Gothcon #Blogg100

Meeting old and New Friends [Easter, a Swedish Gaming Holiday]

Clash of Cultures

Clash of Cultures

Tonight a have meet many new and old friends playing boardgames with each other on Sweden’s Largest Gaming Convention: Gothcon. I got to play my new favorite Clash of Cultures and the new game Ground floor.

Playing Cladsh of Cultures

Playing Ground Floor

Happy Hunting!


Prepping for Gothcon #Blogg100

#036 [XXXVI]
Gamers Assemble [It’s time to kick ass and meet nice people]

Tomorrow is the largest gaming convection in Sweden. Gothcon
I have 2 new games that I’m bringing with me and are now sitting and learning the rules. The first is Ground Floor the game from Kickstarter. The second is Marvel Legendary which I bought on PAX East in USA.

Life is a Game!

Marvel Legendary


League of Legends Kick Ass #Blogg100

#040 [XL]
Need … More … PAX [Miss it all ready]

This is part 7 (8) of Bro Tour USA where me Lord Sillion and my brother Fredrik visits New York and PAX East in Boston.

Curse Party

Curse Party

Today we left Boston on train back to New York for one more day there. The 3 day passes where already sold out so we didn’t go for day 3 of PAX. Witch is a piety now that I know how much good stuff there where left to experience and many great people I wanted to meet. So we start collecting our thoughts on PAX and what to make of it.

Being Social [All types of gamers in one arena]

PAX is a really unique thing in the gaming industry. Where all kind of gamers can meet. And where the developers get chance to meet and interact with the fans and gamers. A large part of the show is course videogames as this is the biggest market. But here we get all kinds and even the hardcore gamers who play or keep up with every kind of game. And the we have all the panels and shows witch are plentiful and very interesting. But to sum it up in one word. It’s all about being Social with other gamers. We like to meet and hang out with each other. To meet new and old friends. To share knowledge and experience with each other. To Network.

Social tools and networking [The new way doing things together]

And all of this has been made easier each year with the growth of new and better social media. No it’s very easy to interact before, during and after the event. To find interesting people and cool stuff to do.
Twitter has been huge using the hash tags #PAXEast and #PAX. Instagram is catching on. Especially for sharing all the cool pictures of all the cosplayers. And new for this year has been Vine, where you can make a quick 6 second audioless video of anything cool you want to show of. All using the same hash tags to find it. Thanks to the mostly good Wi-Fi it has also been possible for me to live-stream some of the panels I went to using Bambuser. Here my new iPad mini has been an invaluable and fantastic tool for all the streaming and social media usage.

Maker Gear 3D printed Tachikoma

Maker Gear 3D printed Tachikoma

More XP [3D printing my own gear in the future]

What more did I experience? We saw Maker Gear. A similar but a little cheaper 3D printer than MakerBot. I got a chance to buy the new Deck-building card game Marvel Legendary. It can’t be sold in Europe due to licensing problems and I have herd so much good things about it. So as big Marvel fan I’m really glad to get a hold of a copy as it has been sold out pretty much everywhere here in the US.



Welcome to the League of Draven [Sometimes you gotta make a door]

As a big fan of League of Legends it was really awesome to meet so many of the developers that has but their hearts and minds into this fun game. They deserve all the love they where getting at this place. Maybe their time has come to hit in Sweden too. I for one would be very exited to work with or for Riot Games for their overall presence in Sweden. What should I do to make that happen? I have a few ideas how to make that happen. And will get right on it as soon as I’m back in Sweden with proper internet.

“Punch First! Ask questions while Punching!” – Vi the Piltower


PAX day 2 FTW #Blogg100

#041 [XLI]
Meeting my Heros [League of Legends Pub Crawl]

This is part 6 (8) of Bro Tour USA where me Lord Sillion and my brother Fredrik visits New York and PAX East in Boston.

Up early to go to a most exiting panel.

The Impact of Video Game Design Techniques for Boardgames

The Impact of Video Game Design Techniques for Boardgames

The Impact of Video Game Design Techniques for Boardgames. This is with Geoff Engelstein, Christopher Badell, Colby Dauch, Matt Morgan and Russ Wakelin among others who I have talked to on twitter before the event. I promised them to bring Swedish Fish – Salmiak Candy from Sweden. Witch they very much appreciated.

The panel was very interesting and I have live streamed it using Bambuser so that you can see it here.

As the gaming industry is booming, boardgame design can learn much from vidoegame design.

After the panel I got a chance to talk to both Russ and Geoff. Geoff who has designed 2 boardgames already is demoing his new Team Co-op game: Space Cadets Warp Duel. I have filmed the walkthrough if you want to take a look.

The Boardgame area

The Boardgame area

Me and Jerry Holkins

Me and Jerry Holkins

Cruising around

There is allot of raffles around the exhibition hall. We enter some of them. There is a very large crowd on the MSi one when the give away some graphiccards, Motherboards and in the end a whole gaming rig. Guess who wont it. After drawing allot of numbers that no-one in the crowd has the draws my Brothers number 🙂

Fredrik is a very Happy Camper

Fredrik is a very Happy Camper

The rest of the day we are just cruising hitting some panels and walk main hall talking to people. We find out that later tonight Riot Games are going to have a Bar Crawl spread out over 9 pubs each with a different role and character attached to it at 8pm. Then we all meet up together at 10pm at “The Nexus”. Very cool concept so we have to go.


League of Legends and Riot Games are extremely popular here in the US. In the swag bag of PAX we all got a bracelet showing 1 out of 5 roles you can have in the game. And there have been frequent trading and giving away to acquire all 5 of them. I myself prefer to play Jungle with Vi or Hecarim, Top with Vi or Nidalee and Mid with Diana

League Of Legends Pub Crawl

League Of Legends Pub Crawl

League Of Legends Pub Crawl

After having a delicious pizza at a place call California Pizza we move on to the pub to meet the fans and “The Rioteers”. The First question we ask each other is who do you play? Well I have palyed alot over the last year and my favorite characters are Vi, Hecarim, Diana and Nidalee. So Naturally we headed to the “Vi Pub” called The Vault on Water Street in Boston. Well there we met Mike Laygo @ohmikegoodness who is the animator behind Vi the Piltover. We have an awesome time. This what I love with the US. All the fist bumping and cheering of each other. They even have a special LoL drink list.

@LordSillion and @ohMikeGoodness

@LordSillion and @ohMikeGoodness

At 10 we move on to The Nexus only to find over 200 people in a long queue. At the front we finds out that this is a small pub and is already full. Maybe Riot Games underestimated how popular an event like this should be. Any how. I know there is a big party for WildStar at the hotel across from the convention center. So I head there instead. I meet some of the Awesome people from the Twitch VIP party yesterday and they got me on the VIP list here too 🙂 I meet a lot of awesome people in the gaming industry here. More Fist-bumping and cheering. Oh and I met VoyBoy on the Party too 🙂

LordSillion and VoyBoy

LordSillion and VoyBoy

Let’s get to the fun part!


How to make it at PAX East in Boston #Blogg100

#042 [XLII]
PAX day 1 [Gaming, Education and Networking]

This is part 5 (8) of Bro Tour USA where me Lord Sillion and my brother Fredrik visits New York and PAX East in Boston.

Live From PAX Blizzard queue

Today was PAX East day 1. And what a day full of impression it have been. Arriving at the enormous Boston we quickly com inside just to join a massive horde of People queuing up to enter the exhibition hall.

Live going into the exhibition hall


The Horde waiting to get in

The Horde vs Penny Arcade

The Horde vs Penny Arcade

69 000 people has signed up to go to PAX East. And here you can find all sorts of gaming, gamers, ninjas and pirates. Many people has but down enormous amount of time and energy to create a cosplay costume of their favorite gaming characters. There a large selection panels happening all day and night all related to gaming in some kind. The most popular ones will have long queue outside.

Gaming and Education [We learn through Friends, Fun and Feedback]

I picked two panels regarding gaming as an education tool and using badges and gamification in school. I have filmed both using Bambuser. Apparently Ninja filming is still a unknown concept here too. The first one was really good about how to us a real and well designed game to teach kids about water quality with real scientific data and simulations. It was held by Steve Swink. Read about it here Game Designers are Defining the Next 50 Years of Education.

See it on my Bambuser: Gaming in Education part 1Gaming in Education part 2

The Doctor's Cure (Plague: Modern Prometheus)

The Doctor’s Cure (Plague: Modern Prometheus)

The second one was about if badges could teach kids in school to learn things. Using statistical studies. Just like grades badges don’t work on all people. Even if they tried to state that their is a difference between extrinsic and external motivation I still think it motivates for the wrong reason.

Take a look yourself: Badges

Bianca Woods who sat next to me also live blogged both panels. So I will try to link them in here.

Exhibition Hall [League of Legends and Cosplay]

In the exhibition hall you can find some of the Large giants in the gaming industry along side small indie developers and tabletop gaming like Wizard of The Coast and Privateer Press. There is a ridicules long line to try out the Beta of the MMO Neverwinter. There are allot of new MMOs (Massive Mutiplayer Onlinegame) coming that are present here, City of Steam. WildStar is hosting a very large presence here with their very World of Warcraft looking MMO. Blizzard is showing of the Console version of Diablo III and they also reviled a new game. It’s a freemium online Collectable Card Game called HearthStone.

Then we have the super crowded Riot Games booth. League of Legends has taken the world with storm. In their booth they have a full on eSports show with some teams playing.

League Of Legends at PAX

League Of Legends at PAX

Even if most people here are commonly dressed you still get the feeling that the place is crowded with cosplayers because they stand out so much. The most common them among the cosplayers are very clearly League of Legends. When I get home I put up all my pictures of the cosplayers.

Taric, Lux, Sona, Janna

Taric, Lulu, Sona, Janna

Wood Ashe

Woad Ashe





There is free Wi-fi throughout the whole convention and the use of social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the new Vine is prominent. But far from every one is is using it.

Network and Party [Social interaction is at the core of everything]

The Last panel I went to today was one about Breaking Into Gaming & Partying On! with some of the most prominent people in the videogaming business. They discussed how to get a foot into the gaming industry. Of course you need to be good at what you do and have real passion. But if no-one knows about it that won’t do you any good. We are still humans living in a human world. You have to go to the right conventions and on them you have the meet right people. And that you do by being social on the right parties. It’s all about partying on. See my live recording of it here with Martine ParisAmy Brady, Warren Price and others.

Live Stream: Breaking Into Gaming & Partying On!

Breaking Into Gaming & Partying On!

Breaking Into Gaming & Partying On!

Wildstar Party

Wildstar Party

So using Social media I managed to find out that there where a Twitch party tonight at club Boston Royal. I went and meet some great people in the gaming industry. Some of them who where on the panel.

SWEDEN! Faith Harrison shouts at me 🙂


Let’s swarm the Earth #Blogg100

#053 [LIII]
Welcome to the Swarm [Where we do things for our Brood-mother]

We humans are 90% chimp and 10% bee. We have what Jonathan Haidt call the Hive-switch in our mind. So today in honor the long awaited release of Heart of the Swarm. Blizzard’s new expansion to Starcraft. We must swarm the Earth. And by that I mean connecting our hive-minds together.

Queen of Baldes

Queen of Baldes


Come meet me #Blogg100

#058 [LVIII]
What is happening in the near future? [Come meet me here]

Today and tomorrow I will Follow #Webbdagarna on Twitter and live from Stockholm.

On Friday I’m going to see Mia Törnblom speak in Gothenburg.

I also arrange a Tweetup in Gothenburg called #SpringUpGBG on Friday.
It’s about meeting new people who also wants to talk about
Social Media,
The Future,

Sign up here



Next week

On Monday we will meet again at a new local game store called DeckBox here in Varberg and play some games like: Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game, Clash of Cultures, Netrunner and A Game of Thrones the Card Game

Next Tuesday Blizzard will be releasing Heart of the Swarm all over the world in lots of Launch events. I will be gaming from home if you want to join me 🙂

Next weekend it is time for the Unconference WebCoast in Gothenburg. This is an Awesome place to meet and mingle with all that have a deep passion for the Web, Social Media and communication.

Geek Culture

The Week after that on 22-23 March I will be at PAX East in Boston, USA. And I will visit New York before and after that.

And on Good Friday I’ll be visiting one of oldest Gaming Convention in the world: Gothcon.

Come Meet me on any or all of this events!



Hero Accademy #Blogg100

#065 [LXV]
Mobile Game of the Year [My favorite game]

If you haven’t tried the best tactics game there is on iOS you must play Hero Academy with me. It also plays on Steam syncing the games between the platforms. And I’m told the Android version is to come. It also won Best Moblie Game of 2012 at the D.I.C.E. awards

I have played literally every day since April last year. It is a turned based game where you only play opponents online. You can redo your turn as many times as you like before submitting. The game is incredibly well balanced with 6 playable teams. You can find players on Twitter and discuss it there with the Team.

Challenge me! My Username is of course LordSillion!



Social Bonding #Blogg100

#076 [LXXVI]
Playing games face to face together [Spela spel ihop, ansikte mot ansikte]

Idag har vi varit ett stort gäng på Sverok Västs lokal Spelets hus i Göteborg och spelat brädspel. Denna livsstil som ligger mig varmast om hjärtat. Som jag håller som min heliga grej. Är väldigt social och varmt välkomnande. Alla som kommer dit blir varmt motagna. Man parar ihop sig i grupper och spelar del olika typer av spel som passar en. Jag är där med några av mina äldsta och bästa vänner. Det är verkligen som Jane McGonigal säger.

När man spelar spel ihop uppstår en fantastisk social bonding.

Idag blev det 4 av mina nya favoritspel. Terra Mystica, Spartacus, Key Flower och Clash of Cultures. 2 stora gäng ville prova att spela det gamla spelet Diplomacy från 1959. Ett bräde var överens om att det kändes som ett väldig gammalt spel. Idag känns Imperial och Game of Thrones mycket bättre i denna kategorin. Många brädspelare där är med i föreningen GoBo.


LordSillion, Champ, Samuel och Ölme

LordSillion, Champ, Samuel och Ölme spelar Clash of Cultures

2 Bräden Diplpomacy

2 Bräden Diplpomacy

Final standing in Terra Mystica 139 Darklings, 125, Dwarfs, 94 Swarmlings

Final standing in Terra Mystica 139 Darklings, 125, Dwarfs, 94 Swarmlings


Logistik-pussel är bara förnamnet i KeyFlower

Blood and Backstabbing in Spartacus

Blood and Backstabbing in Spartacus

Civilization games FTW #Blogg100

#077 [LXXVII]
A Civilization game done right

Have you ever played some of Sid Meier’s Civilization games on the computer?

My Civilization history

I have. For me it started with Civilization I on the Amiga. Then in 1996 came Civilization II. One of the most addictive games ever produced. I could wake up a Saturday morning just to play few rounds. Then when the sun came down in the evening I was still, A: sitting in my underwear, very cold with a stiff neck, and B: Very hungry from not eating anything for the whole day 🙂

So for me the best Civ computer game is Civilization Revolution. Because it’s very streamlined and therefore very short. Which means that I would not go a whole day without eating when playing it. Only 3-4 hours at max. They kept just the good parts.

Civilization boardgames

So it comes as no surprise that as a boardgamer we have long been searching for the perfect Civilization boardgame. There has been quite a few over the years. Some bad and some quite good but very long. Here are some of the games that I have played: History of The World,  Tempus, Civilization, Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization, Mare Nostrum, Rise of Empires, Runewars, Uruk, Roll Through the Ages: The Bronze Age, 7 Wonders, After the Flood, Age of Mythology, Antike, Colonial, EclipseArchipelagio, Assyria, Alien Frontiers, Sid Meier’s Civilization: The Board Game.

We had our hopes up Fantasy Flight games epic and official boardgame version: Sid Meier’s Civilization: The Board Game. But to me it fell flat with a bad combat system and a horrible army build mechanic.

Terra Mystica

But this winter something happened. 2 very promising Civ game where released at Essen spiel. The first I got my hands on and played was Terra Mystica. It’s a very good game with lot’s of interesting mechanics and many difficult decisions each turn. The interaction is low and it’s not quite the traditional Civ game. It plays beautifully and is new favorite boardgame of mine.

Clash of Cultures

Tonight I finally got to play the second game. Namely Clash of Cultures. For me the best part in all the classic Civ games are the early part before anyone develops gunpowder and more modern technologies. In Clash of Cultures you only play in a antique civilization and that is perfect for me. This game captures all the classic ingredients for a Civ game. And does so in a very streamlined way with lots of tough choices.

I have link to a gameplay video in my previous episode: #081 [LXXXI] The Future is a co-op game we all can play and win!

Time will tell if it is the the game I think it is for me. Me and Martin played a 2 player short game tonight.

Civilization games FTW!


Game end. Martin won with as the yellow player

Game end. Martin won as the yellow player

I came in second as red

I came in second as red

I had mush less science advances than Martin

I had less science advances than Martin

Martin is a happy camper

Martin is a happy camper

The Game for the Future #Blogg100

#081 [LXXXI]
The Future is a co-op game we all can play and win!

I have done lots of stuff today that I have weaved together in this tapestry.

A Game of Future

I have been listening to Framtidskommissionens [The Future Commission] discussion about reducing the carbon footprint of Sweden. It was a lot of talk about economic growth and GNP. First we need to switch ways to how to measure progress.

They way we measure progress and the goals we set for our future will indirectly influence all people. Like in a boardgame we must assign victory points for goals that are actually worth achieving. And use economic incentive to achieve them. Take it from us boardgamers. We know all about recourse allocation, min-maxing, logistics and worker action placement to maximizing our score in whatever game we are playing.

If there is a way to get points (Read status and power) for something, we will do our utmost to maximize those points. Today many play the game of money. We don’t care how we get them as long as we get more of them.

Let’s design a better game for the future where we get points and money for doing the right thing.

The Future is a co-op game we all can play and win!

Smile Littlefinger, Smalie!

Smile Littlefinger, Smile!

“The night is dark and full of terrors”

Still the best show there is! Watched episode 4 of season 2 again as it aired on Swedish Television tonight. Littlefinger tries so hard to achieve his goals when he plays A Game of Thrones.

The Game for the Future will be triggered by either a crusade or a crisis. We can make the choice. Or we can just wait for more crises and catastrophes to pile up. Then our only choice is to re-act.

Let’s act now and re-design our own future.

Learning to play

Tonight I have been watching some gameplay walkthroughs to 3 new games I have gotten and are going to play this weekend.

Clash of Cultures

I really like that this civilization game doesn’t go into the the modern age. No civilization survives that long. Sid Meyers tried killing of civilizations in the first civilization game. No gamers could accept it so they removed it in the first computergame. Really looking forward to this. It’s in the Mail.

Robinson Crusoe: Adventure on the Cursed Island

This is a really hard co-op game that most people haven’t won yet. I’m up for the Challenge to just survive on this Island.

Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery

Making pacts, closed fist auctions and then backstabbing. Sounds like something you only should do in a game (and maybe real politics).

Travel with Social Media Club?

Next Friday I will help moderate Social Media Club in Gothenburg. The subject is Social Media in Public Transport.
I have written some discussion points in Swedish. Now updated with @MikuMaria

1. Hur funkar det: 
Diskutera hur det alllmänt fungerar idag med kommunikation med lokaltrafiken:
+ Vad fungerar bra:
– Vad har förbättringspotential:

2. Välj den optimala kanalen:
I vilken kanal vill du få snabbast svar vid kommunikation med lokaltrafiken?
Via Twitter, Facebook, i en särskild app för din lokaltrafik? Hur är det när det är som bäst?

3. Bygga kollektivtrafiken genom data:
Vill du ha en app som kan optimera lokaltrafik på mindre orter? Där du delar med sig av data som att du fyller i hur du har tänkt resa och när. Researrangören kan sedan lägga rutterna efter resenärerna.
– Hur skulle detta kunna fungera?

4. Framtidsvision:
Hur reser vi med lokaltrafik om tio år med Social Media?
Kan vi då se i realtid var alla fordon befinner sig?
Kan vi se vara alla våra vänner är i realtid om dom satt på den flaggan?
Via WiFi i lokaltrafiken utan att checka in?
Kan du alltid se dina barn?
Vill vi ens veta allt det här i framtiden eller är det nu när tekniken är ny som vi är nyfikna?


Queens of Ice #Blogg100

#090 [XC]
Ice queens [Isdrottningar]

Today me and my daughters we went to the sea and walked in a windless, sunny and beautiful weather. There where some amazing ice sheets laying on the beach that we jumped upon. When large parts of the ice broke of, I took them and throw them high into the air. When they landed on the ice they shattered in hundreds of piece to my daughters delight 😉

Ice Queens

Ice Queens

Ice by the sea in Varberg

Ice by the sea in Varberg

Queen Bitch of The Universe

From my Queens to the next … The Queen of Blades … Today I finally got to see the new Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm trailer. And it looks amazing! Really looking forward to playing it when it comes this march. Better late than never as with all Blizzard titles. In the meantime I will play some League of Legends that just released the Season 3 patch today. And maybe some more of the “Free” World of Tanks. I also play Hero Academy on iOS each day but more on that in a later blog.

What do you play?


This week I also played one of my new favorite Boardgames: Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar. Check out the Swedish review below by ConraDargo. And if you don’t speak Swedish check out The Dice Tower review. This one keeps growing on me and everyone else. Many think it is game of the year of 2012 🙂