New York, New York #Blogg100

#044 [XLIV]
Going South on Broadway [Stark Tower and 3D printing]

This is part 3 (8) of Bro Tour USA where me Lord Sillion and my brother Fredrik visits New York and PAX East in Boston.

Today has been a fabulous day in New York City. With blue sky and warm sun the spring is hovering in the air. We start off by heading to the Complete Strategist. A small but “well stacked” boardgame store. We are looking for the new Marvel Cardgame that can’t be sold in Europe due to licensing and the also sold out X-Wing miniature game. But no such luck.

Complete Strategist

Complete Strategist

Stark Tower

After a nice Breakfast on Starbucks with Milkshake and Very Berry Coffee Cake where we can connect to the so important Internetz. It’s time to head up into the Stark Tower. Or as it’s also known as: Empire State Building. After we have been queuing in 8 different queues over 40 minutes we finally hit floor 86. To see Manhattan in its full glory, baking in sunlight under a blue sky. Really lucky with the weather 🙂

Looking out at Manhattan from Stark Tower

Looking out at Manhattan from Stark Tower

After Stark Tower we hit Broadway going south. The Sun is shining and so are we. As a honey lover,  I just had to buy some american Honey at a stand we found in Union Square, Andrew’s Honey.



Goth Store

Goth Store

We found the Gargoyle outside a Gothic cloth store and a flyer telling us about a gothic club opening tonight.

MakerBot 3D printing

Further south down on Mulberry Street by Huston street we found the pinnacle of our journey. The MakerBot retail store. Where 3D printing is made available to the common man. This is so cool, that will write a own blogpost about it. My brother got a little squirrel and I got a MakerBot ‘mech-dog. You could also do a full 3D scan of your face and get 3D printed bust of your head.

MakerBot store

MakerBot store

Later down on Broadway in Soho we found the second goal of this trip. Yellow Rat Bastard. A legen… , wait for it, …dary T-Shirt store that my brother visited back in ’97 when he last visited New York. We just had to buy some original Yellow Rat Bastard NYC T-Shirts to increase our Geek-Cred 🙂

Yellow Rat Bastard

After a quick China Town visit we decided to continue down to WTC and Ground Zero. Some impressive new Fallows symbols are being built by the old world institutes, to grip on to their power for as long as they can. Money Money Money …

Yellow Rat Bastard

Yellow Rat Bastard


We finally stopped down in Battery Park where we took a fantastic photo of Sundown over The Waterfront. Nuff said. After a day of Walking through the City of Marvel Heroes our poor “Marvel Feet” said stop and we took a cab home. The plan was to get some rest before dinner. But our internet craving took its toll and we ended up posting pictures.

Sundown on Waterfront

Sundown on Waterfront

Before leaving Sweden our aunt Kerstin, who has been traveling the world for all her life as a Traveler Agent, gave us the tip to visit Spice Market in the Meatpacking district and to taste their Ginger Margarita. And we did, and boy was it good 🙂 They even had two locally produced Abbey style Ale on the menu. As I had already tasted Brooklyn No 1 at home I settled for the other, Ommegang Copperstown Double Ale.

After a fantastic dinner in this old house that looked that it was taken from the movie Gangs of New York we headed east to the Goth and New Wave club at The Sullivan Room. It’s a cool cellar club with UV nets in the roof usually hosted as a dancing club. Tonight it was almost empty. We meet some local New York girls who explain that Goth scene in NY is rather small and you don’t get many people here on a weeknight. The Goth scene is apparently biggest in Florida in the US. But still, I had a good dance to some Sisters of Mercy songs. Me and brother being big Sisters fans. We also got to hear the very fitting Dropkick Murphys song “Shipping up to Boston”.

Good Night New York


The Universe has always been trying to kill us #Blogg100

#054 [LIV]
I don’t want to be the laughing stock of a galaxy [I fuckn love science]

I was watching John Stewart talking to Neil deGrasse Tyson and they come up with some wonderful quotes like this:

John: Why are there asteroids trying to kill us?
Neil: The Universe has always been trying to kill us

and this:

I don’t want to be the laughing stock of our galaxy
When aliens learn that we all went extinct from an asteroid
When we had a space program that could have done something about it
That would just be embarrassing — Neil deGrasse Tyson

Take a look at the whole episode or just the 3 extended Neil deGrasse Tyson parts: Part 1, Part 2 , Part 3

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson and John Stewart

We only react when a bad things happen

If you as human race now has a chance to divert only a fraction of the resources you burn each day here on planet Earth to come up with solutions and contingency plans for some likely devastating scenarios. You just need a kick in the but first to do so. You need some bad catastrophes that don’t kill to many of you first. Should we Engineer them for you or just wait for them to happen? Or we could just create some form of crusade that we all could join in on. Like an epic quest in World of Warcraft. What do you think? Should we help you?

Wall street is back like never before

Who new that among Wall street many charms and talents was the healing ability of Wolverine
We already know we had the damaging power of Wolverine — John Stewart

the healing ability of Wolverine

The healing ability of Wolverine

Make life a journey

Anyway. We Isfarian won’t laugh at you. Like I said before: We are here help you turn this Planetary size spaceship into a new haven paradise. And yes, you have a very long way to go still. And it is journey, not a goal.

So put on our best trekking boots and let’s make life a journey worth telling your grandchildren about.

Lord Commander Sillion