Social Bonding #Blogg100

#076 [LXXVI]
Playing games face to face together [Spela spel ihop, ansikte mot ansikte]

Idag har vi varit ett stort gäng på Sverok Västs lokal Spelets hus i Göteborg och spelat brädspel. Denna livsstil som ligger mig varmast om hjärtat. Som jag håller som min heliga grej. Är väldigt social och varmt välkomnande. Alla som kommer dit blir varmt motagna. Man parar ihop sig i grupper och spelar del olika typer av spel som passar en. Jag är där med några av mina äldsta och bästa vänner. Det är verkligen som Jane McGonigal säger.

När man spelar spel ihop uppstår en fantastisk social bonding.

Idag blev det 4 av mina nya favoritspel. Terra Mystica, Spartacus, Key Flower och Clash of Cultures. 2 stora gäng ville prova att spela det gamla spelet Diplomacy från 1959. Ett bräde var överens om att det kändes som ett väldig gammalt spel. Idag känns Imperial och Game of Thrones mycket bättre i denna kategorin. Många brädspelare där är med i föreningen GoBo.


LordSillion, Champ, Samuel och Ölme

LordSillion, Champ, Samuel och Ölme spelar Clash of Cultures

2 Bräden Diplpomacy

2 Bräden Diplpomacy

Final standing in Terra Mystica 139 Darklings, 125, Dwarfs, 94 Swarmlings

Final standing in Terra Mystica 139 Darklings, 125, Dwarfs, 94 Swarmlings


Logistik-pussel är bara förnamnet i KeyFlower

Blood and Backstabbing in Spartacus

Blood and Backstabbing in Spartacus

Civilization games FTW #Blogg100

#077 [LXXVII]
A Civilization game done right

Have you ever played some of Sid Meier’s Civilization games on the computer?

My Civilization history

I have. For me it started with Civilization I on the Amiga. Then in 1996 came Civilization II. One of the most addictive games ever produced. I could wake up a Saturday morning just to play few rounds. Then when the sun came down in the evening I was still, A: sitting in my underwear, very cold with a stiff neck, and B: Very hungry from not eating anything for the whole day 🙂

So for me the best Civ computer game is Civilization Revolution. Because it’s very streamlined and therefore very short. Which means that I would not go a whole day without eating when playing it. Only 3-4 hours at max. They kept just the good parts.

Civilization boardgames

So it comes as no surprise that as a boardgamer we have long been searching for the perfect Civilization boardgame. There has been quite a few over the years. Some bad and some quite good but very long. Here are some of the games that I have played: History of The World,  Tempus, Civilization, Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization, Mare Nostrum, Rise of Empires, Runewars, Uruk, Roll Through the Ages: The Bronze Age, 7 Wonders, After the Flood, Age of Mythology, Antike, Colonial, EclipseArchipelagio, Assyria, Alien Frontiers, Sid Meier’s Civilization: The Board Game.

We had our hopes up Fantasy Flight games epic and official boardgame version: Sid Meier’s Civilization: The Board Game. But to me it fell flat with a bad combat system and a horrible army build mechanic.

Terra Mystica

But this winter something happened. 2 very promising Civ game where released at Essen spiel. The first I got my hands on and played was Terra Mystica. It’s a very good game with lot’s of interesting mechanics and many difficult decisions each turn. The interaction is low and it’s not quite the traditional Civ game. It plays beautifully and is new favorite boardgame of mine.

Clash of Cultures

Tonight I finally got to play the second game. Namely Clash of Cultures. For me the best part in all the classic Civ games are the early part before anyone develops gunpowder and more modern technologies. In Clash of Cultures you only play in a antique civilization and that is perfect for me. This game captures all the classic ingredients for a Civ game. And does so in a very streamlined way with lots of tough choices.

I have link to a gameplay video in my previous episode: #081 [LXXXI] The Future is a co-op game we all can play and win!

Time will tell if it is the the game I think it is for me. Me and Martin played a 2 player short game tonight.

Civilization games FTW!


Game end. Martin won with as the yellow player

Game end. Martin won as the yellow player

I came in second as red

I came in second as red

I had mush less science advances than Martin

I had less science advances than Martin

Martin is a happy camper

Martin is a happy camper

Life defining moments #Blogg100

#078 [LXXVIII]
Music moments that changed my life & Social Movie Watching 

See the end on why I write this. Here I have picked 3 moments where music changed my life. There are many more and maybe I will come back to them later.

Boney M – Nightflight to Venus

I was 6 years old when the first one hit me. My father and his brother was helping him buy a new stereo. They had borrowed 2 tape recorders along with a brand new Philips Hi-Fi Stereo. We where mixing and recording the new album of Boney M, “Nightflight to Venus”. The opening track “Nightflight to Venus” became my favorite with the cool opening drum beat and the concept to flying to the Planet Venus. This song became my favorite song when growing up and it sparked my interest in Music and Sci-Fi.

Darude – Sandstorm

The year was 2000 and the Uplifting Trance genre was at it’s height. Me and my best friend Ulrika was at a visit in my hometown Halmstad during Easter. We went out to dance at Daltons, the best techno club in town. During the last hour there the DJ played a 1 hour long mix of Darude’s Sandstorm. We danced like there was no tomorrow. The Hive-Switch was on to say the least and we where ecstatic. Shirts off and dripping in sweat. From that day on when the music is right and I’m in a mood, I always dance giving my all. All fatigue goes away and I go into Trance.

Mindless Self Indulgence – Never Wanted To Dance

It was last fall in 2012 when I had just hit level 40. I was asked to come up on stage with the rock band Mindless Self Indulgence [MSI] during their live concert here in Sweden. MSI has long been a favorite punk-rock band of mine. Their live concert has a legendary status to be something extra. And when they finally came to Sweden last year and I got a chance to see them this happens. Check out the Video in my other Blog. As you can see from the video I Rock with the best of them 🙂

Jimmy’s words to me:

“Let that be a lesson to you!
That’s how you get famous.
You just take your fucking opportunities.
Just what anybody says you say:
Fuck it! I’m going to do it anyway” — Jimmy Urine

It was a very empowering feeling.
I now feel like I can take on the world and make a dent in the Universe.

I rock onstage with MSI

I rock onstage with MSI

Doc Lounge – Watch movies together in a social style

The reason I write this is because tonight I was at a new type of experience. Doc Lounge in Varberg. We meet up to  mingle in soft lounge like local. There is a bar and later they started showing the documentary style movie The Secret Disco Revolution. The saddest part was that there was no Boney M or ABBA in the movie. They where 2 groups that I grew up with and defined disco me. But other Disco still has a warm place in my heart. After the movie was done we cleared the area before the screen and we stared to dance to Disco music. Something I do with great love and energy. This is a totally new way to watch documentary movies together.

The whole concept with social movie watching is awesome.

Doc Lounge in Varberg

Google Doodle Disco

Google Doodle Disco on 14 feb 2013


Do you have a Contingency plan? #Blogg100

#079 [LXXIX]
Why Hearts and Minds?

“Hearts and minds… Far more effective than bombs and guns…” — Continuum

I have been watching 6 episodes of Continuum so far. In the future Mega-Corporations has taken over the role of nations and rule all without insight. A small group of rebels travel back in time make sure that future does not become like this. I like Science Fiction that makes me think. And now they started to whip up a message in this one too.

We need to hold everyone who plunder the world for their own personal or corporate gain accountable.

It’s time for a new society. How can we get this message across to those who don’t want to listen? By hiding it in stories like this 🙂

“If you want to burrow a message into a human mind. Work it into a story” — Jonathan Gottschall

I blog more about this in my 2 other blogs:

#21 Engage in Storytelling and This is your story

Shaping the Future

Continuum is also about shaping your own future. There is a META discussion about this in the show. How the time travel perspective can make you think about shaping your own future. It is all very interesting and philosophical. It presses all my buttons as a Futurist (I am two parts Future-Philosopher, one part Strategist, one part Network Ninja and one part Change-Agent).

Do we have any Contingency plans for our future? Do you?

The Quest for our Fututre. Do we have a Contingency plan?

The Quest for our Future. Do we have a Contingency plan?


Why we Sin and Lie #Blogg100

#080 [LXXX]
We are all Sinners and Liars

Well the Pope is right. We are all sinners.

What would make us to cheat less?

According to Dan Ariely and his research we lie all the time. In fact, as I said before. We can never tell the truth. Just a mere Truthy Tale. But what would make want to tell a story as truth worthy as possible? What would make us  to cheat less?

Anything that reminds of our moral code. Like reciting the ten commandments. Religion got a hang of this many thousands of years ago. So when ever we get put in a position to make a decision where we could cheat and lie we must be reminded of something that stands for our morality.

Yo can see or listen to his latest talk before the RSA: Free beer: The truth about dishonesty. Or see the even shorter RSA Animate version. (Both are found at the bottom.)

If you want more you can Listen to or read his latest book The (Honest) Truth about Dishonesty: How We Lie to Everyone – Especially Ourselves.

What increase and decrease honesty

What increase and decrease honesty

What can The Borgias teach us?

Sinners or Saints?

Sinners or Saints?

Another Pope sinner of rank is Rodrigo Lanzol Borgia masterfully portrayed by Jeremy Irons in the TV-Series The Borgias. Power corrupts and we must recognize that our most powerful decision makers are in dire need of moral guidance.

Kick-Ass Obama

AS I finish this up I’m listening to Obama doing The State of the Union. I’m happy to hear that he intends to spend more in Science and Research. Especially to stop Climate Change. More about this later in the week.


The Game for the Future #Blogg100

#081 [LXXXI]
The Future is a co-op game we all can play and win!

I have done lots of stuff today that I have weaved together in this tapestry.

A Game of Future

I have been listening to Framtidskommissionens [The Future Commission] discussion about reducing the carbon footprint of Sweden. It was a lot of talk about economic growth and GNP. First we need to switch ways to how to measure progress.

They way we measure progress and the goals we set for our future will indirectly influence all people. Like in a boardgame we must assign victory points for goals that are actually worth achieving. And use economic incentive to achieve them. Take it from us boardgamers. We know all about recourse allocation, min-maxing, logistics and worker action placement to maximizing our score in whatever game we are playing.

If there is a way to get points (Read status and power) for something, we will do our utmost to maximize those points. Today many play the game of money. We don’t care how we get them as long as we get more of them.

Let’s design a better game for the future where we get points and money for doing the right thing.

The Future is a co-op game we all can play and win!

Smile Littlefinger, Smalie!

Smile Littlefinger, Smile!

“The night is dark and full of terrors”

Still the best show there is! Watched episode 4 of season 2 again as it aired on Swedish Television tonight. Littlefinger tries so hard to achieve his goals when he plays A Game of Thrones.

The Game for the Future will be triggered by either a crusade or a crisis. We can make the choice. Or we can just wait for more crises and catastrophes to pile up. Then our only choice is to re-act.

Let’s act now and re-design our own future.

Learning to play

Tonight I have been watching some gameplay walkthroughs to 3 new games I have gotten and are going to play this weekend.

Clash of Cultures

I really like that this civilization game doesn’t go into the the modern age. No civilization survives that long. Sid Meyers tried killing of civilizations in the first civilization game. No gamers could accept it so they removed it in the first computergame. Really looking forward to this. It’s in the Mail.

Robinson Crusoe: Adventure on the Cursed Island

This is a really hard co-op game that most people haven’t won yet. I’m up for the Challenge to just survive on this Island.

Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery

Making pacts, closed fist auctions and then backstabbing. Sounds like something you only should do in a game (and maybe real politics).

Travel with Social Media Club?

Next Friday I will help moderate Social Media Club in Gothenburg. The subject is Social Media in Public Transport.
I have written some discussion points in Swedish. Now updated with @MikuMaria

1. Hur funkar det: 
Diskutera hur det alllmänt fungerar idag med kommunikation med lokaltrafiken:
+ Vad fungerar bra:
– Vad har förbättringspotential:

2. Välj den optimala kanalen:
I vilken kanal vill du få snabbast svar vid kommunikation med lokaltrafiken?
Via Twitter, Facebook, i en särskild app för din lokaltrafik? Hur är det när det är som bäst?

3. Bygga kollektivtrafiken genom data:
Vill du ha en app som kan optimera lokaltrafik på mindre orter? Där du delar med sig av data som att du fyller i hur du har tänkt resa och när. Researrangören kan sedan lägga rutterna efter resenärerna.
– Hur skulle detta kunna fungera?

4. Framtidsvision:
Hur reser vi med lokaltrafik om tio år med Social Media?
Kan vi då se i realtid var alla fordon befinner sig?
Kan vi se vara alla våra vänner är i realtid om dom satt på den flaggan?
Via WiFi i lokaltrafiken utan att checka in?
Kan du alltid se dina barn?
Vill vi ens veta allt det här i framtiden eller är det nu när tekniken är ny som vi är nyfikna?


Best of Social Media Week 2012 #Blogg100

#082 [LXXXII]
Best of Social Media Week 2012

Do you wan’t to find out what is going on in the world in this new network society of ours?

Next week is Social Media Week all over the World. From 18 to 22 of February you can follow livestreams from all kind of events. Find them on Twitter and Facebook too.

Who is with me next week?

We can follow some of the keynotes using Skype or Google Hangout together! 🙂

Start spreading the news…

Last year in February I watch many of the seminars and speeches online here is my 3 favorite ones from last year all from SWM New York.  @SmwNyc

Don Tapscott - Rethink Cilivilzation

Don Tapscott – Rethink Cilivilzation

Don Tapscott (@dtapscott) talks about the new Network Society that I’ve mention in my previous blog: Swimming in the Flow

Is It Getting Hot In Here? Considering Social Media's Impact on Climate Change

Is It Getting Hot In Here? Considering Social Media’s Impact on Climate Change

Janine GibsonFabien Cousteau, David E. Guggenheim and  Andrew Revkin talks about how to use Social Media to change the World. How to use Emotional Impact to inform.

Alex Bogusky + Innovative Models for Social Good Collaboration

Alex Bogusky + Innovative Models for Social Good Collaboration

Alex Bogusky talks about how to do Social good mentioned in my Blog: Do Shit that Matters

Sustainability, Collaboration, Transparency and Community are the 4 keywords.


Ice Dwarfs and Sea Trolls!? #Blogg100

#083 [LXXXIII]
Ice bitte! [Isdvärgar och Istroll!?]

Do Ice Dwarfs or Sea Trolls really exist? Are they the secret creatures of evolution?

Idag har jag varit nere vid havet och sett sprickor i isen. Jag gick ner mig i en isfälla full med vatten riggad av evolutionens hemliga varelser.

Ljuset kryper ner i isen

Ljuset kryper ner i isen

Vad släpper ditt filter igenom?

Vad släpper ditt filter igenom?

There is a pile of Ice left from last week. Who has been busy?

There is a pile of Ice left from last week. Who has been busy?

Is it the Ice Dwarfs or the Sea Trolls?

Is it the Ice Dwarfs or the Sea Trolls?

“There is a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” — Leonard Cohen

“Put your finger in the crack. And let’s make it bigger.” — Simon Sinek

Vad är en Människa?

Sitter och lyssnar på Fredrik Lindströms TV serie: Vad är en Människa medan jag skriver. Vill du se hela kan du finna den här?.

En dikt av Fredrik Lindström från Evolutionen och jag kommer inte överens : bekännelser

“Alkoholen kan sådant
som andra inte kan,
den kan tala
direkt med känslorna,
håller fram handen
och låter dem äta
Lättar samtidigt
på strypkopplet
för några timmar.

Ju mer jag dricker,
desto bättre förstår vi varann,
evolutionen och jag,
det är som varje öl
tar sådär 10 000 år
av mitt släktes framgångar.
Plötsligt blir våra
viljor rent av förenliga,
vi lägger locket på
allt gammalt groll
och har en lyckad kväll
jag släpper på allt mitt
självförverkligande tjafs
för att prata rakt ut
utan sociala filter,
spontandansa i en bar
och äta skräpmat innan
jag går och lägger mig.

På hemvägen är vi
harmoniska och håller
med varann
i nästan allt,
pratar i mun
och gapflabbar när vi
jämför våra
närmast identiska
över våra
bland de mänskliga
basbehoven.” — Fredrik Lindström

Idag blev jag flummig utan min belgiska öl 🙂

Har sett mitt första avsnitt av “House of Cards” med min bästa vän Björn Frölich.


Give me your Favorite Music #Blogg100

#084 [LXXXIV]
Give me your favorite Music!

I love music and to dance.
What are you favorite bands and songs?

Some of my favorite bands are:
Placebo, The 69 Eyes, VNV Nation, The Sounds, Mindless Self Indulgence, Fever Ray, FrontLine Assembly, Tiamat, Pj Harvey, Apoptygma Berzerk, The Cranberries, D:A:D, The Knife, Scooter, S.P.O.C.K, RNB, Ravers Nature, Sisters of Mercy, Pet Shop Boys, Marilyn Manson, Depeche Mode


Sillion’s favorite Bands and their best songs

The best Synth and FuturePop songs

Best Rock

Modern House Music

Great Dance Music


Pecha Kucha in Varberg #Blogg100

#085 [LXXXV]
Pecha Kucha FTW

Tonight I done my first Pecha Kucha speech. It was about “Why are we so Groupish“, And how can we use this To build a better Society.

You can see it in Swedish on Bambuser recorded by MikuMaria or as my YouTube clip in HD but with the first 10 seconds missing.

LordSillion at Pecha Kucha

LordSillion at Pecha Kucha


Här är alla tal som var ikväll:

Stefan Wallner – Ecodesign, mer än bara ull och morötter
Jill Andersson – Custom Made Paperboards
Louise Morberg – Varje filmvinkel är ett moraliskt ställningstagande
Jennifer Cannon – Att ta från de rika och ge till de fattiga

Margareta von Rosen – Urban Gardening
Samuel Linde – Analogt spelande i en digital värld.
Michael Sillion – Why we are so groupisch
Anneli Andersson – Baka stenugnsbröd utan stenugn

Stefan Wallner – Visade oss alla dom fantastiska ECo- och hållbarhetshus som det experimenterats med under dom senaste 40 åren. Kolla in hans blogg Agent Stefan där han skriver om förändring och livsfilosofi precis som mig 🙂

Louise Morberg – Pratade om sin passion för film. Och trots att hennes mamma sa att hon skulle skaffa ett riktigt jobb har hon utbildat sig till filmvetare och lanserar nu Doc Lounge i Varberg nästa vecka. Gå in på deras Facebook sida!

Samuel Linde pratar om sin passion. Den nya brädspelshobbyn som blommat upp i världen de senaste 5 åren. Det är en helt ny typ av brädspel som även jag är helt såld på. Se hans tal på YouTube nedan.

Michael Sillion berättade för oss “Why are we so Groupish” och hur ska vi använda detta för att bygga ett bättre samhälle ihop. Här är text och bilderna till Mitt Manus. Nu på YouTube med!

Magnus Ohlsson Paglert stod för musiken som Dj Manoltio. Han är också min favorit Spinning instruktör i Varberg på Atletica.


1. Förstrå att alla håller något heligt. Även du. Angriper man det heliga försvarar alla det på ett orationellt sätt.

2. Vi måste sluta att hata och demonisera varandra. Inte gå på myten om ren ondska.

3. Groupishness must be managed! Vi måste hålla koll på varandras beteende och säga Aja Baja när någon gör fel. Längtan att vara tillsammans och göra saker ihop är starkare än de flesta andra krafter och det går lätt att utnyttja till fel syften. Alla vill passa in och känna sig behövda.

4. Gå med flera olika sociala grupper med olika intressen och inriktningar.

Dansa till extas tillsammans.
Spela spel tillsammans.
Åk på äventyr tillsammans!


Become the pilot in your own brain #Blogg100

#086 [LXXXVI]
Who should pilot your brain? [Vem ska styra din hjärna?]

Vill du ta kontrollen över din egen hjärna? Sätt dig i förarstolen och ta tag i ratten!

Så summerar jag inspiratioen från dagens KONFEX mässa.


För mig började det med Jenny Åkerman, Hjärnladyn som berättar hur man man tränar hjärna och kropp att må bra livet ut. Hur ska vi ta på vara kreativitet? Hur ska vi lära oss?

Jag säger att det är genom lek och äventyr som vi lär oss bäst. Jag minns varenda bra lek och äventyr jag hade som liten. Allt!

Sen var det Thomas Boström som gav en väldigt bra insikt i vad som borde ändras i svensk politik. Det bästa vore att man bara fick ha politiskt uppdrag i riksdagen i 2 mandatperioder. Idag är det alldeles för många som håller sig kvar bara för pengarna och inte alls vill jobba med politik längre. Nytt blod hela tiden!

I den lilla salen var det väldigt svårt att se Henrik Schyffert. Alla ville se honom. Jag satt mig på golvet vid sidan av scenen. Han pratade om hur man får fram bra idéer. Genom att behandla alla dåliga idéer som bra. Dom dåliga idéerna vet själva om det och går och självdör. Det är samma som Jenny pratade om att brain-storma. Man får aldrig kritisera någons idé eller den som ger den. Då dör den kreativa processen snabbt.

Vill man ha en bra idé? Ta 2 dåliga och vrid lite på dom så att du ser dom från en ny vinkel. Och det hjälper med Sprit eller annat form av livsrus. Kom bara ihåg att skriva ner dina idéer 😉

Jacqueline Kothbauer pratade om om man är sitt personliga varumärke. Detta har blivit mycket större med Social Media då vi alla marknadsför oss med mycket större räckvidd hela tiden. Allt vi gör blir till vår Story

“What are the Stories you want people to tell about you?” — Jacqueline Kothbauer

Ta tag i Ratten


Sist och bäst var Stefan Hyttfors som nyss vann pris för bästa rookie som talare. Han målar upp en väldigt trolig framtidsbild över alla våra problem som komma skall. Och sen sätter ner foten och säger att vi som människor har förmågan att anpassa oss och lösa problemen om bara vi vill. Det gäller inte bara vara blinda för förändring och bittert klamra oss kvar vid gamla sätt.

Så låt oss ta tag i ratten innan det är försent och bli våra egna Fate-Crafters och skriva vårt eget öde.

A person’s true destiny can only be revealed at the end of his journey.
And the story I have to tell is far from over.

Some say to believe in destiny is to dismiss the role of free will.
That Self-determination cannot prevail in the presence of fate.
When the Truth is, the only part of destiny we can control is the fate we choose for another. — Emily Thorne


Be mindful about your own future #Blogg100

#087 [LXXXVII]
Are you on the right path towards your future? [Är du på rätt spår mot din egen framtid?]

If you like History and Movies go see Lincon.

Today I saw Lincon the movie in the cinema. This is the third movie about Lincon that I have seen in a short while. The other 2 are The Conspirator and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. None of these 3 movies are true. You can never retell the Truth. Just a mere truthy tale. Guess which one is most fictionalized? 😉

Never the less. They all had interesting things to tell me about history and what it means to be a “human” (Not a vampire) both then and now. They all made me think!

Other historical movies I have seen lately and recommend is A Royal Affair and The Raven.
[Andra historiska filmer som jag sett på sistone och kan rekommenderar är A Royal Affair och The Raven.]

I love this kind of storytelling that brings me back in time. It makes me think about the Future.

Past and Future

Today was also the RSA event The World Until Yesterday: What we can learn from traditional societies. For now you find info on Twitter until the event podcast is published. What I personally take away from it today is:

When building tomorrows society we must preserve our cultural past in a way that…  Fuses the best lessons from the Past with the values of Today. And then combines it with the best ideas from tomorrows Science Fiction thinking.

We must then tell the story about this tomorrows society. Using the best Storytellers today. So that all may believe it to be a possible. A goal for all humankind on Planet Earth.

The Sea today

The Sea today

Pecha Kucha night

Tonight also was Pecha Kucha Night in Gothenburg. I went there to be inspired for my own speech on thursday and meet one of my best new friends @MikuMaria.

Innan dess var jag på en re-release av boken “Hur blir man rik på riktigt“. Hur får man ihop ett hållbart livspussel. Efter en frågestund hade vi en liten workshop där vi fick sitta tysrta i 5 minuter och fundera på 2 frågor:
1. Vad innebär det för mig att vara rik på riktigt?
2. Vad längtar jag efter för närvarande? [What do I long for at the moment?]

Be mindful about what is important for you

Take a moment  for yourself and sit quiet for 5 minutes and think about these 2 questions below. When you are done select all the text on this page to see my answers and compare them to yours. On a mobile device click this link.

[What does it mean for me to be rich for real?]
1. I want to feel close to my family and friends. I want to spend time with them and feel joy with them doing the things I love like dancing, exercise and playing games.

[What do I long for at the moment?]
2. I want to feel loved for who I am and for the tings I do for others. I want to spread my message about fellowship and community that I talk about in my blogs.

My other 2 blogs:
28 ways to get a better Life!
A Sustainable Future with Co-Op. My Handbook for new skills that we need