The World 3.0

Who creates the world of tomorrow? Earth 3.0? We do. WE DO. By singing a silly song about it or by having a deep conversation with fiends and strangers alike. The important thing is to spread the word and listen to what others are thinking. Today! It’s not our planet. We must give it to the generations to come. In what shape and form will we deliver it?

My Dream for a New and Better World 3.0 [We Create It Together, Today!]

The Scary Guy - You Create You

The Scary Guy – You Create You


Tonight was a fantastic night where I met and talked to some new interesting people. We had all found an event through Social Media called Sweden 3.0. It’s a initiative stared by Navid Modiri. Here we met and shared our dreams for a better tomorrow. We all sat down and had constructive dialogs about what we can do on a personal level to make this dream of our’s to come true. How do we want our future Sweden and the World to be like? The future is both something that just happens to you. All who want it can take part in creating the future we want together.

Sverige 3.0

The people on Sverige 3.0 who stayed until the end

Some of the things we talked about was:

Spreading the word
All the people who met here was all from the same tribe. How can we spread the word to other tribes? Well, we can start with all other tribes we ourselves are members of. Then we go from there.

What about School?
We need to design a whole new school from the found up. This is what we talk about in the Swedish network #Skolvåren [School spring] too as the project #Skolvision [School vision].

How to keep the torch burning?
How shall we keep this conversation going? It’s easy. We just keep doing it and bring others to next event. We are aiming to get 10 000 people talking on the same day next spring.  This will be an event spread out over 10 Swedish cities. Can we make it happen?

Freedom of Speech
Where is the line drawn between freedom of speech and discrimination? Should it be a hard line or a fuzzy line? This is a tricky conversation. One that I did not have the opportunity to indulge myself in. Maybe next time. Check out XKCD’s taken on Free Speech.

Social Media
This on the other hand was one conversation that I spent an hour on. As Social Media and the Network Society is dearest to my heart I couldn’t resist going to this group knowing that here I probably was one with the most experience. I usually go to meetings with people from different social media tribes. zoo I was curious to see what people had to say about it here. And it was a very good conversation ranging from empathy and behavioral science to geek stuff about how to protect your privacy online and Edward Snowden.

We need to lift forward stories from idols and role models on how to behave online. We really emphasized the importance on talking the each other both online and afk on how to behave towards each other. The world  is in such a dire need of more empathy.

To sum up what we talked about during the day we made this awesome store boards

To sum up what we talked about during the day we made this awesome storyboard

One group wanted to use roleplaying as tool emphasise the importance of have a good conversation and asking the right questions to other people. Questions that feel right and that one wants to answer in constructive way.

Away Mission on the Bus
Jack did something that got the love of the others. He took his group out on a trip on a public bus. Just to talk to random people about what kind of Sweden they wanted to live in. Their Away-Mission went very well and they where already talking about on how to develop the concept further when they came back. On how to talk to random strangers about such an important issue. Not something you usually talk to strangers with and yet it’s a conversation that we should be able to have with just about anyone we meet on the street.

Meeting places for cross fertilisation
Many of todays important decisions are mad by fairly homogenous groups. Small team where everyone thinks alike. This is a big problem of course. The solution is as easy as it is hard. Create diversified super teams. But if you already are a tight team or a tribe it’s not easy to invite in or attract people who thinks differently.

During the past 2 years I have gone to a multitude of different conferences, lectures and mingles. And on most of them people tend to think alike or be in the same business. Even I have hard time motivating myself to go somewhere I feel I don’t belong. So I can really say that there is a strong need for events that mixes up the people who attend them.

This is one of my missions. Taking the Holistic approach. This is how we build a society together. Everyone can belong to their own little tribes. But it is important that we belong to more than one so that there is inter exchange between groups. I hear many people who worry about internet becoming a world of many small bubbles. We are under the illusion the previous era of mass communication where an enlighten era where strange thinning in small groups could not fester. But it has always been like that. We have never been as enlightened as we are now.

The main danger is that bad thinking and behaviour could quickly become amplified and out of control now in a small group with no outside influence. Yes, the net has certainly speeded up communication. In a small group in can spiral out of  control quickly.

That’s why we need to monitor each others more closely. No one should be left alone to their own devices. I’m not saying we need a big brother who watches over every citizens private shoulder. But from an early age are young should be involved in the conversation of our common future. Talking about morality and have exercises in empathy. No one should be left alone. We should all be engaged in conversation like these across space and age. We should welcome all and make them feel needed in the different communities they live and wander in.

Scary World [Scary Guy’s Mission on World Peace]

The Scary Guy - TEDxSalford

The Scary Guy – TEDxSalford – On a mission for World Peace

We still live in a Scary World. And we have long why to wander together to get to a world of World Peace. But we are getting there. It’s not going to be easy. But I see it as the only viable future for mankind. One of my main inspirations on this road is a guy called The Scary Guy. It’s his actual legal name. Today I just happen to see him live on the internet as he gave a speech from TEDxSalford in Manchester, UK. See it for yourself at his TEDxSalford speech. It starts 3 hours and 19 minutes in.

You Create You — The Scary Guy

The Scary Guy talks about his mission towards creating World Peace. It’s a road we all can choose travel on together daily. We create our own selves. We are responsible for the direction our lives are taking.

We create our World 3.0 together. And we start doing it Today by talking to each other about it.

@LordSillion [Michael Sillion]
Holistic Thinking Ninja