How can you be more interesting? #Blogg100

#052 [LII]
Go exploring. Be curious [Listen to SXSWi]

I just found lots of Audio recordings from SXSWi that is happening in Austin Texas right now. I have listening to 2 of them so far. I have marked some that I will be interested in. So mark your own so that you can easily find them in your mobile app. Happy Hunting 🙂

Be interesting

The firs one is Jessica Hagy Talking about 10 tips form here new book: How to be interesting.

Jessica Hagy - (CC) Randy Stewart

Jessica Hagy – (CC) Randy Stewart

Be active! Inactive people starve to death form lack of food.

Here are her 10 tips to be more interesting. Listen to her explain them

1 Go exploring. Be curious
2 Be enthusiastic
3 Do something, play and run around. Be active. Or else you will starve and die
4 Embrace your weirdness. Put a spotlight on it.
5 Follow your passion and find a purpose
6 Listen more than you talk. Practice being humble
7 Take a chance. Go introduce your self. Quit your job
8 Don’t arrive fashionable late. Host a party of your own
9 The BIGGER the better
10 Don’t stay in line.

Al Gore about The Future

I also started listening to Al Gore on The Future. His key point is. We must use wisdom of the crowd. We need to move over to the network society as fast as we can so we can get rid of the old powers that are drive us well outside edge of the cliff.

So get on the internet and use it as mush as you can. Start spreading ideas and network!