A New Renaissance


What can we learn from history and why should we study it? I have now seen this amazing lecture from Alain de Botton and School of Life about The Renaissance several times. So I thought it was time to sum it up.

The good part that we can take with us from the Renaissance and apply to our society today is their attitude towards building better cities and societies. Also As I and many more call ourselves Renaissance people, there is a special attraction the best parts of the Renaissance. I truly believe that it is possible to apply the best part of it to our game of playing society today. Truing the future into something we can look forward to with excitement for every day that comes.

What we mostly are lacking today are leaders and visionaries. Don’t get me wrong. We have many great leaders both in business and society today, but they are far outnumbered by people who don’t stand out or lead. An by lead I mean the Simon Sinek take on it.

Let’s make A New Renaissance together!

And also check out my new LordTalk about it.

Lorenzo de Medici

Down below are you can read my extraction of the best parts of the video:

The Lorenzo de’ Medici Way

To rescue certain good, provocative and inspiring ideas, that have been lost in the past, in order to put them to use in relation to the dilemmas and problems of our own times. Studying the Renaissance will therefore be about us.

Successful urbanism is never an accident
For the Renaissance it was a philosophical mission

The renaissance attitude for it’s intellectual leaders took a relentless practical view to things. The wanted first and foremost:

I. Run their societies effectively
II. To make their people wise
III. Build magnificent cities 

What philosophy is about:
It’s about searching better ways of thinking about the present.
Their cities should be the search for an unparalleled search for beauty. It is strong contrast for our own mess of modern cities.

Art, Urbanism & Love

Successful urbanism is never an accident. For the renaissance it was a philosophical mission. We are by a large extent shape by the characters of the buildings around us. The used rules that put our own effort to urbanism to shame.

What is art for?
In the Renaissance the philosophical end goal of art was worth the effort.
Art as advertising for the great truths worked out by Marsilio Ficini:

We are creatures who love. And love is attracted first to beauty. What ever we want people to love we must first make beautiful. And beauty is first encountered as sexiness. The path to the highest possible human ideals must first go down a complex route. First to sex, then to beauty and then to love.

Instead of abandon beauty and sexiness to vanity and silliness we could do like in the renaissance and cease this and use it forward our society to the greater truths.

Make Our Own Renaissance

Paying tribute to the renaissance does not mean traveling their cities and viewing their world through our eyes. It is about using their eyes look at our world. We should try to generate a renaissance in our world with thew help through their geniuses.

How to use the humanities to improve our lives.
How to devote proper energy to create livable beautiful cities.
And to harness the power of art to make the good things in the world desirable and attractive.

And the thing that really matters:
Try to change our world to the better!

I can do nothing than wholehearted agree with this.

I’m Captain Future


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