Fant4stic World Party

Join in on creating the future together. Come celebrate the premier of Fant4stic Four by doing a party where we celebrate the we create the future together. Who else is going to do it, if not us?

How did we get this far?

Human beings have an immeasurable desire to discover, to invent, to build. Our future depends on us furthering these ideals, a responsibility that rests on the shoulders of generations to come. But with every new discovery, there is risk, there is sacrifice, and there are consequences.

Fantastic Four

How far can we get as a species?

These are the words in the teaser for the upcoming Fant4stic Four Movie that primers this Friday August 7th in both Sweden and the USA. I’m well aware of the risk for this to be a movie with a very cool promise that falls flat for the Blockbuster Myth like Prometheus and Pacific Rim did. Still with a promise like that how can you not be psyched?

We are after all moving towards a future that we understand better for each passing day. A future that we create. Not someone else. We – you and I. We are not just doing it in a very direct and noticeable way. Like we where playing god in some computer game called Sim Earth. Still we are the only ones that do. So if we want achieve greatness in the future we just have to point us in that direction. Will you join me in pointing in the right direction towards the future?

So the question is not “How did we get this far?” but “How should we takes us further?”

What is our goal as a species? Where should put all that enormous amount of thoughts and energy, we all spending on bumping into each other here on Planet Earth? And instead run in the same general direction. We can do it. And it’s gonna be hard.

We chose to go into the future;
not because it’s easy;
but because it’s hard;
because in the future we flourish as a species here on Planet Earth.

Join me this Friday August 7th in a local Fant4stic World Party here in Varberg or create your own in your hometown.

It had great potential

Well the movie sucked space balls. ComicBookGirl19 explains well in this clip
Fantastic Four’s 8 Factors to Disaster. The Inside Story

/Lord Sillion
Ambassador of the Future

Fant4stic World Party

Fant4stic World Party

What would your TED 2023 talk sound like?

Peter Weyland on TED 2023

Peter Weyland on TED 2023

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