Times Square Visual Sensory Overload #Blogg100

#043 [XLIII]
Milkshake Breakfast at a Diner [Marvel City day 2]

This is part 4 (8) of Bro Tour USA where me Lord Sillion and my brother Fredrik visits New York and PAX East in Boston.

Today we checked out of The New Yorker Hotel. Tonight we are going to Boston by train. We start out the day by going to The Tic Toc Diner around the corner to eat a real America Brunch. With millions of omelets, pancakes and Sandwiches on the menu we settle down for 2 delisious milkshakes and 2 great bacon burgers. Why don’t we Diners in Sweden?

Lego Hulk at Toys R Us

Lego Hulk at Toys R Us

Today we took the Broadway north instead. Arriving at Time Square the Brain goes into sensory visual overload. What you can’t get from watching pictures or Videos from here is the massive visual sensory overload the your brain is experiencing with everything moving around you in 360 degrees.

First stop was Toys ‘R Us. Checking out the Star Wars Lego and the Giant Lego Hulk.

Times Square

Times Square

Striding on north after some 100 photos we hit Central Park being offered to rent a bike by each and everyone present. It’s time find somewhere to sit down and we find a Starbucks on Broadway. So that we can connect to our lifeline: The Interntez. Sharing lots of Photos and the first streamed Bambuser video.

[SWE] Live From Times Square

[SWE] Live From Starbucks Times Square

We are thinking about seeing a movie but after half a liter of tee the brain is up and running again  We visit some cool places on return south like Midtown Comics and a newly open restaurant called Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hide.

Apparently there is Advanced screening of the Game of Thrones season 3 premier at Regal Theater tonight too.

We are now on the Amtrak train to Boston. Apparently there is 69 000 people registered for for PAX East this weekend 🙂

Feeling the Geek vibe on Twitter and Instagram under the hashtag #PAXEast


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