Are We The Passengers? Or The Crew?

Are We The Passengers? Or The Crew?

Watching Passengers I can see the parable to our story.
Are we the Passengers?
Or are we the Crew?

Just like my last text on The Revenant this is also about being slumbering awake or wide awake. My movie reviews is usually about what I take with me after watching a good story – The open and the hidden messages and parables.


Narration and Narrative

Much can be said for the movie’s story – the Narrative – and the Narration. I will go into deep thoughts of what spurred me and what I take with me as I narrate this to myself 🙂


We humans have lived on earth for a long time. We do so in an ecosystem with gazillions of symbiotic creatures living both inside us and around us in “Nature”. It is only now in the last 100 years that we have new narrative to consider. That just like the passengers of Avalon we are traveling on a spaceship through space. Most of us are asleep in the sense that this is not included in our daily narration nor in our journeys, missions and quests in life.

The fact that a critical failure, in they way a planetary ecological system works, will be the end many species continued existence as we now it today. Life will go on. We on the other hand may or may not survive a big extinction event. An especially the way live and the system we have curated and given birth to over the last couple of thousand years. Namely our societies, cultures and our entire civilization.


We Live On A Ship

Some have been half awake to the fact that we human are now the biggest force in shaping the future for life on the spherical rock going around the sun. And smaller group have even be “awoken” to and are trying to internalize the narration that this is indeed a ship we live on – going through space. A Spaceship. And just like both the real life versions like ISS or the Apollo missions to the Moon and the numerous versions in fictional stories of Space Fantasy and Science Fiction, we need to treat it like a ship. A ship with functions like life-support and climate-control. We also have a whole crew of species “running” the ecosystem. There is also us Humans. Who have just stumbled half awake onto the bridge and accidentally started pressing a lot of buttons in what Otto Scharmer calls “Organized Irresponsibility“. Now wide awake we Captains of the Bridge has to come up with a way not to crash or self destruct our ship before the time runs out.

Sounds like any kind of movie you are familiar with?

Wake Up!

Well Passengers certainly got me thinking in these terms. It also raises some other interesting “What If?” questions. Like: What is right to do? In the beginning Jim is faced with the question if it is right to wake Aurora. Then later we all learn that he should awoken many more because they would have been doomed anyway. So what first seemed selfish and questionable later turned out to be essential to the brink of being fatal. Back to that soon.

So what is mine and your quest? Our quest?

Who shall we awake from the dream that everything is going to be okay? (or “Not” okay). In an awake state we can narrators of our own life. To make the change we want to see in the world.

Here we have heroes like Elon Musk, with his awakening projects and companies like Tesla and Space X, being a big role model how we can do this on a larger scale and still within the narration of the old capitalist system. We have Narrator and entertainer Leonardo DiCaprio awaken us with both factional stories like The Revenant and the documentary Before The Flood. Injecting us with inspiration to do more and be fully awake and alive in our surroundings.

It’s Skill Time!

What are your skills as crew-member? And what skills do you want to learn to be part of the journey on this ship?

I think we both need to specialize in deep-skills that it take years to master. In an ever evolving dance of lifelong learning and adapting.

And we need the type of Meta skill that Joshua Cooper Ramo calls the Seventh Sense. The ability to se and understand the networks world we live in and that are on the horizon of the future.

And for that we have all the tools and skills that Peter Senge and Otto Scharmer has bundled up as Theory U. The skills of Presencing, Crystalizing and Prototyping the future we want to emerge.

Evolving The Future

Going back to Jim and his decision only to awake Aurora could have been a much better decision to wake more people. Well he tried to wake the crew but failed in his defence. Still with the proper training of Presencing skills he could have sensed a future coming where he definitely would have needed a hole team to prevent the missions from failing and everyone from dying.

How do we create and evolve the networks, hubs, events and meetups? Where all this happens? How do we create positive Social Fields – Collective Behavior Patterns? So that we can take the collaborative steps in ensuring that this spaceship runs well and continues to evolves us and all living things into a prosperous flourishing future?This is where I see my role – and my need to learn – the skills needed – to nourish this Awakening. To become a Evolutionary Leader. And you can too by studying some of the:

[Seven Competencies of Evolutionary Leadership as Foundational Framework for Developing Designers of Alternative Economic Futures]

Does anything of what I have said so far intrigue you?
Does it resonate?
What are your thoughts?

It sure intrigues me. That is why call myself Captain Future. A silly way to talk about the need for a crew of Spaceship Earth. And it’s not a solo job. I need a core team of crew members and they need me. And we need many mote teams working in unison to solve our missions and quests.

Are you with me?

/Lord Sillion
I’m Captain Future

Oh and what would you do to see a star up close?

Avalon star.jpg

Hur skapar vi framtiden tillsammans?

Framtidspodden är nu redo för fas 2.

Hela mitt liv är i en stor om-definition. Att prata med dom gäster jag gjort hitintills i Framtidspodden plus alla människor runtomkring har satt mitt liv i ny riktning som Framtidskapten. Mycket handlar om att “Leda från den framväxande framtiden” som Otto Scharmer lär ut i sin fantastiska MOOC U.Lab – Leading from the Emerging Future.

Jag ser fram emot att spela in samtal med nya spännande gäster om hur vi skapar framtiden tillsammans. Jag kommer åka till Alemdalen i år som Framtidskapten för att dels interagera med så många av er framtidshjältar som möjligt.

Vill du skapa framtiden med mig i Almedalen?

Jag kommer göra att ett spännande projekt kring hur vi skapt en bättre framtid tillsammans. Vill du vara med på det så hör av dig.
Ska du till Almedalen?

Jag ska åka på Future Insight 2030 i Oslo den 10 maj. Vi kör Party For Change efter på kvällen med och det blir kanske flera intressanta event den 11 maj med.

Det blir en hel dag med innovation och kreativitet i Varberg fredagen den 27 maj. Jag håller själv i en Framtidsfrukost med en nytänkande workshop. Dagen avslutas med en AW och jag tar oss vidare med framtidsfest hela kvällen lång. Du är välkommen till Varberg då!

24 maj intar vi Liseberg med Världens Farligaste Möte.
Jag dyker upp på #gbgTechWeek 12-19 maj på flera av eventen.

Det kommer mer!

Behöver du eller ditt event en Framtidskapten?

I’m Captain Future


I’m Captain Future!


Today is the day of fools!

A day filled with silliness and jokes all over the internet. A normal day in other words. Only this time many are fooling others intentionally. Or at least try to do in silly way. And I think it’s a great thing. Because the act of both trying to come up with something funny and the act of spotting other trying to fool you puts on your critical glasses and you BS-shield. Something we should wear much more often when surfing the internet. It’s a skill and an attitude we need more of.

And like best line from the latest Scooter song Oi:

Don’t take life too seriously, nobody gets out alive anyway — Scooter – Oi

W also need mor silliness and jokes on the internet. To be great counterweight to all the fear that mass media is spreading. Silliness is also a great source of ideas, creativity and innovation And we need more serious news as well of the good kind, about science and all the progress that are made in the world.

Be the serious and silly presence on the web and in the world!

I’m sure there are many out there of you who have blogged and written about all the great jokes you found on April 1st. If you have please link to them in the comments below. I read my friends Sara’s post in Swedish on some of the jokes she found here. And I posted some on my Facebook like the Mark Zuckerberg’s wardrobe on HM.

I also made a joke on my own that wish where true. I made a video on the Future Center or Future-Dojo as I call it, that I will start building in my hometown Varberg in collaboration with Marvel.

Go Captain Future!

Go Captain Future!

It’s my Future-Dojo where I will train Future Heroes from all over the world. I will train them in becoming change agents who will go out and help others level up each other and create a better future together. We are doing so with the help f Marvel and their Superhero Movie concept. We will start building on Aril 27th on the Swedish premier of Captain America: Civil War. I will also fly over the US to participate and talk about the project on the premier of Civil War there.

Go Captain Future!

A Better Future

I of course made it as joke … sort of … almost. Because it is also a dream that I would like to become true. Both building a Future-Dojo and being involved in the premiers of the Marvel movies 🙂

Do you have any lead on how to make both these dreams come true?

/Lord Sillion
I’m Captain Future

In Swedish:

Här står jag Lord Sillion framför det som ska bli mitt kommande Framtidscenter i Varberg där jag ska träna Framtidshjältar från hela världen. Det blir ett samarbete mellan Varberg och Marvel och deras superhjälte satsning. Själv flyger jag till USA och är med på Premiären av Captain America: Civil War och pratar om projektet


I'm still #TeamCap!

I’m still #TeamCap!


What Are You Made Of?

What Are You Made Of?

We are born into this world like a modeled piece of clay. We don’t stay in this shape for very long. Left to her own devices an infant or a young child will not last long in nature. We need to change, we need to adapt. We need to learn how survive and live together as a tribe. We do this with training. We learn skills from those who already know them. Stories are used to convey wisdom from those who came before us. Then we implement it in our own way and sometimes we innovate and come up with something better. And better is never automatic.

To become better we must fail many times and we have to care enough to get up from our knees and try again. We do this either until we become good or we become better or in some cases we become great at something. Then we become the craft- or thought-leader in that field.

You are not your career. Your ability to follow instructions is not your secret to your success. You are hiding your best work, your best insights, and your best self from us every day. We now how much you care and it’s a shame that the system works overtime to push you away from the people and the projects that you care about. The world does not owe you a living. But just when you needed it, it has open a door, for you to make a difference. It’s to bad that so much time has been wasted. But it would unforgivable to wait any longer. You have the ability to contribute so much. We need you! Now, go make a Ruckus! Namaste 🙂
— Seth Godin, Leap First 

In a good stagnant environment it’s easier to predict – what we need to do – to flourish. In a rapidly changing environment we need to be more adaptive and think on our feet. And come the occasional catastrophe or cataclysmic change only those who are good at adapting and co-operation survives.

What are you made of?

Right now we live in something of a shift in nature, a shift in society, a shift in the economy and shift in the community. Some call it the great acceleration. It’s a place where humans have never been before. It’s our biggest challenge and our biggest opportunity. We can either crumble under the pressure or flourish in abundance.

Sir Ken Robinson talks about the challenges and needs we have, here: How To Create The Future.

The Future

The future will bring all this at an even more rapid pace. And we need to be ready for the change. We must stop fearing change and embrace it. This is no easy feat. In many ways we are afraid of change. And yet our exceptional ability to adapt, to innovate and work together in co-operation has taken us this far. It’s about having a a growth mindset.

If we step up to the coming challenges and are ready, there no end to the possibilities on where we can go together as species on Spaceship Earth. Can we become guardians of Spaceship Earth in time?

Our Part In This

So where do we fit in? You and I? How do we get ready? If we are born ready to change but most of us don’t stay that way. How do we make ourself more ready?

We train. We train deliberately and we train hard and we train together. We lift each other up and hold each other’s back when it gets rough. I call it Level Up. We do it like in a game. We Level Up ourselves, each other, our companies and our organisations. We Level Up our society. We build a better world together.

To do this we need people dedicated to make this happen. Many of us are already doing our parts and roles of this today. Like our schools full of teachers who prepare our young in the daytime. After school it us parents and their various other activities the teach them skills and abilities.

There is a big challenge here of course. Many of the schools and parents prepare our young for the world of yesterday and not the World of Tomorrow. A past world with a stable economy, without the worry of climate change, a world of steady and slow innovation. A world where most people do what they are told at work, and at home they consume for their own private leisure. A world with no common goals and visions, other that to help grow the economy, for the sake of all the companies in it.

And higher education are often terrible at preparing us to this new world. According to Seth Godin there is now correlation between higher education and success.

Life Training

Who leads us and challenges us once we have left school? And where are the training in the many skills essential to flourish in the connection economy? According to people like Tai Lopez and me, we should be able to learn new things every week or day, on our life long journey to excellence. All of us. What did you learn today?

To change this we need a new type of leaders and roles in society. We need Change-Makers, Future Captains, Future Heroes and Mentors. People who can train and lead us thought change our whole lives. People who can set visions and show us the way. To push us through the door. And hold our hands when we get lost. To make us into Door Makers.

Future Captains and Future Heroes

My own part in this is to be a Future Captain. That’s why I call myself Captain Future [El Capitán Futuro].

A Future Captain is a person who finds and trains other Future Captains and Future Heroes. They also help guide organisations and companies in taking a deliberate part in the direction, of the future we make.

Think of it like lots of boats going into The Future – Call them Future Boats. Each Future Boat needs a captain to steer it into The Future. Each boat is also a team of people operating it together. They all need to work on getting the boat forward. Rowing in the same direction, not separate ways. That is the role of a Future Captain. To make that happen. And to coordinate the whole fleet of Future Boats, so that we’re all going in the same general direction.

On Spaceship Earth! Or big ship in space 🙂

A Future Hero is person who takes active part in creating a better future. They have one or several Future Powers that they train and use in real life, to help themselves and others in creating this future. They can form teams with other Future Heroes and/or they can act in any form of organisations to make them better as well. Each Future Boat need one or more Future Heroes.

What Are You Made Of?

We are made, and not born, they way we are. We are made out of clay, not set in stone. We are self-made and made by the influence of others.

If we are singlehandedly made into a specific shape and don’t have the tools nor the presence of other shapers it’s hard to change into something radically different and better. It is of course better if we are made flexible and capable at an earlier age. Although it’s never to late to change.

Once you have found your right combination of thinking, skills, compassion, movement passion and joy. You will have Found Your Element. Your way to flourish. To make your life into a masterpiece.

Then you know what you are made of. What you bleed. What you can’t stop doing.

So what are you made of?
What are you and the people around you making you into?
What can’t you stop doing?

I’m Captain Future

Lord Sillion

This Is What I’m Made Of

I have of course listened to both Seth Godin and the song below the whole day to get the inspiration for this text.

I also launch my podcast called Framtidspodden (The Future Pod) with this post. Where I mostly talk in Swedish and sometimes in English to other Future Heroes.



Merry New Year!

Merry New Year Indeed!

Merry New Year Indeed!

Merry New Year Indeed!

So many truths in Trading Places, one of my favorite movies. Environment is everything that Scott Dinsmore used to say.

So in 2016 start by surrounding yourself with people who inspire you, lift you up and who pushes you to become the best version of yourself. Find your allies, your mentors and your mentees. Go on a mission to do the right thing with a core team of Future-Heroes.
It’s time to Level Up!

I’m Captain Future! And help people to do just that!

Merry New Year to y’all in 2016!