Princess of Mars #Blogg100

#033 [XXXIII]
Princesses of Earth [How will we fight over the last freshwater of Earth?]

Princess of Mars

Princess of Mars

I’ve put it off for a long time. Seeing the movie Princess of Mars or John Carter of Mars. Say what you want about all criticism the movie has gotten. For a late night Matinee of the silly old school Fairy tale type it is perfect. My just the right kind of cheese for my taste. And we get to see “Julius Caesar” and “Mark Anthony” from Rome playing the same kind of characters.

“Everyone’s cause is sacred”

“They didn’t name it Princess of Mars because they thought boys wouldn’t see it. Then they didn’t name it John Carter of Mars because girls wouldn’t/ see it with Mars in the title. So instead we got John Carter, which nobody saw. Smooth.”

Future commission

My thoughts go to process of of dying planet. Earlier this week a special “Future commission” on assignment from the Swedish Government presented their report on what the Future might look like and what to do about it… It has been called toothless to say the least. If we can’t bring ourself to take action now when we all can play nice and have no imminent disaster on our hands. What will happen when the opposite is true?

Princesses of the Future

I would like my little Princesses to become future Princesses of Planet Earth. At least in one of the many Tribes that will still live here.

To borrow some quotes from Jayce in League of Legends

“This is what the future looks like”
“I fight for a brighter tomorrow”

I will bring down the hammer and I will light our path

Oh and by the way. I have been to Mars. And the sites in the movie looks much more real in real life.

Lord Commander Sillion of the Isfarian Space Navy

Mug Loving #Blogg100

Wanna piece of me? [I melt for no one!]

My M&M Mugs

My M&M Mugs

When I walk into M&M’s store on Times Square in New York and saw these mugs I just know I had 2 get them. What mugs or glasses we drink our brewages from has hug impact how we experiences the taste of them. As Dan Ariely has shown in his studies. When I saw the huge Red Round Mug in front of me. It instantly reminded me of my red mug I used to have as a child. I also love the round form with the thick walls that will keep my Tea or hot Chocolate warm for long while drinking. I was instantly sold to me. And it made such a great couple with the green one as well.

Mug Loving!

Terra Mystica

Terra Mystica



Gamer slang

There are also 2 great quotes inside the mugs. “Wanna piece of me?” and “I melt for no one!”. Today (11 am) I started my day where I left it early this morning (6 am). Meeting people and playing boardgames at the gaming convention Gothcon in Sweden. When we sit down and play games in the hallways and the classrooms at Hvitfeldtska High-school many people walk by or stay and watch the games. A few of them commented on the language we where using. We use a lot of gamer slang, friendly thrash talk, and a lot of Swinglish words.
“Iskallt” [Ice cold] comes to mind when someone pulls off a daring move.

It’s just how we gamers roll


Imperial gaming

In a hallway I came across some people playing one of my all time favorite boardgames: Imperial. I noticed that they used the Nobish Investor card variant. So I asked if they have played allot. 3 where beginners a one guy had played it around 10 times. He didn’t even know that there where a better variant of the game designed for real gamers. So they where really glad when I explained how the game was supposed to play. I also noticed that there where no flags in the ocean areas. This was a ruled I remember that we also missed on our very first play thinking that you only got points for the land areas.

I watched them for a while pointing out moves and strategies each and every one could make. Then they cheered me on my merry way. It is always such a powerful feeling you get when hanging out with gamers and helping each other. That’s what I like the most of gaming convention like Gothcon or PAX. The Positive vibe you get from meeting most people here.

Gothcon Mugs

Gothcon Mugs

International TableTop Day

Today is also International TableTop Day all over the world. And that is so fitting here in Sweden with Gothcon and all. Speaking of Gothcon and mugs and all … Like many Conventions here in Sweden, Gothcon has a special mug printed every year that you buy too get free Tee and Coffee throughout the Convention. Being a Mug Lover myself, I of course have to collect them all.

God night everyone and play more games “Together” face to face drinking your favorite brewages from your favorite mugs 🙂


Prepping for Gothcon #Blogg100

#036 [XXXVI]
Gamers Assemble [It’s time to kick ass and meet nice people]

Tomorrow is the largest gaming convection in Sweden. Gothcon
I have 2 new games that I’m bringing with me and are now sitting and learning the rules. The first is Ground Floor the game from Kickstarter. The second is Marvel Legendary which I bought on PAX East in USA.

Life is a Game!

Marvel Legendary


The Locust and the Bee #Blogg100

#037 [XXXVII]
We Must Tax Resources [Not work]

Yesterday I was listening live to the RSA event The Locust and the Bee. It was with Geoff Mulgan about his new book The Locust and the Bee: Predators and Creators in Capitalism’s Future.

Now only available as a PodCast.


Geoff Mulgan

Predatory or Creativity

Or capitalistic society with now has taken over the world was just supposed to be a temporary one before we invented a new better one. Many Thinkers argued about what was to be the next step.

A capitalistic system is both Predatory and Creative one. Just like Good and Evil. No country or company or human being is just one but a combination of both. In order to succeed we need to keep one side back and make the other flourish.

Witch our 2 bears will we feed? The Cruel Ferocious Hunter or the Caring Compassionate Loving Bear?

What we can do that will work wonders in the short term is use economic incentives. For the solutions we have to put our trust in local cites as Nation States don’t have the resolve to do anything in time. But what the Nation State can do is use taxes as incentives. Her we have to lower the taxes on work and raise taxes on using unrenewable resources from nature.

My Twitter question to Geoff Mulgan to which I got an answer:

“What role will Social Media play? Will it unite or divide us in terms of collaborating globally and locally?”


Circular Economy

Another topic of the week on Twitter has been the Circular Economy  and #CEsthlm.  I will get back to this tomorrow.

In the mean time check out Anders Wijkman when he talks on Swedish Radio.

[SWE] “Vi lever i förnekelse” – Anders Wijkman om ekonomin och klimatet

He has previously written a book in English with Johan Rockström called Bankrupting Nature: Denying Our Planetary Boundaries.


House Sillion – Life is a Game #Blogg100

#038 [XXXVIII]
Peter Dinklage is the Man [6 days to go to GoT]

House Sillion - Life is a Game

House Sillion – Life is a Game

House Sillion – Life is a Game

In anticipation of the upcoming premier of Game of Thrones this weekend HBO has created this brilliant campaign that lets you create your own House sigil and motto: Join The Realm. Follow in on Twitter to #JoinTheRealm

Mine fittingly goes with what I talk much about here on my blog: A new Game of Power for you, Life is a Game

More Love

More Game of Thrones love. Westeros has a facebook page with whats going on.

Comicbookgorl19 gives the History of Targaryens.

Found out there was Swedish Premier of Game of Thrones tonight as well. First I miss it in New York last week and then I miss it here too.

Check out Peter Dinklage on The Daily Show.

[SWE] Lyssna också på podcasten Nördsnack Episode 4 om Game of Thrones av med Samuel Linde och Jakob Hultman.


Peter Dinklage


Our story comes to an end back in New York #Blogg100

#039 [XXXIX]
Game of Plots – House of Secrets [Plot me up]

This is part 8 (8) of Bro Tour USA where me Lord Sillion and my brother Fredrik visits New York and PAX East in Boston.

Bro Tour USA 2013

Bro Tour USA 2013

Back in New York

Last night we came back to New York after 3 days in Boston and PAX East. Real all about in my previous posts.

Olympus has Fallen… indeed…

What more to do in New York. Me and my brother are also big Movie and Tv-Series geeks so naturally we wanted to got and see a great movie in a big theater when we are here in the US. Unfortunately nothing good was showing so we made our hopes to the for us unknown Olympus has Fallen with Gerard, Morgan and Eckhart. It started out as a really cool movie. The sound is amazing with the new Dolby ETX. But halfway through the plot got so unbelievable that all suspension of disbelieve got thrown out of the “Oval Office Window”. It setts up a Narration about how things are done regarding military strategy. And then Stops doing it according to that Narration.  We started discussing and dissecting the plot in the movie theater. Why why why can’t they for the love of god just do this:

“Hey, Great to see you man.
Look we are doing Multi-Million-dollar movie that is going to be seen by millions of smart people.
Can’t you just spend an hour going through the script to see if we have some mayor plot holes?”

Let’s put our hope that Oblivion, which is Morgan Freeman’s next movie, will be a lot more worthy of him. But it was  fun to see it in New York as the whole theater was cheering as a bad guy bites the dust.

House of Secrets – Game of Plots

Back out out on the street we see this huge poster of the new TV-Series House of Cards. 

House Of Cards

House Of Cards

And all the cabs driving around all have the Game of Thrones poster on them for the upcoming Season 3 premier on March 31.

As big TV-Series Geeks, my brother and I is seldom exited to go and see many movies any more. As so many of them have to many plot holes. We instead immerse our self with geek love into many of our favorite TV-Series. Like Game of Thrones, Revenge, Battlestar Galactica, Continuum, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Flash Forward, Rome, Vampire Diaries, Boss, The Walking Dead, Stargate Atlantis and The Borgias. There will we the commitment to a story worth put our StoryTelling Soul into. Although some of the has been canceled before they could tell their story to end out of sheer stupidness, many are aloud run free and bless us with their magic.

Storytelling magic is where we human lives. Let’s tell way more and meaningful stories to each other!

This is the End of Bro Tour 2013 with me and my Brother going to New York and PAX East in Boston. Oh and I’m going to miss the Milkshakes 🙂