Envision our Journey towards a Better Tomorrow #Blogg100

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Where are our journey going? [Core Values, Vision and Mission]

Today I have been listening to Percy Barnevik on Connect Väst. He is talking about how to be a great leader and his work in the micro credit organization Hand in Hand. Apart from having one of the most entertaining presentations I’ve been to there is something missing. More on that in a moment.

Percy Barnevik

Percy Barnevik

Why are we doing our Journey?
Where is it going?
And how do we travel today?

After him Björn Lindqvist talks about what shall be found in the heart of any organization:

Core Values — Why are we working here? Today we must all weave in socially responsible values in our hearts. That defines the Journey we are taking together.

The Vision — A Mental Picture – of what an organization wants to achieve over time. The North Star! The direction of our journey.

The Mission — The current Quest that we are doing in order to further us along on our journey.

Check out more here: Vision and Mission – What’s the difference and why does it matter? and Mission Statements and Vision Statements.

Can we all be like Google?

The day finishes up with Annika Steiber that have been studying innovation management and what make companies like Google tick. They need to have

Ethics — Don’t be Evil and Do Good for Society.
Ambition — Shoot for the Stars and Change the World.
Behavior – The organization need to be Fast and Scalable. Never to bog down under Bureaucracy and Hierarchy.
Focus — First make a good product then the money will come.

Sustainability Day [Tax resources and not labor]

At the same time Sustainability Day is going on in Stockholm and #SDay are also trending on Twitter at the same tame as #ConnectDagen.

Here the chief economic analyst at the Think tank Global Utmaning, Sandro Scocco, says all the numbers are pointing in the wrong direction. We need change the economic incentives to make things happens. The suggest the same as Geoff Mulgan did in his speech at the RSA.

Tax resources and not labor. In that way everyone will quickly come with smart reusing with what we got. Companies can start rent everything they produce instead of selling it. So that they take full responsibility for the lifecycle. And it’s in their own best interest that all things made is made to endure.

We need to cross-fertilize [Let’s create new meeting places]

Here I also see the second problem opportunity. All the money and entrepreneurs are one event in Gothenburg at the same time as all the scientist and the creative thinkers are at another event in Stockholm. And this are not the same people with the same networks. I know because I have been to both. Here my idea is to create an event where the two worlds can meet. An unconference with focus the social and the Networking. To create new exiting enterprises.

A Vision is something you can Envision. To picture in your mind. This is because sight is our primary sensory system. The brain tries to imagine what it will envision next. Then it asks the eyes if this is the correct vision.

A vision is complex picture in your mind. Let’s create one to be proud of together 🙂

Here politicians, venture capitalists, scientist and entrepreneurs must create this vision of the future together.

@LordSillion [Michael Sillion]

A Sustainable Future #Blogg100

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The End of Economic Growth is here [Let’s think outside “The Globe” and Evolve]

Today I have been participating in an local event here in Varberg. It has the intent to bring into light the work that has to be done to move to a more sustainable society. I have filmed 2 sessions I went to here on Bambuser in Swedish:

Björn Forsberg Tillväxtens slut 1(2) and Björn Forsberg Tillväxtens slut 2(2)

#Varberg2025 Omställningens utmaningar part 1 and part 2

Crisis = Opportunity

Every crisis in here on earth presents an amazing opportunity here on Earth for life. It is usually during the biggest catastrophes the new life come into being. It opens up new niches for those who can adapt.

It’s only through change that we can evolve.

Because now humanity faces it’s biggest “opportunity” yet.

Everyone wants growth [The End of Economic Growth]

If you speak to the leaders of any local town here in Sweden they all want it’s population to grown in the near future. Because this is a easy way to ensure local Economic Growth as well. But we all know we can’t increase Earth’s population any much more. The political leaders here in Sweden still thinks the recession will end and that we can consume our way into a new economic boom. When in fact we have reach the end of Growth.

Peak Everything [The Resource Wall]

We have in fact reached Peak Everything regarding most natural resources. The so called “Resource Wall”. All the Scientist all agree on this. Check out the Sustainability part of my The Best of RSA. So when both the population will continue to grow and many more of the current population of Earth will have much grater demand on Earths resource. We are probably going to crash. And then it can get really ugly if we are not prepared.

One thing we can do that Geoff Mulgan snuggest is to start Taxing resources that we dig out of the ground instead of manned labor. This will lead to that we recycle all our resources to much larger degree. And that all companies take responsibility on how the use the resource they already have.

New Currencies [Local gardening]

Things that has grown out of necessity all over the world is local urban gardening and the introduction of new local currencies to support these local markets. These Local Currencies has been developed all over the world.

Let’s make this Transition of society happen before we forced to take mush more desperate actions. 

@LordSillion [Michael Sillion]

The Locust and the Bee #Blogg100

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We Must Tax Resources [Not work]

Yesterday I was listening live to the RSA event The Locust and the Bee. It was with Geoff Mulgan about his new book The Locust and the Bee: Predators and Creators in Capitalism’s Future.

Now only available as a PodCast.


Geoff Mulgan

Predatory or Creativity

Or capitalistic society with now has taken over the world was just supposed to be a temporary one before we invented a new better one. Many Thinkers argued about what was to be the next step.

A capitalistic system is both Predatory and Creative one. Just like Good and Evil. No country or company or human being is just one but a combination of both. In order to succeed we need to keep one side back and make the other flourish.

Witch our 2 bears will we feed? The Cruel Ferocious Hunter or the Caring Compassionate Loving Bear?

What we can do that will work wonders in the short term is use economic incentives. For the solutions we have to put our trust in local cites as Nation States don’t have the resolve to do anything in time. But what the Nation State can do is use taxes as incentives. Her we have to lower the taxes on work and raise taxes on using unrenewable resources from nature.

My Twitter question to Geoff Mulgan to which I got an answer:

“What role will Social Media play? Will it unite or divide us in terms of collaborating globally and locally?”


Circular Economy

Another topic of the week on Twitter has been the Circular Economy  and #CEsthlm.  I will get back to this tomorrow.

In the mean time check out Anders Wijkman when he talks on Swedish Radio.

[SWE] “Vi lever i förnekelse” – Anders Wijkman om ekonomin och klimatet

He has previously written a book in English with Johan Rockström called Bankrupting Nature: Denying Our Planetary Boundaries.