Let’s Rock! Stay Relevant!

The most precious resource we have is time. We all have the same amount. How we spend is the trick. Try replacing: “I don’t have time for that right now” with “I don’t prioritize that right now” and feel the difference. The story we tell ourself before, during and after we spend time on something is the most important thing we do. Help each other to tell better stories on how we should spend time, how we are doing during and what was well spent time.

Help all your customers and followers to help them tell them better stories with what ever product you are selling or giving to them 🙂

Today I have chosen to spend time on an awesome event in Gothenburg. And tell a story about it before, during and after. Today I’m Rockin’ my time!

VÀrldens Farligast Möte [The Worlds Most Dangerous Meeting]

I’m going to the Worlds Most Dangerous Meeting [VĂ€rldens Farligaste Möte] at Liseberg. This is the second time I’m going there. As traditional conferences go this one rocks the shit out the rest of them. Each Speaker Only gets 10 minutes to pitch their presentation. And between each presenter there is live cover band giving us the best rock covers in full volume. No chance falling asleep there. Instead you jump into the next speaker feeling revigorated. The Keynote is also from former Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and rock legend Yngwie J Malmsteen.

Then we finish of the day in an awesome party with riding the latest awesome rides at Liseberg like Helix and AtomsFear, Dinner and party, the latest Mechanica and then we Rock with Yngwie J Malmsteen.

Mr Fredrik

Changing the world with politics is hard work according to former prime minister of Sweden, Fredrik Reinfeldt. Free trade is very tricky business after all. It should work great on paper. bu we do need some form of limitations but not to limiting and not the kind we have today.

We are for Change. After it happened. If it went well 🙂
— Fredrik Reinfeldt


VÀrldens Farligaste Möte 2015

VÀrldens Farligaste Möte 2015

Rock On and Stay Relevant!

This is an awesome way to mingle and present your ideas and a fun way to get insights into the latest in Marketing, E-commerce and the Digital Disruption. In this setting it’s very important to be relevant and rock on stage. Capture the eye, ear and brain of the audience. And it’s also important as a participating rocker of this show to bring your best game. Enhance everyone else’s stay by engaging during the mingling. Rock Hard and Show your best self 🙂

I’m here to rock. As a Creative Ninja at my newly launched Creative Ninja Agency I want help companies to Kick Ass and Rock’n’Roll into the future. It’s like Steven Kotler and Peter Diamandis says in the their latest book:

“The day before something is truly a breakthrough, it’s a crazy idea.
So where inside your company are you trying crazy ideas?
If you are not disrupting yourself, someone else is” – Peter H. Diamandis

There is of course some great challenges with paving the way into the future. Me and many others feel like the risk och experiment is well worth the reward of being relevant first. It’s not for all. This is for the frontrunners.

Let’s Rock! Be Dangerous! Be a Rebel!

These guys rocked #VFM15 @lordsillion & @bengtwessborg

These guys rocked #VFM15 @lordsillion & @bengtwessborg

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And my thoughts about it in Swedish in my audio pod: https://audioboom.com/boos/3220204-varldens-farligaste-mote

Lord Sillion
Creative Ninja at Creative Ninja Agency


The Creative Ninja Rockin’ Hard at #VFM15


No Shit Sherlock #Blogg100

#099 [IC]
No Shit Sherlock

Idag lyssnade jag pÄ en jÀtteintressant LivesÀndning frÄn The RSA i London. The Scientific Method Of The Mind: What Sherlock Holmes can teach us about decision making. Maria Konnikova gÄr igenom hur viktigt det Àr att anvÀnda hjÀrnan rÀtt och vad vi kan lÀra oss frÄn Sherlocks sÀtt att lösa problem.

  • Ta tid och reflektera över ett problem. AnvĂ€nd Mindfullness.
  • Att Meditera 5 minuter varje dag har en uppmĂ€tt positiv effekt för den kognitiva förmĂ„gan.
  • AnvĂ€nd minnet rĂ€tt med Chunking och Storytelling
  • Fokusera rĂ€tt. HjĂ€rnan kan inte Multitaska sĂ„ bra.

Jag cyklar vid havet och lyssnar pÄ RSA samtidigt

Jag fick Àven med min egen frÄga i LivesÀndningen via Twitter:

How accurate is Sherlocks behavior to modern brain science?

Maria Konnikova’s awnser is that: Holmes’ behaviour is accurate in relation to modern neuroscience, particularly mindfulness

För er som vill lyssna pÄ det i efterhand kommer den som Podcast om nÄgra dagar.

Increase your Willpower

Som del av min min resa har jag precis gÄtt första veckan i Kelly McGonigals onlinekurs för Viljestyrka. Boost Your Willpower: 28 Days to Create the Change You Want! Jag har ju tidigare bloggat lite om hennes forskning inom Àmnet: #15 Will the power och hÄller pÄ och lÀser hennes audiobook.

Även dĂ€r Ă€r ingĂ„r meditation och mindfullness. Återkommer om detta i senare bloggar.

Det Àr bara att hoppa med i kursen som började förra veckan!

Allt rockar!

IkvĂ€ll har mina töser klĂ€tt upp sig som rockstjĂ€rnor och rockat loss till min uppdaterade Rock’nRoll lista pĂ„ Spotify. Keep on Rockin!

Och sĂ„ har jag sett fantastiska Allt Faller pĂ„ TV4 med Henrik Schyffert, Johan Rheborg, Jonas Gardell. Fantastisk svart humor om att vara mĂ€nniska idag 🙂

Jag pĂ„ scenen med Mindless Self Indulgence i höstas 🙂