The Queenswoman

We can do it! If we pull together we cab do it in 2015. Let’s start this summer. Let’s become Planetary Guardians!

The Kingsman

I have just seen Kingsman: The Secret Service. It’s a silly movie who that weaves in a serious question as part of its plot in a good way. Mild spoilers ahead…

The Queenswoman’s Quest

First of is the quest of the Kingsman, a secret organisation that solves problems that ordinary spy organisations can’t since they are coupled with nation states and politics.

Then we have the quest of the villain. To solve the problem with us being a virus on the ecosystem of planet earth, who does nothing more than upsets the balance of things in a really fast way.

This really resonates with most important Summer Radio talk I have ever heard, today by Johan Rockström in Swedish. We need to become Guardians of our only home in the Universe.

Planetary Guardians

Falling back to the movie I really think there are other ways to solve problem than with male violence. We need a guardian organisation with a more female touch on how to solve problems.

A more decent society with females role models that doesn’t solve big problems with violence.

We need to fix earth in a cool way. With both secret and public tribes of agents who devout their life to “The Quest”. We can call it the Queenswoman instead. I’m game. I have long been thinking about having an organisation of the sort that main vision and purpose is to make earth a better place to live on. A chapter or order of Planetary Guardians.

Lord Commander Sillion
Lord Commander of the Queenswoman Planetary Guardians.

Johan Rockström i Sommarstudion. Foto: Jonas Ekblom/SR

Johan Rockström i Sommarstudion. Foto: Jonas Ekblom/SR



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