Cursed or Blessed?

It’s just when I shave and get ready for bed that my brains suddenly decides to flip on. It hits me some key insights to write in my coming book.

Am I cursed or blessed?

I am what some call a night person. This doesn’t of course happens every night. And don’t if I was like this when I was young. I do know that at the age 19 it occurred almost every night. I lived at home while string on University. After my parents had gotten to bed I used  to sneak up to watch the late running of Star Trek The Next Generation on Sky One. And mostly my brain just went bonkers. Back then I had now idea where to turn this energy. Some nights I would go down to the sea to watch the full moon when it was up and just wonder in my thoughts. Or just go to bed realigning until I fell asleep.

I do know that even earlier age that me and my friends used to stay up late on the weekends and play roleplaying and boardgames together. Then in the middle of the night when we were finished and when outside to go home we could sometimes start talking about both the gaming and various philosophical subjects at least 1 to 2 hours longer. Often very loud to our neighbors peril.

Kung Fu

The funny part with me if I got to bed early and got a good nights sleep I was alleys very cheerful and full of energy right out of bed. Humming a merry tune and jumping up and down the stairs. I could jumpstart my brain this way too.

When I don’t get enough sleep my brains seldom spins. The answer to this has of course always been to sleep during the day or the afternoon. Is this a curse or a blessing?

What about you?
Are you a morning or a night person?
Or both or neither?

I am of course writing this in the middle of the night right after I gotten down some very good 1000 words on my upcoming book.

Good night!
Or Good morning!

/Lord Sillion
Signing Out!



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