Our story comes to an end back in New York #Blogg100

#039 [XXXIX]
Game of Plots – House of Secrets [Plot me up]

This is part 8 (8) of Bro Tour USA where me Lord Sillion and my brother Fredrik visits New York and PAX East in Boston.

Bro Tour USA 2013

Bro Tour USA 2013

Back in New York

Last night we came back to New York after 3 days in Boston and PAX East. Real all about in my previous posts.

Olympus has Fallen… indeed…

What more to do in New York. Me and my brother are also big Movie and Tv-Series geeks so naturally we wanted to got and see a great movie in a big theater when we are here in the US. Unfortunately nothing good was showing so we made our hopes to the for us unknown Olympus has Fallen with Gerard, Morgan and Eckhart. It started out as a really cool movie. The sound is amazing with the new Dolby ETX. But halfway through the plot got so unbelievable that all suspension of disbelieve got thrown out of the “Oval Office Window”. It setts up a Narration about how things are done regarding military strategy. And then Stops doing it according to that Narration.  We started discussing and dissecting the plot in the movie theater. Why why why can’t they for the love of god just do this:

“Hey, Great to see you man.
Look we are doing Multi-Million-dollar movie that is going to be seen by millions of smart people.
Can’t you just spend an hour going through the script to see if we have some mayor plot holes?”

Let’s put our hope that Oblivion, which is Morgan Freeman’s next movie, will be a lot more worthy of him. But it was  fun to see it in New York as the whole theater was cheering as a bad guy bites the dust.

House of Secrets – Game of Plots

Back out out on the street we see this huge poster of the new TV-Series House of Cards. 

House Of Cards

House Of Cards

And all the cabs driving around all have the Game of Thrones poster on them for the upcoming Season 3 premier on March 31.

As big TV-Series Geeks, my brother and I is seldom exited to go and see many movies any more. As so many of them have to many plot holes. We instead immerse our self with geek love into many of our favorite TV-Series. Like Game of Thrones, Revenge, Battlestar Galactica, Continuum, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Flash Forward, Rome, Vampire Diaries, Boss, The Walking Dead, Stargate Atlantis and The Borgias. There will we the commitment to a story worth put our StoryTelling Soul into. Although some of the has been canceled before they could tell their story to end out of sheer stupidness, many are aloud run free and bless us with their magic.

Storytelling magic is where we human lives. Let’s tell way more and meaningful stories to each other!

This is the End of Bro Tour 2013 with me and my Brother going to New York and PAX East in Boston. Oh and I’m going to miss the Milkshakes 🙂



Times Square Visual Sensory Overload #Blogg100

#043 [XLIII]
Milkshake Breakfast at a Diner [Marvel City day 2]

This is part 4 (8) of Bro Tour USA where me Lord Sillion and my brother Fredrik visits New York and PAX East in Boston.

Today we checked out of The New Yorker Hotel. Tonight we are going to Boston by train. We start out the day by going to The Tic Toc Diner around the corner to eat a real America Brunch. With millions of omelets, pancakes and Sandwiches on the menu we settle down for 2 delisious milkshakes and 2 great bacon burgers. Why don’t we Diners in Sweden?

Lego Hulk at Toys R Us

Lego Hulk at Toys R Us

Today we took the Broadway north instead. Arriving at Time Square the Brain goes into sensory visual overload. What you can’t get from watching pictures or Videos from here is the massive visual sensory overload the your brain is experiencing with everything moving around you in 360 degrees.

First stop was Toys ‘R Us. Checking out the Star Wars Lego and the Giant Lego Hulk.

Times Square

Times Square

Striding on north after some 100 photos we hit Central Park being offered to rent a bike by each and everyone present. It’s time find somewhere to sit down and we find a Starbucks on Broadway. So that we can connect to our lifeline: The Interntez. Sharing lots of Photos and the first streamed Bambuser video.

[SWE] Live From Times Square

[SWE] Live From Starbucks Times Square

We are thinking about seeing a movie but after half a liter of tee the brain is up and running again  We visit some cool places on return south like Midtown Comics and a newly open restaurant called Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hide.

Apparently there is Advanced screening of the Game of Thrones season 3 premier at Regal Theater tonight too.

We are now on the Amtrak train to Boston. Apparently there is 69 000 people registered for for PAX East this weekend 🙂

Feeling the Geek vibe on Twitter and Instagram under the hashtag #PAXEast


New York, New York #Blogg100

#044 [XLIV]
Going South on Broadway [Stark Tower and 3D printing]

This is part 3 (8) of Bro Tour USA where me Lord Sillion and my brother Fredrik visits New York and PAX East in Boston.

Today has been a fabulous day in New York City. With blue sky and warm sun the spring is hovering in the air. We start off by heading to the Complete Strategist. A small but “well stacked” boardgame store. We are looking for the new Marvel Cardgame that can’t be sold in Europe due to licensing and the also sold out X-Wing miniature game. But no such luck.

Complete Strategist

Complete Strategist

Stark Tower

After a nice Breakfast on Starbucks with Milkshake and Very Berry Coffee Cake where we can connect to the so important Internetz. It’s time to head up into the Stark Tower. Or as it’s also known as: Empire State Building. After we have been queuing in 8 different queues over 40 minutes we finally hit floor 86. To see Manhattan in its full glory, baking in sunlight under a blue sky. Really lucky with the weather 🙂

Looking out at Manhattan from Stark Tower

Looking out at Manhattan from Stark Tower

After Stark Tower we hit Broadway going south. The Sun is shining and so are we. As a honey lover,  I just had to buy some american Honey at a stand we found in Union Square, Andrew’s Honey.



Goth Store

Goth Store

We found the Gargoyle outside a Gothic cloth store and a flyer telling us about a gothic club opening tonight.

MakerBot 3D printing

Further south down on Mulberry Street by Huston street we found the pinnacle of our journey. The MakerBot retail store. Where 3D printing is made available to the common man. This is so cool, that will write a own blogpost about it. My brother got a little squirrel and I got a MakerBot ‘mech-dog. You could also do a full 3D scan of your face and get 3D printed bust of your head.

MakerBot store

MakerBot store

Later down on Broadway in Soho we found the second goal of this trip. Yellow Rat Bastard. A legen… , wait for it, …dary T-Shirt store that my brother visited back in ’97 when he last visited New York. We just had to buy some original Yellow Rat Bastard NYC T-Shirts to increase our Geek-Cred 🙂

Yellow Rat Bastard

After a quick China Town visit we decided to continue down to WTC and Ground Zero. Some impressive new Fallows symbols are being built by the old world institutes, to grip on to their power for as long as they can. Money Money Money …

Yellow Rat Bastard

Yellow Rat Bastard


We finally stopped down in Battery Park where we took a fantastic photo of Sundown over The Waterfront. Nuff said. After a day of Walking through the City of Marvel Heroes our poor “Marvel Feet” said stop and we took a cab home. The plan was to get some rest before dinner. But our internet craving took its toll and we ended up posting pictures.

Sundown on Waterfront

Sundown on Waterfront

Before leaving Sweden our aunt Kerstin, who has been traveling the world for all her life as a Traveler Agent, gave us the tip to visit Spice Market in the Meatpacking district and to taste their Ginger Margarita. And we did, and boy was it good 🙂 They even had two locally produced Abbey style Ale on the menu. As I had already tasted Brooklyn No 1 at home I settled for the other, Ommegang Copperstown Double Ale.

After a fantastic dinner in this old house that looked that it was taken from the movie Gangs of New York we headed east to the Goth and New Wave club at The Sullivan Room. It’s a cool cellar club with UV nets in the roof usually hosted as a dancing club. Tonight it was almost empty. We meet some local New York girls who explain that Goth scene in NY is rather small and you don’t get many people here on a weeknight. The Goth scene is apparently biggest in Florida in the US. But still, I had a good dance to some Sisters of Mercy songs. Me and brother being big Sisters fans. We also got to hear the very fitting Dropkick Murphys song “Shipping up to Boston”.

Good Night New York


Bro tour going west #Blogg100

#045 [XLV]
Going West [The longest trip]

This is part 2 (8) of Bro Tour USA where me Lord Sillion and my brother Fredrik visits New York and PAX East in Boston.

Today The Bro Tour began with me, Michael Sillion, and my Brother Fredrik going together to New York, Boston and PAX East.

Bro Tour Landvetter airport

Bro Tour Landvetter airport

The Flight from Landvetter to London was really cloudy but as we approached London we got some rally magic moments coming into the clouds.


I’m stuck on Heathrow waiting for my delayed flight to New York. And now internet. Me and my brother split up as we are going on separate planes. I had a delicious chicken BLT burger at Giraffe so now I’m full and ready to go. In midst of things when checking in back in Sweden I forgot to ask for a window seat. So now my only chance to get one is if I can swap with some friendly soul on the plane. Please please please…

Go west

Going west at subsonic speed chasing the never ending sundown. I didn’t get sit by the window. But I did get an ile steeting in the back so that I could run up often to go watch out the back door window. It has been mostly cloudy but I did get some great shots of an iceberg filled North Atlantic. No Sleep. Just som cheesy in-flight movie comedies. There where an impressive list of some 30 new Movies to watch like Silver Lining Playbook, Argo, Cloud Atlas, Anna Karenia, Lincon, Life of Pi. But the audio and video quality is just bearable and it is really hard to hear what they are saying so go for som easy watching where the illusion of disbelief it not so easily broken. A few of them even have english subtitles witch really helps.


First out was the very silly comedy “The Campaign” with Will Ferrell. Not the best in it’s genre of Political Satire but it has som very important points about doing right. And the silliness of the act that enables companies to directly buy decisions now.

Second was “Playing for Keeps” with Gerard Butler and Jessica Biel. An ok movie that raises some questions about what is worth doing in your life that you won’t regret doing.

As the sun is slowly winning the race west I watch out the window. How easy it is to take things for granted. For me this is the greatest of adventures. The jet stream passes by the window at almost ridiculous speed.

More waiting

Even if my plane was 1 hour late this is getting ridiculous
for my broth 2 hours. Apparently they have 3 people working with getting 600 people through cutoms. Finally Arrived at The New Yorker Hotell 01:00.

God Night New York


Start spreading the news #Blogg100

#046 [XLVI]
I am leaving today [I want to be a part of it]

This is part 1 (8) of Bro Tour USA where me Lord Sillion and my brother Fredrik visits New York and PAX East in Boston.

Today I have packed my bags. Tomorrow Me and My brother are leaving for New York and later in the week of to Boston and PAX East.

This weekend was the Unconference WebCoast. Check out my updated post from WebCoast.

Start spreading the news
I am leaving today
I want to be a part of it
New York, New York

New York - Boston

New York – Boston