Family – Tribe – Faith – Planet

#004 [IV]
Building our own social tribe [What is Work?]

You may have seen the movie A Few Good Men with Jack and Tom. In it you can hear a Marine recite the USMC code saying:
“Unit, Corps, God, Country.”
This is of course the wrong one as the real one is God, Country, Corps. But the first one makes more sense according to how we humans work. It’s like the old Arab saying:
Me and my brother against my cousins, me and my cousins against the village, me and my village against the tribe, me and my tribe against the rest of the world

We will probably not be ONE Country here on Earth with just one tribe, the earthlings, in the foreseeable future. We will have to do with many small tribes. But what we can do is make sure that we are all on the same global quest. To make our Planet Earth a place where we can live and evolve for many million of years to come. We now have the tools to do this in our new Network Society.

We must become Makers of our own fortune. But we mustn’t do this alone. We can now do it together with friends, family and even people on the other side of Earth. We can’t all be Entrepreneurs and not all Entrepreneurs are doers. But most of us are born Social. And we need to build a strong social world around us. Where we share our stuff and help those who didn’t make it. That is why I suggest new code:

Family – Tribe – Faith – Planet

Family [Blood or Imprinted]

Many of us stick to our Family Life out. Our closet family can be by blood or by design. But The Nuclear Family that has been the design in the resent 100 years after the great wars is not the way to go into the future. We are now in position to choose our extended family and I think we are beginning to thanks to the Networked Society.

Tribe [Join or Create Your Tribe]

Join a tribe. It is now more than ever possible to join or create your own tribe. Internet and Social Media has made it very easy to find your own kind. People how has the same interests or set of beliefs or burns for the same passion. Seth Godin also talk more about the modern tribes and how to create them.

Faith [We Who Believe in The Future]

Start a new Religion. Renowned philosopher Alain de Botton argues that despite the falsity of supernatural claims of religion, they still have very important things to teach the secular world.

Yes I too think our society has become visionless. It’s all about your own personal pleasure. We need a better community and we need something to work together towards. We need to start doing things together that matters.

Planet [Earth our Mothership]

We all live on a Spaceship. And we need to be reminded of that on a daily basis. This is our only home. But no one is acting like it. We expect someone else take on the challenges mankind faces. If we plan to make Planet Earth a permanent home for the human race it must present en every action we take and all plans we make for the future. Not just shortsighted plans for the coming year on how to make profit for our Company or our Nation State. We must have a global vision for Life on Planet Earth.

“When the smoke clears and you get right down to it, only three things really matter: your faith, your fortitude, and your family. Good night” — Jim Profit

Why do you work? [I am an agent of change]

I have also been seeing the latest video from Stefan Hyttfors in Swedish: Social Capitalism. It’s a very insightful video about why we must all redefine:

Why we Work
How we Work
What we should be Working With

We have now reached the end of growth. But yet politicians still lie and do nothing about it. You must find what you are good at and have a passion for.  And hopefully we will get paid enough by doing it.

I am an agent of change. I’m in the middle of changing myself and want to work with helping others to change and build this new society together.


I smell a new Spring Coming

@LordSillion [Michael Sillion]

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