The Future of my Hometown #Blogg100

#024 [XXIV]
Can we make a nest for creative people? [We are only just in the beginning of things to come]

Today I have been walking with a local politician here in my hometown Varberg. Everyone who participated got a chance to walk with a local politician for 2 hours and talk about the future. I walked with Lilith Svensson. We talked about the role of Social Media and how we can use it to change society. What impacts will it have on local democracy?

Lilith Svensson and Michael Sillion

Lilith Svensson and Michael Sillion

Varberg 2025 – The Creative center-point on the west coast

A little over a year ago Varberg took on the challenge of making itself a Center for Creativity in a plan stretching towards 2025. By making it a sustainable place regarding ecological, social and economical thinking. We talked about what must be done to work on this vision together in the community. How can you make the local residents feel that they take part in creating their own future?

Creative people want creative culture and activities

If you want creative people to live, work and create business here you must give them chance to experience creative culture, activities and entertainment. We discussed what could be done to help people organize their own activities. We must also make sure that they can commute to take part such activities in the surrounding towns. In Varberg’s case there is now way to get home from Gothenburg in the night if you have been out on a late dinner, concert, club or similar cultural event. If you want people to live here you must first supply things like that.

Surf’s up [Let’s make life more interesting]

Varberg has long been a center for the surf-culture and especially windsurfing. Last year we had a very big event called Coastal Culture. It was a very well visited event where every one could try out or watch all kinds of events like windsurfing, skimboard, skateboarding and lots of other stuff. There where lots of lectures on creativity and culture. Sadly this event won’t be taking place this year.

This is also a kind of event that will draw creative people to live and work here. If we can create all kinds of opportunity for lots of different kind of sports and extreme sports to happen the community around it will come and flourish. And with it, we will bring along all kind of smart people who demands this kind of leisure-time. The active kind of people who make things happen.

Creative Sustainable Future

Me myself want to create a meeting-place in the form of an Unconference. There I want to discuss a Creative Sustainable Future. Where everyone can share and develop new ideas together. A place where creative people meet who thinks about the future.

Let’s invest in our own future

@LordSillion [Michael Sillion]

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