Celebrate The Future

Celebrate The Future

The Future does not really exist. Nor does The Past.

They are both fantasies created in our minds. The Future is a probabilistic simulation we run in our minds in order to help shape the world we want to live in.

The Past unlike The Future has actually happened. The Past, as represented in our mind, is a mental simulation too. Our memories are not precise records of what actually happened. They are reconstructions of what happened, with the brain and your imagination filling in most of the blanks based on your emotional connection to that past event.

We need the future. It’s a thought-experiment that triggers our curiosity. It’s a vision that will point us in the right direction on our path in life. It will trigger innovation. It will give us hope. It’s a land of more and better science. It’s warmer place where we care for each other. With out it we would never had gone to the moon or invented internet. It’s a place of magic and fantasies. And yet we long to make it real.

That is why we celebrate the future. We do it with Science Fiction and Time Travel Stories.

We need the things that aren’t real. Our brain runs on fiction. That’s why we should celebrate the good and vanquish the bad.

Lets celebrate the future!

If you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything - Marty McFly - Back To The Future

If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything – Marty McFly – Back To The Future

Back To The Future Party!

We can celebrate the future in lots of different way. One of the ways that we can do this is to celebrate Back To The Future Day 21 October 2015. It is on this date that Marty McFly arrives in the future in Hill Valley. There already lots of parties planned for this that including the Marty McFly Welcome Party in the actual Hill Valley. Many cinemas the world over will celebrate this by showing 2 or 3 of the Back to future Movies on that night.

I have collects most of the links i find in my own Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1509335639389796/

Back To The Future October 21, 2015

Back To The Future October 21, 2015

This is so Awesome! I would have thought that only a couple of us here in Sweden would have thought this was cool. Now literal every city in Sweden are having a Back To The Future viewing party. I’m so psyched about this!!!

There is even a short film coming called Doc Brown Saves the World!

Also other ways to enjoy storytelling about the future is to watch Tomorrowland the movie that is out now on Blue Ray and Apple TV. And right now we are in the middle of the epic 6 episode final season of my favourite series Continuum.

And Play games that takes place in alternative futures to as a thought experiment. Like Forbidden Stars set in the Warhammer 40K universe that I got yesterday to play this October.

And it doesn’t stop by watching our favorite stories together. Plan more and better Meetups, parties, events and conferences where we meet and discuss what future we want to create together.

And do it today! Because remember the future only exist in our minds and if we don’t do it now it will never be done.

I challenge you all to dare dream up a better future and then take part in creating it! — Lord Sillion

I see you in the Future! At a celebration 🙂

/Lord Sillion
Future Philosopher

Dreamers need to stick together... Dare To Dream - Tomorrowland

Dreamers need to stick together…
Dare To Dream — Tomorrowland

Forbidden Stars represents a not so desirable future 40K years from now. Also this a thought experience of a kind.

Forbidden Stars represents a not so desirable future 40K years from now. Also this a thought experience of a kind.

Why we need Science Fiction - Star Trek FTW

Why we need Science Fiction – Star Trek FTW

We Are The World [Live Your Legend]

We Are The World [Live Your Legend]

We Are The World. We Are The Children

It’s as true today as it was 30 years ago. And it will be much truer in the future.

Our Planet Earth

The idea was the world is an emerging system that no one ever had any control over. Just adapt and try to play your little roles as good as you can or cower down and do what you are told. If there ever where architects that had a master plan when designing societies and the known world we will perhaps never know. What we do know, is that thanks to a brand new communications toy, we can now talk to each other all over the world instantaneously.

The question is, what do we have to talk about?

In my own personal experience I have seen a real shift this summer in conversation. For me it feels like we are on the verge on a tipping point. From my little node in the global network conversations, talking points are now far more concerning the future of life on Planet Earth.

Or maybe it’s just that hooked up with more interesting people and that my confirmation bias has tilted me to think so.

Still there are a lot of things going viral that weren’t there before. It started this summer with a fantastic pod with Johan Rockström in Swedish, that where so good that when asked to do it in English he did that too. And people has been sharing all kinds of links with Hans Rosling now in September.

It all boils down to World Climate Summit in Paris December 6th. Our Last chance to make right by all future generations to inherit Planet Earth. Join The Road To Paris 2015.

Also 21 of September is International Day of Peace. Which is close to our hearts here in Sweden as we have big UN Peace conference here in my hometown Varberg in October: Varberg Calling for Peace.

Scott Dinsmore & Live Your Legend!

This latest week has been even more intense for me. Last weekend Scott Dinsmore passed away in accident while on a hike on Kilimanjaro. He is the founder of the large Live Your Legend network all over the globe. And the community his risen up to share their condolences with his surviving wife and family. Like this one from Yazminh.  They are all in the Facebook group [Tribute to Scott Dinsmore, Founder of Live Your Legend]. And Chris Anderson decided to put Scotts now famous TEDx talk with over 2 and a half million views up on the main TED.com site.

I myself a host for Live Your Legend Local in Gothenburg and Varberg has been following Scott for 2 years now. I have eagerly awaited his Live Your Legend RAW update each week that sadly will stop coming now…

I’m so sad that you have left us Scott. You showed me a path that I didn’t think was possible.

We will continue to carry the torch for you Scott!

Scott truly embodied what is was to live a better life on Planet Earth. Let’s all honor his memory by doing the work we can’t NOT do.

Environment. Is. Everything. The fastest way to do the things you don’t think can be done is to hang around people already doing them. Choose your friends wisely and brainwash the impossible. – Scott Dinsmore

I have a longer Tribute to Scott and the Revolution coming up soon…


Scott Dinsmore and Chelsa Dinsmore on their around the world trip here in Turkey.

Un-Fuck The World [Set 17 Global Goals]

James Hanusa posted on Facebook that it’s time to Un-Fuck The World! And I signed up on that challenge! We can take the power back from all the greedy systems that using massive amounts of Earth’s resources, to no apparent use at all to further us as a species. We can become architects for all systems on Planet Earth.

Change Maker
I also stated a new MOOC called U.Lab: Transforming Business, Society, and Self. It’s for us Change Makers who wants to transform the world and ourself using a growth mindset. Many of us feel called now like never before. And we are spreading it on Social Media. We are more 30,000 talking this MOOC and using the hashtag #ULab.

U.Lab: Transforming Business, Society, and Self

U.Lab: Transforming Business, Society, and Self

Spread the Global Goals. Yesterday Stephen Hawking shared a really heart tearing video message about what we must do to save our home this year together by setting up  17 Global Goals that our leaders should follow.

We need Everyone to tell everyone!
The more people we talk to about it the more important it becomes.  And it truly feels the way now. Like we are on mission now. To do one thing that matters. If we don’t pull it together in 2015 we might as well through in the towel and jump ship. Jump the Spaceship Earth. Expect that we can’t just jump of Earth anytime soon and go live on Mars.

So lets just stick to Plan A. The only plan we have.
Do give ScottStephen and Rockström a listen and tell me what Plan A is for you?

Stephen Hawkin - The Global Goals

Stephen Hawking – The Global Goals

Hello Everyone. Stephen Hawking here.

2015 is the year world leaders signs up to the global goals.

They are an ambitious to-do list to eradicate poverty, save the environment and make the world a fairer place for everyone.
Where every woman and every man has the chance to live a healthy secure life full of opportunity and love.

The more people who know about them, the more likely our leaders are to stick to them.
So this is our attempt to let every person in the world to know what is at stake.
People can not hide from their rights if they do not know what the are.

I would be hugely grateful if you would share this video with your friends, family and fans and ask them to search for global goals online.
To save the world we need everyone to tell everyone.
I’m very aware of the preciousness of time. Help us seize the moment.

The time to act is now
Thank you
— Stephen Hawking

We are the world! It’s time to Un-Fuck it!

/Lord Sillion
Holistic Thinking Ninja

17 Global Goals

17 Global Goals

Johan Rockström - This is Our Earth

Johan Rockström – This is Our Earth

James Hanusa - Un-Fuck The World

James Hanusa – Un-Fuck The World

Derek Sivers – Purge the Vampires

Derek Sivers – Purge the Vampires

Are you a Vampire? Or are you an Opportunist? If you are vampire you should be purged according to Derek Sivers. If you are an Opportunist you should look for other opportunist, to attract. Here are some great tips on how to do it. Together we will thrive in an unknowable future! 

Purge The Vampires & Thrive In An Unknowable Future!

I went to The Conference only to have the best part be some short and very thoughtful little talks from Derek Sivers, of a balcony just before every Keynote. I will give you the best part of them and my thoughts that followed. They may appear to be funny little anecdotes. The more you think about them, the more you realise they are not. Watch the videos by clicking on the images of Derek. And then see if you agree with my reflections at the bottom of this post.

How to thrive in an unknowable future? - Derek Sivers

How to thrive in an unknowable future? – Derek Sivers

Derek Sivers –
How to thrive in an unknowable future?

How to thrive in an unknowable future?

Choose opportunity not loyalty
Have no loyalty to location, to company or even your past public statements
Be an absolute opportunist
Doing what ever is best for the future in your current situation. Unbound by your past.
Have loyalty only for your most important personal friendships.

How to thrive in an unknowable future?

Choose the plan with the most options
The best plan is the one that lets you change you plans.
For example renting a house is bying the option to move at any time without losing money in a down market.

How to thrive in an unknowable future?

Avoid planning
For maximum options don’t plan at all.
Since you have no idea how the situation or your mood may change in the future, just wait ’til the last moment to make each decision.

How to be useful to others?

This talk we only have the headlines left to ponder on, as the recording got purged by vampires. So instead I offer my Ninja-thoughts on how to add value to others. They all corresponds greatly to Daniel Priestley’s concept of being a Key Person of Influence.

How to be useful to others?

Get Famous
Being famous is a way of being the goto person of any given field or niche. The one that comes up first in conversations. The one that people listen to and hire. Famous people can set the agenda. Famous people can thus make sure that other people get useful value of their time and money.

Use Your Power Of Famedom To Inspire Others!

How to be useful to others?

Get Rich
Being rich gives you opportunities. Opportunities to choose where you invest your time, effort and money. Make sure to invest in others and their great ideas. And invest in yourself, like Tai Lopez says. Use your richness to enhance and invest in others, so that they too can become rich.

Get Wealthy And Invest Your Wealth In Yourself And Others!

How to be useful to others?

Have Strong Opinions
By having strong opinions and believing in them yourself, you can make sure that others take notice as well. Strong opinions are useful if they are informed options. Based on science and facts. Make sure that you spread your informed opinions, so that others that are spreading uniformed opinions are drowning out. Shout your opinions loud and clear in a gentle way. Enhance your opinions by discussing them with others. Not debating. We want to have a future where the best informed options are the strongest. Publish your options and let the world know of them.

Have Strong Informed Opinions!

How to be useful to others?

Be Expensive
To our human brains value are often measured in how expensive it is. By being Oversubscribed we can make many people to take notice and want what we have to offer. We want people lining up and pay extra for the superb value we offer. Offer superb value! Treat other as a VIP every time they pay extra for your value. We also want to give some of our value for free to the world. Send the signal that your value is expensive and it is expensive to get your value. By making others invest their time, money and energy into you, they build a stronger community together while lining up to get it. Don’t sell your value cheep.

Set A High Price On Your Value. It Is Worth It!


How to like people - Derek Sivers

How to like people – Derek Sivers

How to like people?

How to like people?

Assume it’s their last day on Earth.
Everybody talks about living like it’s your last day on Earth. Instead to appreciate someone, live like it’s their last day on Earth. Really listen to them. Learn from them. This might be your last chance.

How to like people?

Be who you’d you be when alone.
You could live in crowd pleasing only others. But that’s unsustainable.
You could live in isolation pleasing only yourself. But that’s also unsustainable.
Instead when in a crowd be the same person you’d be when alone.

How to like people?

Assume women and men are the same.
Men thinks women are so different from them and women think men are so different from them. But the differences among men and the difference among women are far greater the difference between men and women.

Assume men and women are the same

How to like people?

Always make new friends.
You are always changing, hopefully for the better. But old friends want you to stay as they knew you, as you where before.
When making new friends be your new ideal self, if only for a few hours.
New friends will encourage your new self.
Let go of people that don’t welcome and encourage your change.
So you could say that coming here to “The Conference“, is not just a way to make new friends but to replace your old ones.

How to like people?

Purge the vampires!
Get rid of people that drain you. That don’t make you feel good about yourself. They will make you hate all people….


Are You An Opportunist And A Friend? [My Reflections]

Are You An Opportunist? If you are then your most likely to thrive in an unknowable future. A future that is coming quicker and changing more rapidly for every year, month and week that goes by. We are now living in the great acceleration. I write a long celebration the opportunist that I call The Buccaneer Spirit.

We all need to be able to pivot on our ideas, lives and businesses. That siad we shouldn’t be without loyalty. Just we have loyalty to our tribe that are with us in this changing world. The people who can adapt like us. Old structures and outdated models and thinking we should let go of, like it’s yesterdays news.

Make Better Decisions
Make sure there that you keep an open mind. Don’t mistake opinion for facts. Try make designs based on science and not witchcraft. It’s hard and you emotions & cognitive biases will get in the way. That why you need friends to help you make better decisions.

Make Friends
Good friends are hard to come by. Old friends are not necessarily good friends. That’s why you should make new better friends if your old uncle don’t upgrade. And It’s easier than it ever was in the past. GO to events where you think you will find like-minded people. Treat them well.

Purge The Vampires
Vampires are people who drag you down. People who complain and spread their negative energy. You don’t want them around. You may think that they don’t affect you. They do. Modern science are showing that the quote from Jim Rohn is true:

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with – Jim Rohn

Instead you must seek out mentors and peers that lift you up and inspire you. By spending time with people who are doing great impossible deeds it will soon seem normal to your brain what they do. The less time you spend with vampires the less power they will have over you.

Instead find other Creative Ninjas like me and spend time with us.

/Lord Sillion
Opportunist Ninja Pirate

Purge The Vampires
Pivot The Pirates
Purify The Werewolves
Pursue The Ninjas