Today’s systems are rigged. How can we un-rigg them? To un-tilt the tilted tables?

Billions [What games are you playing?]

This is one of the most fascinating shows I have ever watched. It’s about the what drives us humans to do what we do. Set in a high-stakes environment where every mistake can take you out of the game. How can we use human nature to better ourselves? This show has a lot going for itself. It taps into the naked forces that drives us to play games. Both the kind of intrigue games human have been playing since we first became humans and the totally made up games that we play today in our complex societies called things money, status and power.

Let's only play games in a world where we can't hurt anyone

Let’s only play games in a world where we can’t hurt anyone

I’m fascinated with this for several reasons. First because we are playing many rigged and destructive games in society today. And in order to change them or totally replace them we must first understand them.

Rooted in Truth
Watered by Tenacity
Flowering in Wisdom
— Chuck Rhodes, episode 10, Quality of Life

Second because although I can understand the plays and the rules, I wouldn’t want to make them in real life. I have played many boardgames where some of driving forces in them is to gain power or put together an economic engine. But I have also trained the Good Wolf in me, in such a way that I understand right from wrong and what matters in the real world … in real life.

Justice, Truth and …

Justice is always in the eye of the beholder. And by forging more collaborated view of the world we can make sure we see the same beauty, that we want to instill in the world.

I think we humans should never lose sight of what we are capable of in this type of games, when we try to play them in the real world. And we should only play them in non-real games and stories where they can do no harm to others.

The presence and the dialog are also some of the best I have enjoyed. And there is the magic moment where Chuck Rhodes (Paul Giamatti) explains why has devoted his life to go after people, who steal the value away from the system instead of giving value back to system. To fight these “Vampires” who extracts value away from the rest of us. And when he asks Bryan Connery (Leonard Moore) if he has the same life mission: To un-tilt the tilted table.

How can we use the power of story and the power of games to understand what we really need to do, to build a better world? A world filled with people who train daily on feeding their good wolf inside of them.

/Lord Sillion
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