You Know Nothing Jon Snow #Blogg100

#091 [XCI]
You Know Nothing Jon Snow

“The wisest thinkers have always admitted their ignorance – Socrates famously declared he was one of the wisest men in Athens because he knew only one thing ‘that I know nothing’”

John Lloyd gives a very inspiring speech about the importance about being kind to each other and admitting you know nothing. This is something you must listen to:
General Ignorance: It’s all about what you don’t know

“Teacher-Heros are those  who say, I don’t know … Let’s find out” — John Lloyd

Admitting you know nothing is the only way to recognize you still have much to learn 🙂

Set yourself free

Have you seen Game of Thrones? What do you think when you see it? Just like when I see other great stuff my mind runs amok. There are many truths to be found if you look closely… And also take a peek inside yourself at the same time.

You think you're free?

You think you’re free?

Here is one of my favorite moments from Season 2:

Set your self free and go on a wild chase to find out new ways of thinking and see the world from a new perspective!


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