Creative Ninja Midsummer

Today is Midsummer’s Eve. When we celebrate that sun is giving us the most light it can up in the north. The sun is also very dangerous to us and the earth protects us from most of its dangerous attributes and leaves us with it’s vitality. We must all become more vital here on Earth. And celebrate what the earth does for us by doing more for earth. Every step and every move should put us one step further towards the vision of a better and brighter tomorrow. It’s time we start pulling in the same direction towards this future. Not running around like headless chickens. Starting this midsummer weekend I will point us in the right direction. This midsummer the training will begin. The Creative Ninja Summer is about to begin!

Midsummer Ninja

Midsummer Ninja

Let’s all become vital persons for Earths future!

Come join me in Varberg on Midsommar [Midsummer] and throughout the summer. We will kick off this summer with helping each other setting great plans for the future. And hold each other accountable in creating this plans. Creativity only comes from doing. Ideas are cheap and implementation is everything.

I will also head of to London and Almedalen in the next week to come. And in July we will have a Creative Ninja Camp during Hallifornia. See you there?

The Earth and The moon

The Earth and The Moon

Creative Ninja

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