Daniel Priestley on the Tesla Launch

How did Elon Musk and Tesla become such a great success. Watch the event below and see why the worlds need to change to a sustainable model … fast!

Daniel Priestley on the Tesla Launch

Tesla just did the worlds largest consumer product launch of their Tesla Model 3. In this video Daniel Priestley breaks down how they did it a very informative way. I sum up below the key points in the process. Enjoy!

Screenshot 2016-04-04 18.48.19

1 Signalling
You start by signalling that an event is coming up.
Be ready
Save the date
Take people on a journey

Some companies only talk about their product once it is finished

2 Seven-Eleven-Fouring

7 hours of content or contact
11 significant touch points
4 separate locations

This has to happen before people fall in love with the brand or you
Have supportive content of your brand, service and product.

3 Key Person of Influence KPI

Your company should have a Key Person of Influence that is fronting you.
Everybody know who Elon Musk is.
He is very accessible.

Other big companies don’t do it.
As a small business you have every opportunity to front a KPI.

Check out my long post where I explain Key Person of Influence.

4 Sell Before Deliver
Sell first then you deliver. That’s how the pros do it.
Take a deposit or point of interest before you sell the product.

When you have a prototype or Beta – Launch it!

5 Do Launch Events
Even if it’s a small event
Capture it on video or live-stream it.
Create a buzz and talking-point on the product

Tesla wants the competitors to know what they are doing

/Lord Sillion
I’m Captain Future

The Launch event:

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