How to make it at PAX East in Boston #Blogg100

#042 [XLII]
PAX day 1 [Gaming, Education and Networking]

This is part 5 (8) of Bro Tour USA where me Lord Sillion and my brother Fredrik visits New York and PAX East in Boston.

Live From PAX Blizzard queue

Today was PAX East day 1. And what a day full of impression it have been. Arriving at the enormous Boston we quickly com inside just to join a massive horde of People queuing up to enter the exhibition hall.

Live going into the exhibition hall


The Horde waiting to get in

The Horde vs Penny Arcade

The Horde vs Penny Arcade

69 000 people has signed up to go to PAX East. And here you can find all sorts of gaming, gamers, ninjas and pirates. Many people has but down enormous amount of time and energy to create a cosplay costume of their favorite gaming characters. There a large selection panels happening all day and night all related to gaming in some kind. The most popular ones will have long queue outside.

Gaming and Education [We learn through Friends, Fun and Feedback]

I picked two panels regarding gaming as an education tool and using badges and gamification in school. I have filmed both using Bambuser. Apparently Ninja filming is still a unknown concept here too. The first one was really good about how to us a real and well designed game to teach kids about water quality with real scientific data and simulations. It was held by Steve Swink. Read about it here Game Designers are Defining the Next 50 Years of Education.

See it on my Bambuser: Gaming in Education part 1Gaming in Education part 2

The Doctor's Cure (Plague: Modern Prometheus)

The Doctor’s Cure (Plague: Modern Prometheus)

The second one was about if badges could teach kids in school to learn things. Using statistical studies. Just like grades badges don’t work on all people. Even if they tried to state that their is a difference between extrinsic and external motivation I still think it motivates for the wrong reason.

Take a look yourself: Badges

Bianca Woods who sat next to me also live blogged both panels. So I will try to link them in here.

Exhibition Hall [League of Legends and Cosplay]

In the exhibition hall you can find some of the Large giants in the gaming industry along side small indie developers and tabletop gaming like Wizard of The Coast and Privateer Press. There is a ridicules long line to try out the Beta of the MMO Neverwinter. There are allot of new MMOs (Massive Mutiplayer Onlinegame) coming that are present here, City of Steam. WildStar is hosting a very large presence here with their very World of Warcraft looking MMO. Blizzard is showing of the Console version of Diablo III and they also reviled a new game. It’s a freemium online Collectable Card Game called HearthStone.

Then we have the super crowded Riot Games booth. League of Legends has taken the world with storm. In their booth they have a full on eSports show with some teams playing.

League Of Legends at PAX

League Of Legends at PAX

Even if most people here are commonly dressed you still get the feeling that the place is crowded with cosplayers because they stand out so much. The most common them among the cosplayers are very clearly League of Legends. When I get home I put up all my pictures of the cosplayers.

Taric, Lux, Sona, Janna

Taric, Lulu, Sona, Janna

Wood Ashe

Woad Ashe





There is free Wi-fi throughout the whole convention and the use of social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the new Vine is prominent. But far from every one is is using it.

Network and Party [Social interaction is at the core of everything]

The Last panel I went to today was one about Breaking Into Gaming & Partying On! with some of the most prominent people in the videogaming business. They discussed how to get a foot into the gaming industry. Of course you need to be good at what you do and have real passion. But if no-one knows about it that won’t do you any good. We are still humans living in a human world. You have to go to the right conventions and on them you have the meet right people. And that you do by being social on the right parties. It’s all about partying on. See my live recording of it here with Martine ParisAmy Brady, Warren Price and others.

Live Stream: Breaking Into Gaming & Partying On!

Breaking Into Gaming & Partying On!

Breaking Into Gaming & Partying On!

Wildstar Party

Wildstar Party

So using Social media I managed to find out that there where a Twitch party tonight at club Boston Royal. I went and meet some great people in the gaming industry. Some of them who where on the panel.

SWEDEN! Faith Harrison shouts at me 🙂


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