London & Almedalen

The most important thing to think about, is that the future doesn’t happen by chance, if we don’t let it. We do it together. By getting smarter, stronger and wiser than we where yesterday. By standing on the shoulders of giants who came before us.

Elevated Time

This last 2 weeks has been amazing! They’ve been filled by crazy amount of friends, inspiration, insights, dancing, travels and most of all love. I ‘ve been to London with my best friend Maria and our London Ninja Trip, to visit the new awesome creative workplaces like The Trampery and Campus London.

I’ve been a whole week to Almedalen in Visby, where I met lots of old and new friends. So many new insights and hopes for a future that we can design together. Full of talk about entrepreneurship, digitalisation, change and the maker movement.

Ninja Vikings

The Ninja Vikings in Almedalen – @JohanLange @ContChange @LordSillion

Getting home and resting for a few days, playing and bathing with my daughters. And then off to a Creative Summer Camp with my family and girls yet again to meet Maria and her wonderful creative friends for a full 3 days tinkering, discussion and hanging at her house on Tjörn.

Easily the best 2 weeks in my life so far. This is the way life should be. We do it together with willful thoughts and intention. It’s true what they say. Everything we do, say and project rubs of. Spending time with so many people who willfully give of their energy, really boost my own energy and my own sharing.

You can see lots of picture from both the #LonodonNinjaTrip and Almedalen <– here.

Let’s call it Elevated Time. When you spend time together with people who lift you up. Who inspires you and and take you further into life.  And let’s do it more often. I think at least once a week you should something or meet someone who takes you further before the event or meeting.

We can’t stand still anymore. Let’s do some crazy things together!

Lets start of with “Party for Change” in Arendalsuka Norway 15 of August and other activities this summer. I want to do a small Creative Ninja Camp to here to in Varberg before that.

I even start this Thursday on 16-18 July at Halliforna with 3 workshops on how to Hack Your Future here in Varberg if you want to come.

Lord Sillion
Time Elevation Injector

Welcome to Campus London where we do Moonshots

Welcome to Campus London where we do Moonshots

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