Staying North by NorthEast #Blogg100

#055 [LV]
I will commandeer a new vessel [Where we are going we don’t need winds]

Right now many people I follow on Twitter is in Austin Texas on South by SouthWest or short #SXSW
This is a harbor where I wold lay my anchor too right now if the winds would have been kind to me. But as it is my ship where forced to take another course and ended up NxNE instead.

Next year I will captain a new vessel that will take me there. I have also plotted course for Alemdalen this summer here In Sweden.

But first next week and the week before that I will visit some exiting places. First out is WebCoast in Gothenburg. There I will meet many fellow Ninjas and Pirates. We will be discussing many important topics regarding this new network society of ours. This is where my heart and mind lies. For helping building this new networked intelligence is what I intend my craft to be.

The week after that me and my 2 year younger brother will be visit North America. First time for med and second time for my brother. We will go there in airship to the international space port New York. We are going to stay there for a while and the move on the land way to Boston and Geek Mecka, namley PAX East.

Make it so!

Lord Commander Sillion


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