Inspiration Lists #Blogg100

#094 [XCIV]
Do you have an inspiration list? [Har du en inspirationslista?]

As I travel the web and are trying to make sense of the world I every now and then run into something that Inspires me, Touches me, Teaches me something new or just gives me a whole new perspective on our reality. When I do I save it to one of my lists. I have started putting them on Evernote for easy accesses on my devices where ever I am.
Much of my inspiration for my 2 other blogs can be found on these 2 lists. 28 ways to get a better Life and A Sustainable Future with Co-Op. My handbook for the new skills that we need.

Understanding the world

My First list I call Links for understanding the world.

Here I have the greatest stuff. Most of it is things everyone need to understand about humanity and our life here on Earth. As you can guess if you have read any of my other blogs or posts here, the 2 biggest inspirations for me is Jane McGonigal and Jonathan Haidt.

Jane McGonigal and Jonathan Haidt

Jane McGonigal and Jonathan Haidt


The second one I call The Best of RSA.

Many of the people who have inspired me and my knowledge I have found so far I have found through The RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) from London. They regularly Stream live Audio and Video from there events that they later put up as a Podcast and in some cases make into the now famous RSA Animate. There is an interesting event where they describe the process of making the RSA Animate.

The list I have put together is the events that I myself find the most interesting.

Tweet to the Live event

During the live streaming of the RSA events you can even get your questions answered live by tweeting them to the right account. You will find who to Tweet to using the event’s specific Hashtag found under the events description.

I have done so myself several times 🙂

Now I want to know what have Inspired you? And do you have a list of your own that you can share below? Please do! Thank you!


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