League of Legends Kick Ass #Blogg100

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Need … More … PAX [Miss it all ready]

This is part 7 (8) of Bro Tour USA where me Lord Sillion and my brother Fredrik visits New York and PAX East in Boston.

Curse Party

Curse Party

Today we left Boston on train back to New York for one more day there. The 3 day passes where already sold out so we didn’t go for day 3 of PAX. Witch is a piety now that I know how much good stuff there where left to experience and many great people I wanted to meet. So we start collecting our thoughts on PAX and what to make of it.

Being Social [All types of gamers in one arena]

PAX is a really unique thing in the gaming industry. Where all kind of gamers can meet. And where the developers get chance to meet and interact with the fans and gamers. A large part of the show is course videogames as this is the biggest market. But here we get all kinds and even the hardcore gamers who play or keep up with every kind of game. And the we have all the panels and shows witch are plentiful and very interesting. But to sum it up in one word. It’s all about being Social with other gamers. We like to meet and hang out with each other. To meet new and old friends. To share knowledge and experience with each other. To Network.

Social tools and networking [The new way doing things together]

And all of this has been made easier each year with the growth of new and better social media. No it’s very easy to interact before, during and after the event. To find interesting people and cool stuff to do.
Twitter has been huge using the hash tags #PAXEast and #PAX. Instagram is catching on. Especially for sharing all the cool pictures of all the cosplayers. And new for this year has been Vine, where you can make a quick 6 second audioless video of anything cool you want to show of. All using the same hash tags to find it. Thanks to the mostly good Wi-Fi it has also been possible for me to live-stream some of the panels I went to using Bambuser. Here my new iPad mini has been an invaluable and fantastic tool for all the streaming and social media usage.

Maker Gear 3D printed Tachikoma

Maker Gear 3D printed Tachikoma

More XP [3D printing my own gear in the future]

What more did I experience? We saw Maker Gear. A similar but a little cheaper 3D printer than MakerBot. I got a chance to buy the new Deck-building card game Marvel Legendary. It can’t be sold in Europe due to licensing problems and I have herd so much good things about it. So as big Marvel fan I’m really glad to get a hold of a copy as it has been sold out pretty much everywhere here in the US.



Welcome to the League of Draven [Sometimes you gotta make a door]

As a big fan of League of Legends it was really awesome to meet so many of the developers that has but their hearts and minds into this fun game. They deserve all the love they where getting at this place. Maybe their time has come to hit in Sweden too. I for one would be very exited to work with or for Riot Games for their overall presence in Sweden. What should I do to make that happen? I have a few ideas how to make that happen. And will get right on it as soon as I’m back in Sweden with proper internet.

“Punch First! Ask questions while Punching!” – Vi the Piltower


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