Sacrifice for the Future #Blogg100

#064 [LXIV]
You must make sacrifices [Is our life to comfortable?]

Tonight I saw 2 things about Sacrifice

First was the latest episode of Revenge: Sacrifice

“Sacrifice by its strictest definition
takes something precious for the appeasement of a higher power
An abiding devotion to a cause that cannot be satisfied with a simple promise.
Because an oath, no matter how solemn, asks nothing in return
While true sacrifice demands unspeakable loss” — Emily Thorne

“Sacrifice demands the surrender of things we cherish above all else.
Only out of the agony of those losses can a new resolution be born.
An undying devotion to a cause greater than one’s self.
And a moral duty to see a journey through
To its absolute completion.” — Emily Thorne

Only out of agony of these losses can a new resolution be born

Only out of agony of these losses can a new resolution be born

Build community

Jonathan Haidt speaks of why communities that asked you to Sacrifice something last on average much longer than those who don’t. And communities we must build

“To build a community that lasts you also have commit to it and sacrifice something on the way. The more you do this the stronger the community will be and is much more likely to last longer. This is the type of Community that Religion has provided for humanity in the past and still does in large parts of the world.” — LordSillion

The Ultimate Sacrifice

Must you sacrifice everything for a new future? No! It’s never going to be like in this commercial from the Superbowl about The Rainforest Alliance. The future is about building a new community together. We are going to need to make sacrifices. But we do them together. And from them a new resolution will be born!

Let’s do this!

“Without pain, without sacrifice, we would have nothing” — Tyler Durden


Hero Accademy #Blogg100

#065 [LXV]
Mobile Game of the Year [My favorite game]

If you haven’t tried the best tactics game there is on iOS you must play Hero Academy with me. It also plays on Steam syncing the games between the platforms. And I’m told the Android version is to come. It also won Best Moblie Game of 2012 at the D.I.C.E. awards

I have played literally every day since April last year. It is a turned based game where you only play opponents online. You can redo your turn as many times as you like before submitting. The game is incredibly well balanced with 6 playable teams. You can find players on Twitter and discuss it there with the Team.

Challenge me! My Username is of course LordSillion!



Do you want to get an Epiphany? #Blogg100

#066 [LXVI]
Chance favors the connected mind [Keep on blogging]

Been listening again to Where Ideas Come From from TED Radio Hour featuring Matt Ridley, Susan Cain and Steven Johnson.

How does innovation happen?

Some key points:
1. We all need each other’s skills. Nobody knows how to make anything today. The one man society doesn’t exist anymore. We all depend on others to do there part in this giant bee hive of ours.

2. Creativity comes from Coffee houses. Where people with different backgrounds and different ways of thinking meet up. Before coffee houses happened in Europe we where all drunk all day. This is where Ideas can have sex. Our modern Coffee houses is Unconferences like WebCoast and Sweden Social Web Camp. And Tweetups and Social Media Clubs.

Chance favors the connected mind

3. Go to the wilderness and be alone in your own head. Then write down your ideas. We must brainstorm and think in solitude.  To come up with hunches to bring to this coffee houses. Darwin wrote down every idea and hunch he had in his note book. So long before he had his Epiphany he had been blogging all along. It’s called Journaling and helps your brain with it’s thought process. Leonardo da Vinci did it too.

4. Share your ideas. It is easy to spread good ideas and hard to spread bad ideas. So keep on sharing! Sunlight is a great disinfectant! Do good shit alone and together using Sustainability, Collaboration, Transparency and Community.

Keep on writing down all your thoughts and blog about them and your Epiphany will come 🙂

Before we had innovation we used the same Acheulean Axe for a million years

Before we had innovation we used the same Acheulean Axe for a million years


Where does we and our ideas come from? #Blogg100

#067 [LXVII]
The Moon made us [What do we make?]

Without TED, no Blogg 100?

Read an interesting post from Fredrik Torstensson that TED is very inspirational for us bloggers. I only have one little problem with TED. And it is that is one way.
Most of best inspiration for my research I have done. That have used in my 3 blogs. I have gotten from The RSA and the 1 hour long audio version of their talks. They just sometimes select the best of the best.

But one of the best reasons for me liking them so much is that is just not a one way presentation. No most of the time goes to a discussion and questions from the audience on site and live on Twitter. I have gotten 2 very good answer my self, to god questions asked live on Twitter.

But I have found something that makes TED better and it is TED Radio Hour. You can find them as a podcast if you search for it. Here we are given a discussion and a good analysis of the TED talks. With the actual person that gave their talks.

Let’s get more conversations going around the Ideas that everyone have

Here are 3 favorite i listen to today: I will expand on them tomorrow

Fixing Our Broken Systems with Philip K. HowardJane McGonigal and  Barry Schwarts.

Building A Better Classroom with Sir Ken RobinsonSalman Khan and John Hunter.

Where Ideas Come From with Matt Ridley, Susan Cain and Steven Johnson.

Moon my father, Earth my Mother

Today i also saw a very interesting documentary about The Moon on Swedish TV: Vetenskapens Värld. They present some very compelling theories about how much the collision with another planet that created out moon has meant for there being life on Earth at all.

There is many reasons to watch the moon in awe. I just got another. Tonight I walked the winter woods with my dog staring at the Full Moon. Let’s #MoonWatch together.

TED Radio Hour: Where Ideas Come From

TED Radio Hour: Where Ideas Come From



What is Movie Magic to you? #Blogg100

Why is movies important? And why are they just not mindless entertainment? For me they are maybe the most important storytelling tool we have here on planet Earth to communicate a better vision for our common future. We are just using them wrong 🙂

Find out more in my posts:
The Elysium Future [What we can Imagine –> We can Build]
Pacific Grim [A Rim Vision of the Future]
Cloud Atlas [Is your life a Drop in the Bucket?]

Jupiter Is Descending [Make Better Art]

#068 [LXVIII]
Movie Magic [Super Teams FTW]

For me Movies is Magic. The best movies I have seen has made me come out from the movie theater High as a Kite jumping over benches and walls in the best parkour style. I can remember ever detail of coming out from an early screening of The Matrix in spring 1999. One of the best movies ever. Later that fall after seeing it 3 more times me and my brother hosted a Matrix party in honor. Giving birth to my Residual Self Image and the haircut I still have today.

As I write this I’m sitting and watching the Oscars. Although not unexpected. I notice that The best movie of 2012 does only have 1 nomination. I am a guilty Geek and a long time Marvel fan of course. So it’s no surprise that the movie I’m talking about is the masterpiece by Joss Whedon, The Avengers. It’s an outrage as it’s the top 3 grossing movie of all time following Avatar and Titanic. 

For me The Avengers is about coming together as a Super Team. A Team of divers members with different view points. Who can take on an impossible task and come through.

The Avengers

Geek love

Some of my favorite movies are really odd ones like Spy Game. But in The Avenges I’m not alone. Judging by all the geek love it has gotten and all the millions of people who have gone and seen it more than once, including me.

Other favorite movies of 2012 is Cloud Atlas, A Royal Affair and The Intouchables.

Here you can see all my favorite movies on the Swedish site Filmtipset.

What is Movie Magic to you?


Do you want to engage more? #Blogg100

#069 [LXIX]
Hope and learning for the future? [Vad kan du och andra göra?]

Shimmer of hope?

Shimmer of hope?

Is there hope for the future?

I have just seen the last double episode of Last Resort. It gave me a shimmer of hope just like my biking on the frozen beach did earlier today. How do we help others engage and learn for the Future? Gabe Zichermann gives his view in his tedtalk about using Gamification in schools and in Swedish we see Anna Olsson (@Anasoux) talk about engaging others with social media from #SSMX.

Changing the Game in Education

There is lots to do in education. First we most stop to ask our kids “Sit down and pay attention for 8 hours a day” and then expect the to learn anything. Learning is something we we do while playing and having fun. This is when the brain is in “learning mode”. Learning is not passive. It’s active. It is something we DO. Like Yoda says:

Do or do not. There is no try.

Do or do not. There is no try.

Make Langue and Mathematics our 2 most important evolutionary and discovery skills. The most interesting classes to take. Through help of the 3F of Gamifiaction.

This is how we learn: Feedback, Friends and Fun

We also learn from failing. We must fail fast and then Adapt: Adapt, Adapt, Adapt

Also Watch Gabe from Social Media Week. Here he talks about why the youth of today thinks our old world is too boring.

More on Gamification check out my guide to Smart Gamification.

[SWE] Engagera andra!

Idag har det varit SSMX i Stockholm och jag har följt det lite via Twitter. Jag såg en video som Stefan Waborg la upp i sin blogg där Anna Olsson pratar om Opinionsbildning i sociala medier från #SSMX. En väldigt bra 1 timmes diskussion om att engagera andra.

Nyckel punkterna är

Backend – Ha en bra backend organistion som stödjer, bevakar och regerar så fort det händer något.
Keep the Story Moving – Håll storyn levande. Spin vidare på det som engagerar.
Nya nivåer av Mastery – Se till att dom som vill hjälpa till får rätt nivå på sin utmaning. Så att dom kan utveckla sig själva samtidigt.
Summera statistik och håll mätbara mål – Försök mäta mål och gör statistik för att se vad som fungerar.
Klona bra metoder – Ta reda på vad som fungerar bra och kopiera det.

@Anasoux Opinionsbildning i sociala medier från #SSMX.

@Anasoux Opinionsbildning i sociala medier från #SSMX.


How to bring order to the River of Chaos


Cloud Atlas [Is your life a Drop in the Bucket?] #Blogg100

I have now seen Cloud Atlas several times and it is the best movie to come out in many years IMHO. The  Wachowskis did such great job not selling out to the false assumption that storytelling is just dumb entertainment. Read this Interview with them about it: The Wachowskis explain how Cloud Atlas unplugs people from the Matrix. Storytelling always has been and always will be at the heart of what it is to be human. And Cloud Atlas is a masterpiece in telling a fine story about what is important in life as I will discuss below.

Also check out why I think Storytelling is so important in my posts about Elysium and Pacific Rim

#070 [LXX]
Do our choices define us? [Agency and Kindness]

So the big question this movie asks me is:

Do our choices define us?
Or are they just a rationalization of the mind who can do nothing but apply agency to everything?

Composing is a crusade. Sometimes you slay the dragon. Sometime it slays you

Composing is a crusade. Sometimes you slay the dragon. Sometime it slays you

Life Deeds



I’ll start with a quote from my favorite character in the movie Ghost in the Shell.

“That’s all it is: information. Even a simulated experience or a dream; simultaneous reality and fantasy. Any way you look at it, all the information that a person accumulates in a lifetime is just a drop in the bucket.” — Batou, Ghost in The Shell

This is the movie that inspired the Wachowski brothers the most when making The Matrix. So here we are moving our focus right back at the latest Wachowski movie: Cloud Atlas and one of the best quotes:

“Haskell Moore: There is a natural order to this world, and those who try to upend it do not fare well. This movement will never survive, if you join them you and your entire family will be shunned. At best you will exist at pariah to be spat at and beaten, at worse to be lynched or crucified. And for what, for what, no matter what you do it will never amount to anything more than a single drop in a limitless ocean.
Adam Ewing: What is an ocean but a multitude of drops?”

All the drops in this world

A far bigger pond of Drops. And yet we get the feeling that when moving together we can create the greatest of waves. As we can see in the next 2 quotes

“Dr. Henry Goose: Our lives and our choices, each encounter, suggest a new potential direction. Yesterday my life was headed in one direction. Today, it is headed in another. Fear, belief, love, phenomena that determined the course of our lives. These forces begin long before we are born and continue long after we perish. Yesterday, I believe I would have never have done what I did today. I feel like something important has happened to me. Is this possible?

“The nature of our immortal lives is in the consequences of our words and deeds, that go on and are pushing themselves throughout all time. Our lives are not our own, from womb to tomb, we’re bound to others. Past and present. And by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.” — Sonmi-451

Your whole life is just a Story [From Womb to Tomb]

Weeeee. I just love this kind of Stories and what they carry with them to me 🙂
And why is it that so many movie critics and reviewers often seem to forget that it’s all about the Storytelling.
I blog more about the importance of storytelling in: Engage in Storytelling and This is Your Story. And that all your brain experiences of the world from “from womb to tomb” is just stories.

“Some say to believe in destiny is to dismiss the role of free will.
That Self-determination cannot prevail in the presence of fate.
When the Truth is, the only part of destiny we can control,
is the fate we choose for another.” — Emily Thorn, Revenge

Emily Thorne

Emily Thorne

I think that we must be kind to each others in our choices and in our actions. Kindness will ripple through the Networked society and just maybe, just maybe, it will conquer Greed and Corruption. At least it is a Crusade worth going on. An Epic Quest to be proud of.

Now you must continue to make your choices and tell your story. And remember that you do not make your choices nor tell your story alone. You do this together with others.

Holistic Thinking Ninja

Information wants to be free? #Blogg100

#071 [LXXI]
Open Data is already political [Information filters are everywhere]

We all get thousands information messages each day. Information consists of data that is filtered before it is sent out to us by someone. Our brain then filters this information using our values ​​and opinions. Nothing is perfect.

The idea behind Open Data is that “certain data should be freely available to everyone to use and republish as they wish“.

“If data is going to be open. You better make sure which data that is being collected.”

“If you are going to controlling the conversion you better make sure you control the datasets”

“Open data is already political” — David Eaves

However you put it. It is very hard to remove politics or filters from Data and Information.

See David Eaves and Jennifer Pahlka talk about it from Social Media Week below.

Open & Active: the Politics of Data for the Public Good: Jennifer Pahlka and David Eaves SMW NYC

Open & Active: the Politics of Data for the Public Good: Jennifer Pahlka and David Eaves SMW NYC

Other talks from Social Media Week:

The Golden Age of Digital Storytelling

Collaborating Better: Why We Fail and How We Can Fix It

Generations Unite: Entrepreneurialism and Millennials in the 21st Century

NextGed-Ed: Video Games, MOOCs, and Skill-Sharing

How Prizes Will Unlock Our Future: Competition Fueled Innovation


How you can affect others better #Blogg100

#072 [LXXII]
Just smile and wave [Utility or Curiosity]

Just smile and wave boys. Smile and wave!

Just smile and wave boys. Smile and wave!

Check out all my Posts on Daniel Pink for the complete analysis of his talk and book 🙂

Also Check out all 3 videos from Simon Sinek in my blog.

2 tips for the day is listen to this Interview with Daniel Pink: Why We’re All in Sales. I got the tip from NiclasJ. You can also find it as a podcast if you search for: HBR Ideacast. You can also here him live on The RSA next Tuesday on The Surprising Truth About Moving Others. If you want to tweet him a live question 🙂

Utility or Curiosity

In the end he tells what 2 email subjects that works best. Kind of like a pitch. They are:
1. Utility
2. Curiosity

And you can’t mix them. Does it fall into what Simon Sinek says about “Start with why“? Does this mean I should start with why this will make you do something better?

Also TED on Facebook tipped of 9 great speeches about happiness. Check out the last one about smiling!

Remember to smile. Just smile and wave!

Michael Sillion [LordSillion]

How should we Row together #Blogg100

#073 [LXXIII]
Row, row, row your boat [Det är inte dom som ror, ror så att svetten lackar]

This week is Social Media Week so there will be allot of that in the blog.

Roz Savage Ocean rower

Today I was inspired by Roz Savage, who has rowed over 24 000 km over the worlds 3 big oceans. We can all help building a better world together one oar stroke at the time as she explain in her video below.

If we all row together our distance will start adding up very quickly.

Reshaping the narrative of the sustainability movement

I have also been following some of Social Media Week from Copenhagen with the common theme: Why we love companies with a purpose

I can recommend Laura Storm talking about #Sustainia. Her talk starts 27 minutes in here: Reshaping the narrative of the sustainability movement.

How shall we tell the Story about our own future?

And Yar! I am a Pirate! And a Ninja too 😉


Som bonus kan ni ochså se Milo Dahlmann som seglade ensam till pingvinerna i Antarktis

Martin Andersson Skoglöv bloggade om Midway filmen. Den handlar om albatrosserna på Midway och vad Vi som männskor ställt till det för dom.

Läs om Albatrossen Wisdom som är minst 62 år gammal med.

Laura Storm

Reshaping the narrative of the sustainability movement

Is your planet a Blue Planet too? #Blogg100

#074 [LXXIV]
Is your Homeworld a shining beacon of light? [If not, what would make it?]

Goooood morning Earth

Goooood morning Earth

I have been living among your Earthlings for some time now. You all walk on this enormous spaceship with it’s own gravitation field generator. Your living-quarters are only on a small fraction of the surface on this ball. Yet you all seem surprisingly oblivious to this fact.

This spaceship is the only one in your spacefleet.

The Big Apple!

If we slapped a big Apple logo on your planet. Then all the Apple nerds would whip out their cleaning cloth and make sure there wasn’t a scratch anywhere on this spaceship.

You as a species are now capable of running maintenance on this ship of yours. As there is no extra-ship or spare parts. You need to develop a whole new mindset. On how to run this ship.

I’m here to “help” do this job. Where are currently planning to make this Earth of yours our next R&R place. So wee need to tidy things up a bit before we come visit.

A shining beacon of light

I come from a Blue Planet too. It’s called Isfarian. It’s my Homeworld. We take pride in making our spaceship a shining beacon of light as it travels through the galaxy.

What do you take pride in?

/Lord Commander Sillion

Blog loving #Blogg100

#075 [LXXV]
Varför skriver du? [Why do you write?]

Blog Lovin

Feffe Kaufmann fågar: Varför bloggar du? i sin blog: 5 anledningar att blogga #blogg100

Ja, varför bloggar jag?

Jag svarar:

Min första Blogg skrev jag som en handbok för mig själv. Efterhand som jag lärde mig nya saker om världen i de böcker läste och föreläsningar jag såg. Bloggade jag om det för att få med det viktigaste.
A Sustainable Future with Co-Op

Sen i december bestämde jag mig för att skriv ihop 28 korta små tips för att leva ett bättre liv. Den kom upp på 21 innan jag började med #Blogg100. men jag ska fortsätta snart igen.
28 ways to get a better life

Nu i #Blogg100 blev det mer personligt om mitt nya liv och det som jag vill jobba med 🙂
The Spring is my Love

Blogg loving

Idag började jag skriva på 2 andra poster men blev sittandes läsande andras bloggar istället.
Så idag tipsar jag om lite andra inlägg som jag tyckte var intressanta i #Blogg100 utmaningen.

Maria Sjögren @molbimien skriver om att utforska världen med lek. The only way to learn.
Att forska, är att leka, är att forska

Sofia Mirjamsdotter @mymlan har sett TBK AFK filmen. Vilket jag med ska ta och göra imorgon.

Rebecca Allen Lamptey tipsar om House of Cards
Did you think I forgot about you? And why House of Cards is on my mind.

Camilla Erkisson, Magnus Höij och MiROi Varmland pratar alla om konsten att prata. Detta var extra intressant eftersom vi i bilen hem från Göteborg inatt. Peppade Samuel som skulle hålla ett tal för att bli vald som Sveroks Västs nya ordförande. Hoppas det gick bra.

Lärdomar från The King’s Speech
Årets talare – så kan du bli som Stefan Hyttfors
Du behöver inte säga ett ord!

Twitter FTW

Brit Stakston har alltid något intressant att säga.
Är Twitter en seger för mänskligheten?

Ja! Twitter är definitivt en av mänsklighetens stora bedrifter hitintills. Men det är bara börja på nätverkssamhället!

It’s always today, today and today

Johan Ronnestam asks 2 questions. One wrong and one right in:
The most worthless question and the question to die for!
What are you doing tomorrow?
What are you doing today?

Sanasi frågar: Vart är vi på väg?

2 frågor som jag jag ska behandla i veckan i ett av mina påbörjade inlägg 🙂

Helena Roth @HERO_Respondi skriver om Släng upp händerna i luften samtidigt som du glatt utbrister ”How fascinating!”.

Anna Olsson skriver om sin session på SSMX
Opinionsarbete i sociala medier 2013 – är det kört?

Thomas ConraDargo Engström skriver om det mysiga spelet Mice & Mystics

Agent Stefan Wallner är inte med i #Blogg100 men skriver ändå intressant om förändring:
Hatar du förändring?

Här är lite mer om förändring och inlärning. How Serious Are We About Learning?


Jimmy Mannung @mannung undrar När ska sveriges riksdag börja ta zombiefrågan på allvar?