Is your planet a Blue Planet too? #Blogg100

#074 [LXXIV]
Is your Homeworld a shining beacon of light? [If not, what would make it?]

Goooood morning Earth

Goooood morning Earth

I have been living among your Earthlings for some time now. You all walk on this enormous spaceship with it’s own gravitation field generator. Your living-quarters are only on a small fraction of the surface on this ball. Yet you all seem surprisingly oblivious to this fact.

This spaceship is the only one in your spacefleet.

The Big Apple!

If we slapped a big Apple logo on your planet. Then all the Apple nerds would whip out their cleaning cloth and make sure there wasn’t a scratch anywhere on this spaceship.

You as a species are now capable of running maintenance on this ship of yours. As there is no extra-ship or spare parts. You need to develop a whole new mindset. On how to run this ship.

I’m here to “help” do this job. Where are currently planning to make this Earth of yours our next R&R place. So wee need to tidy things up a bit before we come visit.

A shining beacon of light

I come from a Blue Planet too. It’s called Isfarian. It’s my Homeworld. We take pride in making our spaceship a shining beacon of light as it travels through the galaxy.

What do you take pride in?

/Lord Commander Sillion

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