Hack The Future

Hack The Future


There is a shift in  The Matrix . Something has happened. Most of the people haven’t noticed anything … yet. But we are many who have. The tone and the conversation is different. We have started rallying against all that is wrong in the world. We have started to look for ways to hack our common future. Or maybe it is just possible we are already live in The Matrix … A Simulated Universe. Like the discussion in this panel lead by Neil deGrasse Tyson –>
[2016 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: Is the Universe a Simulation?]
And then hacking it should be more easy?

The stereo sound was very confusing so I made a Mono mp3 file 🙂

Hack Away!

Also check out what Elon Musk has to say on the subject: Is life a video game?


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Leading  From An Emerging Future

This week is Earth Day. Where we celebrate our Spaceship Earth, the way we want it to be. This week I also took part of the follow-up live session for U.Lab: Transforming Business, Society, and Self with Otto Scharmer. It’s a new way of thinking when it comes to create the future, the way we want it to be. It’s all about presenting the future to become, and then go create it. Prototype it as you go and learn to really listen and sense, the best possible future. Then act on what we collectively are feeling and thinking on this future. It really works. There are parts of this that are already accepted science and practices. Some call it Fake it till you make it. Others call it Priming your brain. We can together incrementally, hack our brains and reality to reach a new level of understanding of ourselves and the world around us.


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Also The Collapse of Nature and  Transgressive Border Crossing is the latest episode of Orphan Black. The latest season has picked up on the Neolutionist Body Hacking story. It’s about hacking your own body. Something that many futurists think will become a common practice soon.

Dr. Leekie: Neolution is an open-source concept. We embrace the fringes. They’re fiction to our science. 

Beth: Well, your book inspires them to play God… to tinker on themselves in basement labs. 

Dr. Leekie: Every scientific discovery in history, including God, began with tinkering in a basement. 

Beth: God was a scientific discovery? 

Dr. Leekie: A little joke. We’re all impatient for the future. 


The Neolution Book – Detective Beth meeting Dr. Leekie in Orphan Black

If we are going to hack the future, let’s make sure we make it a good one!

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Also Elon Musk on the subject


2016 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: Is the Universe a Simulation

2016 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: Is the Universe a Simulation?

2016 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: Is the Universe a Simulation?

Rabbitholing & Pluto

Yes Rabbitholing. You sit down to write a blog of sorts. Then Boom!

From Pluto With Love!

From Pluto With Love!

2 hours later you still haven’t written a single line. What you have done is getting some serious insights into both useful and trivial things. Tonight has been much about the Pluto Flyby.

I dug more into the Apple watch. I started out watching the last episode of season 3 of my new favourite show: Orphan Black. I am a true Clone Clubber. Season 3 has just been kicking it. Then of course I just had to dive into the net to see if there was any video of the latest Orphan Black panel at San Diego Comic-Con that was held this weekend. I just found 2 videos yet (Top 5 moments and Tatiana Maslany) and now whole panel. Like the awesome one from last year.

Pictures from London and  Almedalen

I’ve also been uploading all my pictures from both the #LonodonNinjaTrip and Almedalen today. I have at least 3 blogs from Almedalen in post production editing that I hope will be released tomorrow.

This weekend was also home to an event that I really wanted to go to: World Domination Summit in Portland, Oregon.

I’m also working on the awesome event here in Varberg this coming weekend: Hallifornia. There we will do a Creative Corner where you can hack you own Hang Loose T-Shirt. And I will hold workshops where I help people to Hack their own Future. To set up a vision of their lives and have a strategy on how to hang with cooler people who lift them up.

At Campus London @LordSillion and @mikumaria

At Campus London @LordSillion and @mikumaria

SSWC Bubblan in Almedalen

SSWC Bubblan in Almedalen


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