Enjoy a Merry Christmas!

The season is upon us. In a year that is the best year in humanity’s history, there has still been reasons for so much discord. I want with this Christmas greeting to make us all focus on the things inside us that feed the good wolf. In the happy spirit of a prosperous future to come.

Enjoy Christmas!

When I was young Christmas was all about joy. I miss the feeling of pure joy. Even the work seemed worth it. Now I want Christmas to be more about being together and love. It’s not about creating the perfect Christmas. It’s about being together. And having fun together. And sharing the Joy. Today I will share the joy. I will bring it forth from inside, where it can be hiding in some people. I will be silly. I will tickle. I will say crazy things and I will dance and laugh. Madness comes with age and wisdom. It’s about going back to silliness. Something the world needs a lot more of. It’s very hard to be angry and hate when you are laughing. Laugh with the others.

Also short burst of 2-4 minute exercises every hour will keep the mood up and body agile. To smitten the others. Our bodies were built to be mobile. A sofa can be nice as long as it don’t become the status quo and we hug it to long. Hug someone else instead and drag them into the Fire. Balance is what we need. Fire in the heart. Ice in the mind. Wind in the hair. And Earth far below the feet. Fly with me into the Future.

And the games. We will play boardgames together. It will hone and sharpen our cognitive and social skills. And it will bring us more joy. Play games with each others. Let the Game commence!

Let Christmas be about finding the inner child and bring it forth in pure joy.

Enter Joy – En Joy – Enjoy Christmas together with other joyful beings.

Jolly greetings from Michael Lord Sillion with family

Happy Joyful Christmas from the Sillion Clan

Happy Joyful Christmas from clan Sillion

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