Lies, Truth and Self-Narration

We all do it! Tell Stories. And almost every one of them we tell to ourself. It is how consciousness works. It’s a story of yourself. And your conscious self can help self-direct it. It’s called making choices. Some say that we don’t have free will. I think they are defining it wrong. We do choices all the time. All based on the previous stories we have stored in our brain. What is a lie then? It’s just a story. Most of the time we can’t tell if it’s “true”. To the brain all things are stories. A conscious lie is when we have two parallel stories of what took place and chooses to tell the other. So how often do you direct your own stories?

How good are you at lying to yourself? [Become a better Self-Narrator!]

Think about for 10 seconds before you read on.

Dan Ariely - Why We Lie

Dan Ariely – Why We Lie

So I have been listening to a lot of different “Stories” on Lying and Self-Narration. For a good start I recommend listening to TED Radio hour: Why We Lie with people like Dan Ariely and Michael Shermer.

“Can’t have champagne wishes without caviar dreams.” – Nolan Ross

As you read this you are watching a movie. It’s a very real movie triggering all of your senses. It is called Consciousness. It’s made up from a very complex source of external and internal sensory inputs, simulations, memories and stories. In order for it all to come together, The Director in your mind, has to cut many corners and throw away lots of material. The Director is a very good liar, or Storyteller as we would like to call it. This is in fact “You” lying to yourself. It all makes sense. This Story, that is you. Sometimes it’s just not “The Truth”. Because for the Brain that is a mythological concept.

“Character Is A Vital Lie” – Ernest Becker

As you interact with the outside world, you are constantly using this story to further you, on your journey through life. Your brain is full of filters that makes everything you experience a very unique experience just for you. Keep that in mind when you interact with others and share your story.

You Always Believe What You Tell Yourself

Belief Or Make Belief

Belief Or Make Belief

When you think of it, this is our greatest gift. Something that should be cherished. It’s also a good skill to have. It’s a form of Masquerade and a Roleplaying Game. You have many internal roles and parts of your brain that blends into a mix that is you and gives rise to your self illusion. With this in mind let’s get better at it. If you want to Change people. Don’t tell them what to do. Tell them a Story that they can internalize and tell to themselves. That can become part of their story.

The Self is a house of Cards – Jason Silva

Life is a Game. Let’s Play Tonight!

Let’s play a little game. I want you to try and tell your story to others and have them tell your story back to you. How does that feel? Now do the same for them. Ask them how does that feel. To to reflect together on how your own story differs from others story about you.

We can all need a little help in the Narration of our own lives. Start spending time with people who are good at Narrating their own life. Then you will become better at narrating your own. We can all Become Gurus of Our Own Life as Jonathan Fields put it. Just remember:

Even if you are alone in your own mind, you are never alone outside of it. 

Become a better Self-Narrator!

Holistic Thinking Ninja

London & Almedalen

The most important thing to think about, is that the future doesn’t happen by chance, if we don’t let it. We do it together. By getting smarter, stronger and wiser than we where yesterday. By standing on the shoulders of giants who came before us.

Elevated Time

This last 2 weeks has been amazing! They’ve been filled by crazy amount of friends, inspiration, insights, dancing, travels and most of all love. I ‘ve been to London with my best friend Maria and our London Ninja Trip, to visit the new awesome creative workplaces like The Trampery and Campus London.

I’ve been a whole week to Almedalen in Visby, where I met lots of old and new friends. So many new insights and hopes for a future that we can design together. Full of talk about entrepreneurship, digitalisation, change and the maker movement.

Ninja Vikings

The Ninja Vikings in Almedalen – @JohanLange @ContChange @LordSillion

Getting home and resting for a few days, playing and bathing with my daughters. And then off to a Creative Summer Camp with my family and girls yet again to meet Maria and her wonderful creative friends for a full 3 days tinkering, discussion and hanging at her house on Tjörn.

Easily the best 2 weeks in my life so far. This is the way life should be. We do it together with willful thoughts and intention. It’s true what they say. Everything we do, say and project rubs of. Spending time with so many people who willfully give of their energy, really boost my own energy and my own sharing.

You can see lots of picture from both the #LonodonNinjaTrip and Almedalen <– here.

Let’s call it Elevated Time. When you spend time together with people who lift you up. Who inspires you and and take you further into life.  And let’s do it more often. I think at least once a week you should something or meet someone who takes you further before the event or meeting.

We can’t stand still anymore. Let’s do some crazy things together!

Lets start of with “Party for Change” in Arendalsuka Norway 15 of August and other activities this summer. I want to do a small Creative Ninja Camp to here to in Varberg before that.

I even start this Thursday on 16-18 July at Halliforna with 3 workshops on how to Hack Your Future here in Varberg if you want to come.

Lord Sillion
Time Elevation Injector

Welcome to Campus London where we do Moonshots

Welcome to Campus London where we do Moonshots

Rabbitholing & Pluto

Yes Rabbitholing. You sit down to write a blog of sorts. Then Boom!

From Pluto With Love!

From Pluto With Love!

2 hours later you still haven’t written a single line. What you have done is getting some serious insights into both useful and trivial things. Tonight has been much about the Pluto Flyby.

I dug more into the Apple watch. I started out watching the last episode of season 3 of my new favourite show: Orphan Black. I am a true Clone Clubber. Season 3 has just been kicking it. Then of course I just had to dive into the net to see if there was any video of the latest Orphan Black panel at San Diego Comic-Con that was held this weekend. I just found 2 videos yet (Top 5 moments and Tatiana Maslany) and now whole panel. Like the awesome one from last year.

Pictures from London and  Almedalen

I’ve also been uploading all my pictures from both the #LonodonNinjaTrip and Almedalen today. I have at least 3 blogs from Almedalen in post production editing that I hope will be released tomorrow.

This weekend was also home to an event that I really wanted to go to: World Domination Summit in Portland, Oregon.

I’m also working on the awesome event here in Varberg this coming weekend: Hallifornia. There we will do a Creative Corner where you can hack you own Hang Loose T-Shirt. And I will hold workshops where I help people to Hack their own Future. To set up a vision of their lives and have a strategy on how to hang with cooler people who lift them up.

At Campus London @LordSillion and @mikumaria

At Campus London @LordSillion and @mikumaria

SSWC Bubblan in Almedalen

SSWC Bubblan in Almedalen


Lord Sillion
Future Ambassador of sorts …

The Queenswoman

We can do it! If we pull together we cab do it in 2015. Let’s start this summer. Let’s become Planetary Guardians!

The Kingsman

I have just seen Kingsman: The Secret Service. It’s a silly movie who that weaves in a serious question as part of its plot in a good way. Mild spoilers ahead…

The Queenswoman’s Quest

First of is the quest of the Kingsman, a secret organisation that solves problems that ordinary spy organisations can’t since they are coupled with nation states and politics.

Then we have the quest of the villain. To solve the problem with us being a virus on the ecosystem of planet earth, who does nothing more than upsets the balance of things in a really fast way.

This really resonates with most important Summer Radio talk I have ever heard, today by Johan Rockström in Swedish. We need to become Guardians of our only home in the Universe.

Planetary Guardians

Falling back to the movie I really think there are other ways to solve problem than with male violence. We need a guardian organisation with a more female touch on how to solve problems.

A more decent society with females role models that doesn’t solve big problems with violence.

We need to fix earth in a cool way. With both secret and public tribes of agents who devout their life to “The Quest”. We can call it the Queenswoman instead. I’m game. I have long been thinking about having an organisation of the sort that main vision and purpose is to make earth a better place to live on. A chapter or order of Planetary Guardians.

Lord Commander Sillion
Lord Commander of the Queenswoman Planetary Guardians.

Johan Rockström i Sommarstudion. Foto: Jonas Ekblom/SR

Johan Rockström i Sommarstudion. Foto: Jonas Ekblom/SR