A new Social Beginning #Blogg100

#049 [IL]
We are going to the WebCoast [Where people are open and knowledge are plentiful]

Today I stared early with a breakfast mingle in Ullared. After that we traveled to Gothenburg through this beautiful late winter forest.


Lean Leadership – Social Media – Coaching – Cognition = LUCKc

Later we reach the destination for the day. The Unconference WebCoast. Today was very good. I went to great workshop with Johan Lange and Karin Hedin about LUCK and LEAN UX.

I will go into detail later about the whole concept as Johan will have more Session. Unfortunately all videos are in Swedish below.

[SWE] Den kan ses i ett antal delar på Bambuser på Svenska: Del 1, Del 2, Del 3, Del 4, Del 5, Del 6,
Själv dyker jag bara upp på slutet i denna 2 timmars workshop.

#LUCKconcept #webcoast #LEAN_UX

#LUCKconcept #webcoast #LEAN_UX


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