One Word?

What is your one word?

Today, Tonight or Tomorrow? It may change over time. Form month to month or from hour to hour. But right now, what is your one word that you live by?

For me it’s Together!

It sums up one of my craziest weeks ever with a finale in tears of joy at Urban Burn.

Count Collab & Captain Future at Urban Burn (Olle Bjerkås & Lord Sillion)

Count Collab & Captain Future at Urban Burn (Olle Bjerkås & Lord Sillion)

Four Two (42) – We Do It Together

I knew from the beginning, that this week would be another milestone in my life. That I would turn out transformed in the end of it. And by that I mean more transformed than usual. It was week full of excitement, inspiration, realisations and love. The great finale was the Urban Burn event in Stockholm.

As I finished it, by watching Avengers: Age Of Ultron, with Sara Modig’s husband and children, one word really stood out: Together. It’s the word Captain America uses several times to describe how to face an unseemingly large challenge. And how I, as Captain Future, would like us to face the future. We face it together! This is the third time I watch Age of Ultron and it was even better this time, filled with so many parallels to our challenges. The best movie of 2015 for me. Check out what I wrote last time about it: We Save the World Together, as I filled a whole page with my takeaways. And it also couples together with the theme of the next Captain America movie: Civil WarDivided We Fall. But United We

Ultron: How do you hope to stop me?
Tony Stark: Like the old man said, Together.

Together [Tillsammans] was also the theme of this week’s Pecha Kucha I did in Varberg. More on that below.

My Crazy Week of Together

“Peace In Our Time” – Tony Stark

The week stared on Sunday. I joined in the closing ceremony for a year and half long project here in Varberg called Varberg Calling for Peace. A project that Jon & Malin, who I talk to in my podcast Framtidspodden, has facilitated. It’s project that have brought modern thinking into how we create the peaceful creative society we want. It’s been done by coordinating lots of small and big events. Often through open creative meetings they call: Open Call. Where everyone can participate in innovating the events we want to create. Since we didn’t want the energy to end we had an event where everyone could write down something on a big yellow pilates-ball. That we then passed on to someone who was tasked in keeping the idea or event alive. Mine was to create The Future-Dojo, that I have talked about before. Where we gather a lot of creative activities together in one big creative mesh. Like an incubator, a co-corcing place, a cafe, a mentor center, a Future Center, a MakerSpace, a playground and son on with lots of activities like Hackathons and Lunch-beats. The sky is the limit.

Malin - Sillion - Jon Varberg Calling for Peace - A Future-Dojo

Malin – Sillion – Jon Varberg Calling for Peace – A Future-Dojo

And I aslo believe if we are to build a better world together, it’s not just something we can do in our “spare time”, when we are not “working” for money. It has to be done in all activities in all levels of society. We have to be able to make and earn money down what the world needs. And the other way around. Not making any money when we do the wrong things unto the world.

The more people what spend their waking hours building a better world the quicker we will get there. We do it to- … wait for it … -gether 🙂

Success & Entrepreneurship

I stared my week by prepping for my Framtidslunch [Future Lunch] and my Pecha Kucha by studying John Spence and his take on Success. With the YouTube clip and my show notes.

I also visited a great lunch seminar with Jannike Åhlgren about the new incubator Potential.VBG, in my hometown Varberg. An incubator is a place where newly started businesses sit together to get a much more successful launch. It’s all about the environment. You become like the people you spend the most time with.

Success comes from being together with other awesome people!

Future Lunch [Live Your Legend Local]

On the Tuesday it was time for my Framtidslunch [Future Lunch] in Varberg. It’s a concept where awesome people get together to boost each other and have some kind of creative workshop together. It’s part of me hosting my Live Your Legend Local events here on the west coast of Sweden.

Tuesday also brings forth the International Women’s Day. It’s been a long fight to give women to become equal citizens with us men. And it’s not over. Watch the movie Suffragette. Where we can see the importance to organise and fight for change, together.

Our next lunch will be in March 22nd in Varberg with the theme pitching. And there will be a Future Party on March 31st as well.

Framtidslunch Varberg 8 March

Framtidslunch Varberg 8 March

Framtidspodden and Social Entrepreneurship

This week I also launched my 6th episode of my podcast Framtidspodden [The Future Pod]. This time it’s an episode in English the Future hero Bert-Ola Bergstrand. Check him out. He is all about solving the worlds problems with entrepreneurship and connect different clusters of creative people all over the world. So that we can learn from each other in a better way and do it together.

Lord Sillion & Bert-Ola in Framtidspodden

Lord Sillion & Bert-Ola in Framtidspodden


I also read the best article, that explains the counter forces we are facing. Like the Trump-march in the US. It’s all due to a thing called Authoritarianism. Not a thing, we want more people doing together. And we can’t fight them. The feed of fear and opposition. The best way to disarm them is by not filling the news and media with fear, like what most of massmedia does today. I’ve spoken against this for many years. Fill the news with positive things happening instead.  Solutions, not problems. By leading by example and visions. For every challenge, we answer this 3 questions:

1. What challenge are we facing?
2. What might solve it?
3. How can I help?

Hot As Hell

This winter has yet again been the hottest winter on the north pole that we know of. If we don’t do something soon together, it brings chaos, into the human world, that we don’t want. We act together for a sustainable future!

The Future is a Team Game [Tillsammans]

It’s only fitting that my topic for my 11th Pecha Kucha, I was doing this week, on an evening the theme was Tillsammans [Together]. My own topic on that theme was Framtiden är en Lagsport [The Future is a Team Game]. You can see it here if you know Swedish: Framtiden är en Lagsport.

Lord Sillion Pecha Kucha - Framtiden är en lagsport

Lord Sillion Pecha Kucha – Framtiden är en lagsport

Code Of Conduct

I also got a call from upcoming eSport LAN where they want me to talk about how we get rid of all the Toxicness that is a big challenge for all online gaming. Especial in my favorite game League of Legends. Riot Games has done a great deal to fight it of. Still there some lingering problems that is spreading across the whole of internet. Not just in eSport but on the internet as a whole.

We need a better a Code Of Conduct on how we behave in this world. A Moral Matrix that we can evolve and talk about. I will do my utmost to lift this problem to the surface in creative constructive way. As there are many more LAN-parties coming up this spring in Sweden I would like to visit as many I can and talk on all of them. So if you are an organizer and would like me to talk on your event please contact me.

We do it by being nice to each other both offline and online.

Strength – Health & Happiness — Wim Hof

I also finally watched the documentary with Wim Hof about how he can endure the cold through simple breathing techniques. Watch it here: Inside the Superhuman World of the Iceman. I have tried it a couple of times before. This time I downloaded his app and started doing the breathing exercises, with stretching and push ups. I haven’t tried showering in cold water yet. But is about time.

Wim is on a mission. A mission to give all humans more Strength – Health & Happiness. And it is something I think is very important as it will solve a lot problems in the world.

Breath Mother-Fracker!

Framtidsmaskinen and World Cafe

This Thursday I visited Framtidsmaskinen [The Future Machine] in Halmstad. It’s a fair for young entrepreneurs, coupled with a great event for us grown ups as well. We did a World Cafe event where we talked about how to make the world more creative and what we ourself, could do to make it happen… Together 🙂

We finished it of by pledging, what each and every one of us, could do. I promise to keep doing my Future Lunches twice a month and also do a Future Breakfast and a Future Party (all in the spirit of Live Your Legend) once a month.

Next Future Lunch is 22 March in Varberg


It is finally Friday and I’m of to Stockholm to attend a large-scale indoor Burn. It’s a Burning Man event called Urban Burn. On my way there, I watched an episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D season 3 where Coulson explains why he risks his life, to do, what he does. He does it to protect those who can’t, protect themselves. And the number of accepted casualties is always ZERO. They protect us, by being a great team.

“They are the reason there is a SHIELD” – Agent Coulson 

SXSW – South by South West

There is also a festival going on in Austin, Texas, this week called SXSW (South by South West). It’s one of the worlds largest creative festivals. Where people get together to be inspired and get more creative energy. I’ve been longing to go for 4 years now and I promised to go next year now with Sara and others.

From this year there are at least 2 awesome keynotes from both Jane McGonigal and Barak Obama

Jane McGonigal. Jane shared her speech and I saw it on the train up to Stockholm as well. One thing stood out there as well and it was this:

“The Future is a place where everything can be different” — Jane McGonigal

We can all choose to Believe in a future that is better. And if we can imagine it, we can build it.

Time For Urban Burn

As I arrived in Stockholm I went straight to the Urban Burn festival. I was immediately welcomed, hugged and initiated with the welcome ritual. This is my first Burn and it felt completely overwhelming. Joining this creation in a participatory culture as the final pieces were put in place was exiting.

Welcome home!
Gustaf Josefsson said in his initiating speech and I cried

As everyone has to give I had figured out how was to participate. I was to give with holding to 2 session. One in a Ulab Theroy U coaching circle and the other in how we activate the Hive-Switch (Where we become more than ourselves) in out brains. Which is especially easy at a festival of this kind.


Space Flowers at Urban Burn

Find the Others – Coaching Circle

As I mentioned before I took the MIT MOOC: U.Lab: Transforming Business, Society, and Self this fall and are redoing the content and Coaching Circle with the same group this spring. Originally most of us where planing to go here but only Tess and I where able to make it in the end. Tess and I held a great circle with some other burners that can be summed up in phrase: Find the Others. This is big part of my Level Up! concept.

Gustaf Josefsson & Uv Painting

Gustaf Josefsson & Uv Painting

The Avatar – Mushroom Forest

Have you seen one of my favorite movies: Avatar? If you have, did you wonder what it would be like running around in the luminescent night forest? I just found out. It can’t be explained. It has to be experienced. And I did in the awesome Magical Mushroom Forest installation at Urban Burn. So cool!



The Magical Mushroom Forest at Urban Burn

The Avatar – Magical Mushroom Forest at Urban Burn


And everywhere we went we greeted each other with a hug. And the not the formal kind. Instead is was long warm loving hugs. This how I want the future to be. There were even a booth where you could Kiss A Stranger. If you wanted to. You stared into a strangers eyes for 2 minutes,, then kissing was optional. “Live a little” ❤

Hug more!

Hug more!

Rave Yoga

One of the coolest thing I experienced there was a Dance Yoga session with Christian Wigardt. Even the Downward Facing Dog was done while swaying the hips from side to side. The best yoga I have done so far.

Dance Yoga with Christian Wigardt - Photo: Michaela Mika Neiglick

Dance Yoga with Christian Wigardt – Photo: Michaela Mika Neiglick

Rave [Turning on the Hive-Switch]

And the there was the dancing together! To Rave music. The last hour of Saturday was a special gig by Jesper Lejfjord with an awesome kind of Dubstep I never heard before.

I went completely bonkers. Deep in the Hive-Switch / I love everybody – territory, I danced like I never done before. 

Rave at Urban Burn

Rave at Urban Burn


I one of the tents I joined in a sing along session. We did Imagine at least 4 times. My eyes filled with tears of joy. That powerful feeling when you do it together!

Hack the Future

On Sunday I went to visit the last part of the Hackathon Hack For Sweden #Hack4Swe. This was a great Hackathon with lots of creative solutions. There and on the way home I spoke to several people like Mattias Östmar and Darja Isaksson about what we can do to create more creative Hackathons.

A Hackathon not so much an event where you go to see or listen in the classical passive way. It’s a new type of event in the participatory culture category, like the Burns and the Un-conferences. Where all the attending people are participating in co-creating the event.

I think we can do a more creative type of event where we bring in people from different type of creative groups. I’m have a lot in mind like: Hackers, Coders, Designers, Cosplayers, Streamers, YouTubers (Vloggers), Entrepreneurs, Startup people, Information Officers, NERF-hackers, Steampunkers, Makers, Burners, Gamers, Geeks, LARPers, Artists, Thinkers, Bloggers, Scientists

I am fascinated with the creative power in many of these groups. Many of them are fans of pop-culture worlds and works. They in turn can have many fans them selves, from hundreds up to millions of fans. Think what that would do to an event. If you can come co-create with some your favorite idols. At first you would come there as fan and being starstruck. Then after a while that will wear off and we would actually realize that we all have our creative talents in some way. That when we work together, with different angles to view a challenge ora problem, we are much more likely to come up with new innovative solutions.

I get exited just thinking about it.

Who is with me?
How can we do this together?
For a more creative Future?

@LordSillion @pernillan @mattiasostmar at #Hack4Swe

@LordSillion @pernillan @mattiasostmar at #Hack4Swe

I’m Lord Sillion – I’m Captain Future

I also meet with one of my oldest friends, Ulrika. We talk about lot’s of stuff. She has been with me, on my whole 20 year journey, into the person I am today. She was the first girl who made me dare talking to girls. I was a very shy person back in 1995 when we first started studying together in Norrköping. Today she helped me thinking about what I should call myself going into my future.

Am I a?

Future Captain (Framtidskapten)
Future Strategist (Framitdsstrateg)
Future Hacker (Framtidshackare)
Future Visionary (Framtids Visionär)

Ambassador of The Future (Framtidsambassadör)

Or all of the above?

How should make a living doing all the stuff I have talk about in this post so far? And more?

I believe in a Creative Future. A future we create together. In a social participatory way.

Tony Stark: Does anybody remember when I put a missile through a portal, in New York City? We were standing right under it. We’re the Avengers, we can bust weapons dealers the whole doo-da-day, but how do we cope with something like that?
Steve Rogers: Together.
Tony Stark: We’ll lose.
Steve Rogers: We do that together too.

Who am I, now 

Follow Your Dreams

Follow Your Dreams

My Pecha Kucha:

Pecha Kucha in Varberg #Blogg100

#085 [LXXXV]
Pecha Kucha FTW

Tonight I done my first Pecha Kucha speech. It was about “Why are we so Groupish“, And how can we use this To build a better Society.

You can see it in Swedish on Bambuser recorded by MikuMaria or as my YouTube clip in HD but with the first 10 seconds missing.

LordSillion at Pecha Kucha

LordSillion at Pecha Kucha


Här är alla tal som var ikväll:

Stefan Wallner – Ecodesign, mer än bara ull och morötter
Jill Andersson – Custom Made Paperboards
Louise Morberg – Varje filmvinkel är ett moraliskt ställningstagande
Jennifer Cannon – Att ta från de rika och ge till de fattiga

Margareta von Rosen – Urban Gardening
Samuel Linde – Analogt spelande i en digital värld.
Michael Sillion – Why we are so groupisch
Anneli Andersson – Baka stenugnsbröd utan stenugn

Stefan Wallner – Visade oss alla dom fantastiska ECo- och hållbarhetshus som det experimenterats med under dom senaste 40 åren. Kolla in hans blogg Agent Stefan där han skriver om förändring och livsfilosofi precis som mig 🙂

Louise Morberg – Pratade om sin passion för film. Och trots att hennes mamma sa att hon skulle skaffa ett riktigt jobb har hon utbildat sig till filmvetare och lanserar nu Doc Lounge i Varberg nästa vecka. Gå in på deras Facebook sida!

Samuel Linde pratar om sin passion. Den nya brädspelshobbyn som blommat upp i världen de senaste 5 åren. Det är en helt ny typ av brädspel som även jag är helt såld på. Se hans tal på YouTube nedan.

Michael Sillion berättade för oss “Why are we so Groupish” och hur ska vi använda detta för att bygga ett bättre samhälle ihop. Här är text och bilderna till Mitt Manus. Nu på YouTube med!

Magnus Ohlsson Paglert stod för musiken som Dj Manoltio. Han är också min favorit Spinning instruktör i Varberg på Atletica.


1. Förstrå att alla håller något heligt. Även du. Angriper man det heliga försvarar alla det på ett orationellt sätt.

2. Vi måste sluta att hata och demonisera varandra. Inte gå på myten om ren ondska.

3. Groupishness must be managed! Vi måste hålla koll på varandras beteende och säga Aja Baja när någon gör fel. Längtan att vara tillsammans och göra saker ihop är starkare än de flesta andra krafter och det går lätt att utnyttja till fel syften. Alla vill passa in och känna sig behövda.

4. Gå med flera olika sociala grupper med olika intressen och inriktningar.

Dansa till extas tillsammans.
Spela spel tillsammans.
Åk på äventyr tillsammans!


Be mindful about your own future #Blogg100

#087 [LXXXVII]
Are you on the right path towards your future? [Är du på rätt spår mot din egen framtid?]

If you like History and Movies go see Lincon.

Today I saw Lincon the movie in the cinema. This is the third movie about Lincon that I have seen in a short while. The other 2 are The Conspirator and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. None of these 3 movies are true. You can never retell the Truth. Just a mere truthy tale. Guess which one is most fictionalized? 😉

Never the less. They all had interesting things to tell me about history and what it means to be a “human” (Not a vampire) both then and now. They all made me think!

Other historical movies I have seen lately and recommend is A Royal Affair and The Raven.
[Andra historiska filmer som jag sett på sistone och kan rekommenderar är A Royal Affair och The Raven.]

I love this kind of storytelling that brings me back in time. It makes me think about the Future.

Past and Future

Today was also the RSA event The World Until Yesterday: What we can learn from traditional societies. For now you find info on Twitter until the event podcast is published. What I personally take away from it today is:

When building tomorrows society we must preserve our cultural past in a way that…  Fuses the best lessons from the Past with the values of Today. And then combines it with the best ideas from tomorrows Science Fiction thinking.

We must then tell the story about this tomorrows society. Using the best Storytellers today. So that all may believe it to be a possible. A goal for all humankind on Planet Earth.

The Sea today

The Sea today

Pecha Kucha night

Tonight also was Pecha Kucha Night in Gothenburg. I went there to be inspired for my own speech on thursday and meet one of my best new friends @MikuMaria.

Innan dess var jag på en re-release av boken “Hur blir man rik på riktigt“. Hur får man ihop ett hållbart livspussel. Efter en frågestund hade vi en liten workshop där vi fick sitta tysrta i 5 minuter och fundera på 2 frågor:
1. Vad innebär det för mig att vara rik på riktigt?
2. Vad längtar jag efter för närvarande? [What do I long for at the moment?]

Be mindful about what is important for you

Take a moment  for yourself and sit quiet for 5 minutes and think about these 2 questions below. When you are done select all the text on this page to see my answers and compare them to yours. On a mobile device click this link.

[What does it mean for me to be rich for real?]
1. I want to feel close to my family and friends. I want to spend time with them and feel joy with them doing the things I love like dancing, exercise and playing games.

[What do I long for at the moment?]
2. I want to feel loved for who I am and for the tings I do for others. I want to spread my message about fellowship and community that I talk about in my blogs.

My other 2 blogs:
28 ways to get a better Life!
A Sustainable Future with Co-Op. My Handbook for new skills that we need


We must trust #Blogg100

#089 [IXC]
Varför litar du på mig? [Why do you trust me?]

Jag sitter och jobbar på mitt Pecha Kucha tal. Men jag saknar något…

Du saknas!

Min åhörare, min publik. Jag gör ju detta för dig.  Hur ska jag få in detta i mitt tal. Det handlar ju om varför vi gör saker för varandra. Varför gör jag något för dig och varför gör du något för mig?

För att vi litar på varandra. Vi är ju i samma Tribe 🙂

Jag är ju på detta mission för att jag tror på en bättre värld. Där vi gör saker tillsammans för varandra. Nu när det äntligen är möjligt. Att samarbeta, koordinera och träffa varandra på ett helt nytt sätt. Ett nytt samhälle med en ny typ av kommunikation som binder samman hela världen men ändå behåller alla små lokala grupper.

Simon Sinek inspirerar


Tack till @Liffeman för att han tipsade mig om hans största inspiration nämligen Simon Sinek. Han pratar om “Why” i sitt TED Talk. Jag sökte runt lite och hittade ett annat tal han ger om varför vi gör saker för varandra. Vi litar på varandra. Det är då det händer. We must trust each other!

Ta och se det! Finns längst ner ->

WebCoast für Alle!

Jag har nyss bokat in mig på WebCoast i år igen. Feffe Kaufmann skriver bra om WebCoast här. När man kommer dit får man genast den där känslan som inte får när man går på en vanligt konferens. Att vi alla är samma Tribe och vi litar på varandra från början. Man kan börja prat direkt med vem som helst där. We get it!

Känslan är lika härlig som på Sweden Social Media Camp.

Det är så jag vill att det ska vara på vår Unconference också. Temat är en Kreativ Hållbar Framtid.

Jag tror på en hållbar framtid där vi kan leva tillsammans och lösa alla dom otaliga problem som kommer att dyka upp. Med hjälp av samarbete och kommunikation på ett kreativt sätt.

Det är er som tror på samma sak som mig, som jag vill samla på en gemensam mötesplats där vi kan prata om det!


Simon Sinek: If You Don’t Understand People, You Don’t Understand Business

Pecha Kucha och framtiden #Blogg100

#093 [XCIII]
Pecha Kucha och framtiden [The Future and Pecha Kucha]

Jag sitter och förbereder min Peach Kucha presentation som jag ska ha nästa vecka här i Varberg. Du är välkommen den 7 februari kl 20. Bara att klicka in på mitt FaceBook event eller bara att dyka upp på Grappa (ingen anmälan).


Vad ska det handla om? Det ska handla om “Why we are so Groupish” och hur vi ska använda denna kunskapen för det bättre. Lite så som i min blogg fast det viktigaste. Och en nyupptäckt fellow gamer här i Varberg ska prata om Brädspelsfanatism.

Vad händer mer framöver?

  • Det är ju Peach Kucha i Göteborg också bara 2 dagar innan den i Varberg, som jag tänkte gå på.
  • Nu på fredag ska jag på Martina Haag, Afterworkföreläsning: Våga kasta dig ut i livet och ta risker, en motgång kan faktiskt vara bra!
  • Vi måste ha en Bloggup snart i Göteborg. Jag föreslår på tisdag 5 feb innan Pecha Kucha kl 17 #Blogg100gbg
  • Stefan Hyttfors och Henrik Schyffert talar på KONFEX i Göteborg den 6 feb. Det är “gratis” att gå dit.
  • Onsdag 6 feb är det IT-mingel i Varberg
  • I slutet av februari (18-22 feb) följer jag Social Media Week online från hela världen. Men främst New York som var väldigt bra förra året.
  • Funderar på SSMX i Stockhom den 22-24 feb
  • Senare i år ska jag anordna en egen Unconference om en Kreativ Hållbar Framtid. “En mötesplats för att diskutera fram nya hållbara affärsidéer och nya sätt vi kan leva ihop”. Stay Tuned!
  • I mars blir det unconferencen WebCoast i Göteborg och sedan vidare till…

Penny Arcade Expo

Don’t grow up! It’s a Trap!

Jag och min bror Fredrik åker till New York och Boston för att gå på Penny Arcades PAX East 22-24 mars. Ska bli väldigt spännande och min första resa över Atlanten.

Välkommen till Varberg den 7 februari!