A Sustainable Future #Blogg100

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The End of Economic Growth is here [Let’s think outside “The Globe” and Evolve]

Today I have been participating in an local event here in Varberg. It has the intent to bring into light the work that has to be done to move to a more sustainable society. I have filmed 2 sessions I went to here on Bambuser in Swedish:

Björn Forsberg Tillväxtens slut 1(2) and Björn Forsberg Tillväxtens slut 2(2)

#Varberg2025 Omställningens utmaningar part 1 and part 2

Crisis = Opportunity

Every crisis in here on earth presents an amazing opportunity here on Earth for life. It is usually during the biggest catastrophes the new life come into being. It opens up new niches for those who can adapt.

It’s only through change that we can evolve.

Because now humanity faces it’s biggest “opportunity” yet.

Everyone wants growth [The End of Economic Growth]

If you speak to the leaders of any local town here in Sweden they all want it’s population to grown in the near future. Because this is a easy way to ensure local Economic Growth as well. But we all know we can’t increase Earth’s population any much more. The political leaders here in Sweden still thinks the recession will end and that we can consume our way into a new economic boom. When in fact we have reach the end of Growth.

Peak Everything [The Resource Wall]

We have in fact reached Peak Everything regarding most natural resources. The so called “Resource Wall”. All the Scientist all agree on this. Check out the Sustainability part of my The Best of RSA. So when both the population will continue to grow and many more of the current population of Earth will have much grater demand on Earths resource. We are probably going to crash. And then it can get really ugly if we are not prepared.

One thing we can do that Geoff Mulgan snuggest is to start Taxing resources that we dig out of the ground instead of manned labor. This will lead to that we recycle all our resources to much larger degree. And that all companies take responsibility on how the use the resource they already have.

New Currencies [Local gardening]

Things that has grown out of necessity all over the world is local urban gardening and the introduction of new local currencies to support these local markets. These Local Currencies has been developed all over the world.

Let’s make this Transition of society happen before we forced to take mush more desperate actions. 

@LordSillion [Michael Sillion]

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