Princess of Mars #Blogg100

#033 [XXXIII]
Princesses of Earth [How will we fight over the last freshwater of Earth?]

Princess of Mars

Princess of Mars

I’ve put it off for a long time. Seeing the movie Princess of Mars or John Carter of Mars. Say what you want about all criticism the movie has gotten. For a late night Matinee of the silly old school Fairy tale type it is perfect. My just the right kind of cheese for my taste. And we get to see “Julius Caesar” and “Mark Anthony” from Rome playing the same kind of characters.

“Everyone’s cause is sacred”

“They didn’t name it Princess of Mars because they thought boys wouldn’t see it. Then they didn’t name it John Carter of Mars because girls wouldn’t/ see it with Mars in the title. So instead we got John Carter, which nobody saw. Smooth.”

Future commission

My thoughts go to process of of dying planet. Earlier this week a special “Future commission” on assignment from the Swedish Government presented their report on what the Future might look like and what to do about it… It has been called toothless to say the least. If we can’t bring ourself to take action now when we all can play nice and have no imminent disaster on our hands. What will happen when the opposite is true?

Princesses of the Future

I would like my little Princesses to become future Princesses of Planet Earth. At least in one of the many Tribes that will still live here.

To borrow some quotes from Jayce in League of Legends

“This is what the future looks like”
“I fight for a brighter tomorrow”

I will bring down the hammer and I will light our path

Oh and by the way. I have been to Mars. And the sites in the movie looks much more real in real life.

Lord Commander Sillion of the Isfarian Space Navy

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