life-support and climate-control. We also have a whole crew of species “running” the ecosystem. There is also us Humans. Who have just stumbled half awake onto the bridge and accidentally started pressing a lot of buttons in what Otto Scharmer calls “Organized Irresponsibility“. Now wide awake we Captains of the Bridge has to come up with a way not to crash or self destruct our ship before the time runs out.

Sounds like any kind of movie you are familiar with?

Wake Up!

Well Passengers certainly got me thinking in these terms. It also raises some other interesting “What If?” questions. Like: What is right to do? In the beginning Jim is faced with the question if it is right to wake Aurora. Then later we all learn that he should awoken many more because they would have been doomed anyway. So what first seemed selfish and questionable later turned out to be essential to the brink of being fatal. Back to that soon.

So what is mine and your quest? Our quest?

Who shall we awake from the dream that everything is going to be okay? (or “Not” okay). In an awake state we can narrators of our own life. To make the change we want to see in the world.

Here we have heroes like Elon Musk, with his awakening projects and companies like Tesla and Space X, being a big role model how we can do this on a larger scale and still within the narration of the old capitalist system. We have Narrator and entertainer Leonardo DiCaprio awaken us with both factional stories like The Revenant and the documentary Before The Flood. Injecting us with inspiration to do more and be fully awake and alive in our surroundings.

It’s Skill Time!

What are your skills as crew-member? And what skills do you want to learn to be part of the journey on this ship?

I think we both need to specialize in deep-skills that it take years to master. In an ever evolving dance of lifelong learning and adapting.

And we need the type of Meta skill that Joshua Cooper Ramo calls the Seventh Sense. The ability to se and understand the networks world we live in and that are on the horizon of the future.

And for that we have all the tools and skills that Peter Senge and Otto Scharmer has bundled up as Theory U. The skills of Presencing, Crystalizing and Prototyping the future we want to emerge.

Evolving The Future

Going back to Jim and his decision only to awake Aurora could have been a much better decision to wake more people. Well he tried to wake the crew but failed in his defence. Still with the proper training of Presencing skills he could have sensed a future coming where he definitely would have needed a hole team to prevent the missions from failing and everyone from dying.

How do we create and evolve the networks, hubs, events and meetups? Where all this happens? How do we create positive Social Fields – Collective Behavior Patterns? So that we can take the collaborative steps in ensuring that this spaceship runs well and continues to evolves us and all living things into a prosperous flourishing future?This is where I see my role – and my need to learn – the skills needed – to nourish this Awakening. To become a Evolutionary Leader. And you can too by studying some of the:

[Seven Competencies of Evolutionary Leadership as Foundational Framework for Developing Designers of Alternative Economic Futures]

Does anything of what I have said so far intrigue you?
Does it resonate?
What are your thoughts?

It sure intrigues me. That is why call myself Captain Future. A silly way to talk about the need for a crew of Spaceship Earth. And it’s not a solo job. I need a core team of crew members and they need me. And we need many mote teams working in unison to solve our missions and quests.

Are you with me?

/Lord Sillion
I’m Captain Future

Oh and what would you do to see a star up close?

Avalon star.jpg

Before The Flood

Before The Flood

Are you like me wide awake and slumbering awake at the same time? What is your wakeup call? Here I will talk about some of mine this year. And Leonardo DiCaprio is part of 4 of them all tied together. The Revenant – His UN Speech – Before The Flood and A World Unseen.

Join me in things like #ULAB and Evolutionary Leadership. So that we are prepared to enter the bridge of Spaceship Earth!


Who Is The Revenant?

After just finishing watching The Revenant I now connect beck to my thoughts I got from watching the documentary with the same and amazing Leonardo DiCaprio – Before The Flood – I followed up by watching the documentary made about the making of The Revenant and about the journey it took to make it – both physically, cognitively, mentally and foremost spiritually. Its called A World Unseen and can be watch free online.


And I am now lastly watching Leo’s second speech at the UN from this year 2016, as the UN Messenger of Peace with a special focus on climate change. This speech also powerfully ends the Before The Flood movie and I was moved to tears listening to him speaking about our organised irresponsibly of transforming our only home world and only way of staying alive having a prosperous, flourish and just society and civilization.


This is a wakeup call for us all. We are now having the hottest winter ever at the North pole and 2016 was the hottest year on Planet Earth, that we know of, since the dawn of man. Some of us has been awake and seeing this with clear eyes for at least the 40 last years. Still during 2016 there is a whole new movement and awakening all over the world.

Tools For Crew-Members

We all have new tool and point of intersection to use, that is also unprecedented in human history. Suddenly we can talk, make plans, meet, rally and take action all over the globe. What was only the privilege of kings, generals and priests of the olden world is now available to us all to use and transform the world with. We now have a global apparatus to take the reins and the helm of this Spaceship traveling around the Sun.

Can we connect to what it is to truly be alive on a planet as part of an amazing ecosystem? Can we take parts of the ecosystem with us to another planet and become multi planetary?


As so many of us have woken up this year I have seen many pledges to make 2017 the year that so many more of us connect, stand up and actually change the course of history. With all our problems and challenges all over the globe reaching critical awareness we can now make sense of what we are doing collectively.

I have spent the entirety of 2016 learning many of the tools we need to make this change real, through courses like #ULAB with Otto Scharmer and the Evolutionary Leadership community. Are you like me at the forefront of leading the “The Future That Emerges” please join me and other in planning and doing how to best make 2017 a where get a new direction into the future.

They do also talk about some of the solutions at the Before The Flood site.

We run our Spaceship Earth the way we want it to run before the flood – we do it Before The Flood.

Join me on “The Bridge”

I am Captain Future

Navigator of the Future



My Earth

Join me and the other future heroes as we embark on the endeavour to create a better future on Spaceship Earth!

Awe of Nature

I’m having one of my biggest moments of awe in my life. It has lasted 10 hours and has really culminated at the end. I’m flying to San Francisco from Amsterdam. We have been flying first leaving the fascinating flat Holland by the sea. And just when we where passing over Greenland the clouds disappeared and we get to see the amazing Greenland glaciers that are quickly melting away and all the Icebergs in the fjords.


Greenland Glacier

Then it was mostly clouds all the way to Alberta square farmlands. Then we saw them. The Canadian Rocky Mountains. So beautiful and endless. Then after some more farmlands in Washington state the large Volcanos stared to appear both close and by the horizon. Just awesome peaks standing over the rest of the horizon all white on top.


Canadian Rocky Mountains

We truly live on beautiful planet. That is why I choose Earth to live on. To make sure that it stays a beautiful place to visit in the galaxy. Our utmost communal challenge is to become Stewards, Guardians, Captains and All crew members of Spaceship Earth as soon as possible.



My Core

I’m just taking into my core of this amazing experience so far. So much awe and so much to work for. And now I’m going to stay in San Francisco for 9 more days during the whole of Nordic Impact Week. I’m going to meet many more Future Heroes and Future Captain who understand the gravitas of the expedition and endeavour we are about to embark upon.

For me it becomes ever more clear that this is why I choose to live on Earth in this interesting time of history. To build a global movement of changemakers. To connect and elevate others. That’s why I find the Theory U – U.Lab course: Transforming Business, Society and Self so fascinating and right in time to spread the tools to make sustainable change.

/Lord Sillion
Your Future Captain


Spaceship Earth


What is The Future and how do we create The Future?

We live on a ship. A ship that travels through space. We call it Spaceship Earth. And just like a ship at sea, we have start running our ship like a proper ship. If we want to ride this vessel into prosperous future for the human race and living on this rock in space, we have start rowing and smiling in the right direction.

We are the Captains of Spaceship Earth – Jason Silva & Buckminster Fuller

We have to have a system and systems-thinking on everything we do on this ship.

Who does what? and why? We need lots of Future Captains to divide us up into smaller parts of the crew to make sure we follow a global plan.

We need start training every crew member in the proper way to run a spaceship.

We set up dreams and visions and stories on where we want to take this ship.

We all have to intentionally muster up to join this crew. There is no plank to walk people of into space yet, people that want to crash this ship on a space-reef.

Because this is where we are heading in full speed at the moment. To a space-reef. What must we do to get everyone onboard for this journey into the future and change course?

Ken Robinson has some thoughts on what skills we need to teach every crew member: How To Create The Future.

I made a RAW audio-blog on how we create the future: What Is The Future

I  also found the great text by Daniel Priestley on the subject:  The 6 real issues hiding behind the 3 typical scapegoats.

I’m Lord Sillion – Captain Future, a Future Captain on our Spaceship Earth.

Will you join at the helm and bridge of our Spaceship Earth?

Join me in #Almedalen this summer to raise the conversation about our spaceship.

We Are The Heroes Of Our Time

So last night was the Eurovision Song Contest final in Stockholm. This year was filled with lots of songs who ment well in the lyrics. Still they never struck an emotional cord with me and they didn’t exactly make me dance infront of the TV either, like expected from a song in the Eurovision. Not like last year. Where Måns Zelmerloew’sHeroes made me shiver in my spine. And he still did this year when he preformd his Heroes.


Måns Zelmerloew – Heroes

We Are The Heroes Of Our Time

The main reason we went to the moon, we didn’t know beforehand. It was only when we got the first picture of our own planet that it became a lot more obvious that we live on a spaceship traveling around the sun. Be cause we humans need to see things with our eyes before most things becomes obvious and real to us. Or at least on a picture [Pic or it didn’t happen]

To become heroes we need heroes whom we can model us after

But we are dancing with the demons in our mind

For all the talk about success in business and money it is clear that there are only one measurement of success. What we leave behind. Both or offspring in our tribes (because we are social animals) and the hunting grounds where they will flourish. We also leave our made up stories and societies for them to flourish in. Yesterday we left much to chance what we left behind.

We are the heroes on who’s shoulders they will stand on

What are our shoulders?

We have now come to a point, where success only means leaving behind much more carefully thought out stories and societies. And yet many are still chasing the olden stories of success. That won’t cut it anymore.

We need to step our game. To become true Heroes of our time. To take the helm of this Spaceship and become true Captains of its fate.

We are the captains of our time!

Our consciousness is expanding. We move forward in the sense what we care about. To care for the other is to care for ourselves and to care for ourselves is to care for the other. – Jason Silva

Spaceship Earth

It is truly time to take the human race forward. There are so many forces that working backwards and trying to put us back in a dark age filled with ignorance and superstition still. We have out win the this race by showing and connection the world to a new enlightenment. I know Jason Silva is doing his part with his Shots of Awe videos like this one: The Search For The Rhapsodic. Let the rest of us find how we can do our part. And don’t do it alone. Find your Team and it together!

We are the Captains of Spaceship Earth! – Buckminster Fuller

Let’s act the part!

Let’s join together all become Future Captains & Future Heroes!

To make a dent in the universe!

I’m Captain Future

Hack The Future

Hack The Future


There is a shift in  The Matrix . Something has happened. Most of the people haven’t noticed anything … yet. But we are many who have. The tone and the conversation is different. We have started rallying against all that is wrong in the world. We have started to look for ways to hack our common future. Or maybe it is just possible we are already live in The Matrix … A Simulated Universe. Like the discussion in this panel lead by Neil deGrasse Tyson –>
[2016 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: Is the Universe a Simulation?]
And then hacking it should be more easy?

The stereo sound was very confusing so I made a Mono mp3 file 🙂

Hack Away!

Also check out what Elon Musk has to say on the subject: Is life a video game?


#HackTheFuture #EarthDay #Ulab #CloneClub #TheMatirx

Leading  From An Emerging Future

This week is Earth Day. Where we celebrate our Spaceship Earth, the way we want it to be. This week I also took part of the follow-up live session for U.Lab: Transforming Business, Society, and Self with Otto Scharmer. It’s a new way of thinking when it comes to create the future, the way we want it to be. It’s all about presenting the future to become, and then go create it. Prototype it as you go and learn to really listen and sense, the best possible future. Then act on what we collectively are feeling and thinking on this future. It really works. There are parts of this that are already accepted science and practices. Some call it Fake it till you make it. Others call it Priming your brain. We can together incrementally, hack our brains and reality to reach a new level of understanding of ourselves and the world around us.


#EarthDay CloneClub

Also The Collapse of Nature and  Transgressive Border Crossing is the latest episode of Orphan Black. The latest season has picked up on the Neolutionist Body Hacking story. It’s about hacking your own body. Something that many futurists think will become a common practice soon.

Dr. Leekie: Neolution is an open-source concept. We embrace the fringes. They’re fiction to our science. 

Beth: Well, your book inspires them to play God… to tinker on themselves in basement labs. 

Dr. Leekie: Every scientific discovery in history, including God, began with tinkering in a basement. 

Beth: God was a scientific discovery? 

Dr. Leekie: A little joke. We’re all impatient for the future. 


The Neolution Book – Detective Beth meeting Dr. Leekie in Orphan Black

If we are going to hack the future, let’s make sure we make it a good one!

/Lord Sillion
I’m Captain Future




Also Elon Musk on the subject


2016 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: Is the Universe a Simulation

2016 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: Is the Universe a Simulation?

2016 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: Is the Universe a Simulation?

Min Kompass

Min Kompass

Vart är vi på väg?

Vart är jag på väg?

Jag pratar ofta om att vi saknar några visioner om vart vi är på väg som samhälle. Och många företag idag har ingen vision om det värde dom skapar för oss alla. Och vi människor är ofta helt lost när det gäller vår egen och gruppens riktning i livet.

Själv har jag under dom senaste 4 åren varit med om en fantastisk resa med nya insikter och massor med nya vänner och upplevelser. Jag vet att jag är på väg in i en framtid som jag hade svårt att föreställa mig för 4 år sen eller förstå min del av.

Det Kallas Tvivel

Ändå kommer tvivlet flera gånger i veckan. Om mitt värde och vad jag har att bidra med. Och jag vet att den är vanligt i alla människor, även dom som tycks ha så mycket värde att bidra med och är, vad både dom själva och vi andra, skulle kalla för framgångsrika. Speciellt idag när jag haft organiserat en Framtidslunch med just temat Framfång & Success. Inför lunchen har jag ägnat en vecka åt att tänka på ämnet mer än vanligt och sett och lyssnat på många kloka människor som pratar om det. Jag fastnade speciellt för John Spence som jag skriver om här: Success with John Spence.

Jag har många tankar kring hur vi ska skapa en bättre framtid tillsammans. Jag har dock inte listat ut hur jag ska försörja mig på det ännu. Jag är dock övertygad om att det är detta som jag inte kan sluta göra.” It is my element” som Ken Robinson kallar det.

What is the work, you can’t not do? – Scott Dinsmore

Så tankarna går naturligtvis till vad mitt värde som tänkare på framtiden är och hur jag kan försörja min familj på det? Vi lever ju fortfarande inuti det system som vi vill förändra med räkningar att betala varje månad. Hur ska jag få detta pussel att gå ihop? Vad är min roll? Jag vet att jag vill föreläsa och hålla workshops om det.

Min Kompass

Vem jag är i denna process har förändrats över åren. Min Kompass pekar dock fortfarande åt samma håll som den gjort i hela min resa. Mina 2 stora intressen som jag haft sedan ung är dels naturen och hur vi tar hand om vårt Rymdskepp Jorden som vi åker på. Hur kan vi använda vetenskap och kreativitet för att lösa våra utmaningar. Och det andra stora intresset (jag har många) har varit spel av alla de slag. Brädspel, Rollspel, Kortspel, Startegispel, och Datorspel av olika slag. Många av Blizzards spel och nu på senare år nästan bara League Of Legends. Och inom brädspel är det alla moderna Eurogames. Med dom har jag tränat min hjärna på mängd olika sätt. Dom ger också en klar insyn pengar är bara ett medel för att uppnå det vi vill, inte själva målet. I moderna spel går vinner inte den som har mest pengar utan den som gjorde bäst saker med dom 🙂

Be Kind! – Hur blir man en bra Människa?

Jag har också alltid hållet vikten av att vara snäll och bete sig bra mot andra som väldigt viktigt. Något som jag tror kom i stora delar från att jag läste Bamse som liten. Jag förvånas nu över att det aldrig var en stor del av vad man fick lära sig när man växte upp. Hur man blir en bra männsika, hur man beter sig mot andra och hur man tar hand om sig egen kropp och hjärna på bästa sätt. Och varför vi detta inte är det absolut viktigaste vi lär ut till både barn och vuxna? För det är inget man lär sig och sen vet man det. Det är en färdighet. Som en muskel som man ständigt tränar.

Life is a Practice!

Så vem är jag egentligen?
Och vart är jag och vi på väg?


Klarhet om Framtiden

Jag fick äntligen på lite klarhet i det i höstas. Jag såg ett klipp med Sir Ken Robinson som sammanfattar både de utmaningar vi står inför och vad vi behöver träna på för att lösa dom, så himla bra, på bara 6 minuter. Jag har sett det massor med gånger och skriver kort om det här:

How To Create The Future?

Ken Robinson - We need , Creativity - Compassion - Composure Collaboration

Ken Robinson – We need: Creativity – Compassion – Composure – Collaboration

Sen hoppade jag även på en MOOC: U.Lab: Transforming Business, Society, and Self som vi nu gör om, för andra gången, i en helt fantastisk coaching circle. Wow säger jag bara. Min riktning och kompass har aldrig lyst klarare. Ändå så är det förvirrat hur jag ska ta mig framåt ibland. Här är vad jag kommit på hitintills:

Captain Future at your Service

Den roll och identitet som jag letat efter finns ju inte riktigt ännu. Så jag skapade den själv. Jag kallar det för Framtidskapten. Som Framtidskapten tar man riktning på den framtid vi vill skapa tillsammans och guidar oss alla att ta oss dit. Man kan se det som att vi är på många små skepp som åker omkring. Dessa skepp är våra tribes, städer, företag, organisationer, grupperingar, familjer och länder. Och sen var vi det stora moderskeppet Spaceship Earth. Jag lotsar oss in i framtiden.

Framtidskapten = Navigator, Strateg, Inspiratör och Ambassadör till Framtiden

Vem är det som tar ut riktning på vart vi ska och och vilket håll ror vi åt. Ror vi åt olika håll på samma båt och och är våra båtar på väg åt helt olika håll? Hur går det då för moderskeppet? Vi behöver massor med framtidskaptener och framtidshjältar som ser till vi kommer in i en bättre framtid.

Och detta är absolut inget som ska göras “på fritiden” utanför våra “jobb”. Detta är något måste genomsyra hela vårt samhälle och all den aktivitet och sysselsättning som vi gör om dagar och nätter. Vårt liv på Planeten Jorden är på riktigt och vi måste sluta att ta det för givet innan det är för sent.

Som framtidskapten letar man även upp och tränar andra Framtidshjältar. Som Captain America i Avengers. [I am Geek to the Core]. I am also #TeamCap

Som framtidshjälte kallar jag mig för Captain Future [Because it’s silly]. Mina framtidskrafter är att få andra att tänka på, prata om, agera på och skapa den framtid vi vill ha. Och att träna sin hjärna, hjärta, kropp och core.

We need more silliness and creativity!


Min första ide var att starta en podcast om det. Jag har lyssnat aktivit på massor av podcastar sen 2007 men aldrig känt att jag har haft något eget att berätta… för än nu. Nu var det dags för Framtidspodden där vi börjat parat om hur vi gör på riktigt. För det börjar bli bråttom. Vi har precis haft en rekordvarm vinter på nordpolen och det finns massor med medborgare som inte vet hur man beter sig på, eller hur man använder det bästa verktyg vi har, för att lösa våra utmaningar: Nämligen internet.

Do we have a how to make a human kit? – Alain de Botton

Jag satsar hårt på att prata med alla dessa Framtidshjältar, som jag kallar alla dom som redan aktivt deltar i att skapa en bättre framtid.

Välkommen att lyssna på dom i Framtidspodden



Jag vill även skapa ett sätt att hjälpa entreprenörer, företagare, frilansare, barn, ungdomar och alla medborgare på att lära sig allt det som Ken Robinson pratats om. Kanske i ett Framtidscenter som jag kallar Framtids-Dojo.

Jag tänker mig ett sorts framtidscenter som är en stor lokal med många mindre lokaler och verksamheter inuti sig. En central Food Court, Cafe, Scen och Konferenslokaler.

Fler verksamheter: En Inkubator för entreprenörer och startups, Ett Co-Working ställe, Ett MakerSpace och verkstad, En Hinderbana, Tränings och Yoga lokaler med plats Mindfullnesträning, En framtids-förmedling. Ett Coaching och Mentor center.

Lunchbetas, Science-hacks och Hackathons och andra kreativa events ska kunna hållas där.

The sky is the limit 🙂

Det är till för att boosta och träna upp alla medborgare i viktiga färdigheter för framtidens komplexa samhälle.

Framtiden är en lagsport

Vi skapar framtiden tillsammans. Detta är det största projektet i mänsklighetens historia. Kunde vi bygga Pyramider och Stonehedge för så många tusen år sen, utan allt det vi har idag, så ska vi väl kunna ro i hamn detta projektet med, om vi samarbetar på riktigt.

Om detta handlade min Pecha Kucha om som jag hade i Varberg onsdagen den 9 mars. Ämnet för kvällen var tillsammans och min rubrik på mitt tal är:

Framtiden är en lagsport

Här kan du se min Pecha Kucha: Lord Sillion – Framtiden är en lagsport

Och i den lagandan frågar jag dig om hjälp. Hur ska jag göra för att kunna leva på att skapa en bättre framtid? I det system vi har idag?

The Future is a Team Game – Lord Sillion
I’m Captain Future

Och jag är din lots in i framtiden 🙂